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  1. I remember her being laid up on the linkspan at 49 berth in Southampton after the incident renamed "Candi".
  2. Looks like the first port of call on the journey is Pembroke Dock (ETA 12:00 UTC today).
  3. Hythe Scene will be on the run tomorrow (Friday) I believe.
  4. Great Ex is being renamed "Hythe Scene" and due to additional work needed during her refit there will be a delay in her resuming the service.
  5. Thanks Den, I was not aware of that fact.
  6. How were they boarding passengers? If over the ramp then they would be there for them surely?
  7. Well White Horse are out, Blue Funnel are in and assume control on Friday! http://www.savehythepier.org.uk/blue-funnel.asp
  8. According to the website PP has been sold!!!!!
  9. MAIB report into the Uriah Heap accident is now out.... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uriah-heep-report-published
  10. Not sure of the landing possibilities in Southampton. I expect RF would try and block access at Town Quay (and their new terminal at Trafalgar Dock).
  11. Best place for it IMHO. ​There is a petition to save the pier, train & ferry.... https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitio...the-ferry-pier ​And there is an event this week organised by 'Hythe Pier Train & Ferry Action Group' ​ details here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/events/...-group-meeting
  12. It has been mentioned to me that Red Funnel are having thoughts about the route.
  13. As far as I am aware, only one person was laid off.
  14. From what I understand regarding Hotspur IV is that they applied for a lottery grant to replace the hull and it was refused due to them being a commercial concern.
  15. It seems that White Horse Ferries no longer own Hotspur IV and I understand that it is planned she will be turned into a houseboat. Great Ex is expected to be out of service next week for repairs and maintenance.
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