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  1. 2 hour delays to people’s sailings hope she is in tomorrow
  2. Lol no on way back to Southampton as only one required for dead tow
  3. Red eagle off to Falmouth with two tugs at the moment so finally she is going to be fixed ..
  4. Also no 3 rd boat over Xmas now ..don’t know why could be related to the problems or just making use of red kestrel
  5. Next departure listed is 18 November that is a big delay as it’s been going on weeks now
  6. Linkspan failure at fishbourne..so nothing moving for last 2 hours
  7. See she is off bembridge so must be on her way
  8. They could tow it behind vow 😂😂
  9. No Wight sun tomorrow as not enough crew to man her
  10. If you type in Isle of Wight observer in google it tells you in there why the vow was out of service I struggle to paste a link but it is easy to find
  11. https://853.london/2019/11/07/sadiq-khan-admits-20m-woolwich-ferry-vessels-arent-good-enough/. Same problem here as well
  12. It is in the local news that it was indeed a software issue lasting ten mins only..but was unable to be put back in service until they were sure the problem wouldn’t reappear
  13. Vic back on the run this morning
  14. Apparently police had to evict someone from ferry who didn’t want to get off
  15. More cancellations this morning no 5 from Pompey or 6 from fishbourne
  16. Was the main one as no ship could dock
  17. Red eagle still trying to go assuming the weather has managed to keep her in Southampton last week as she appears on departure s every day but don’t go
  18. Sailings are hourly tues and weds
  19. Normally they don’t turn round but maybe because of strong winds sea state etc made this necessary also one of the raptors was taken out of service that night for maintenance so maybe a small problem
  20. I reckon Wight sun is coming to Portsmouth
  21. Faith was late because she went into service very late probably to do with crew as vow was supposed to be in service..see what happens tomorrow when 3 ships are supposed to be in service
  22. Not even using faith this morning as the 7 from fishbourne isn’t running
  23. Out of service for the rest of today ..glad I am not travelling on a busy Friday
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