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  1. I have just been sketching potential holidays next year. The Web site contains a comprehensive list of sailings. Some tweaks have been made to its operation which make it much more (this) user friendly. Brittany Ferries should be congratulated in these uncertain times. The peak summer prices appear to be competitive with previous years.
  2. I do not understand the antithesis to Le Havre as a city and port. Industrial cities have a charm. The city has many fine features. There are coastal and rural areas nearby that are attractive. It is probably the best BF port for trips to Paris and southern Europe. Personally I have used the port for such trips and I find the overnight timings better than other routes. The 'economy' ferries offer a satisfactory service.
  3. Does anyone know Restaurant Azul opening times? I hope its not 9 pm+ to deliver the authentic Spanish experience!
  4. In the press today Meyer Werft have stated that they will be halting production for six weeks. This is due to cruise lines cancelling orders and delaying delivery because of the COVID 19 market changes. Does this mean there could be shipyards with breaks in their production schedules who could complete unfinished ferries.
  5. I don't understand where Brittany Ferries are currently going - literally. The Ferries are back in service from next Monday. I am interested in booking a short trip to France between now and the end of August. I look at the timetables to ascertain the schedules of Portsmouth to Cherbourg. The ship on this route is NEX. Connemara is nowhere to be seen. I expect Barfleur is still shown as running Poole Cherbourg. My dilemma is this; how can I confidently book a break when the information I am given is patently wrong? Another part of this conundrum is can I have conf
  6. "Barfleur only has 20 cabins", another underestimate of the old girl's abilities! I count 50+ on the Brittany Ferries handout.
  7. We have booked a trip to Sicily at Easter using GNV. Due to cornavirus it would not be much of a holiday (plus I tick all the "at risk" groups). The FCO have not come up with any signicant cancellation advice leading to insurance refunds (Boris bluffer). GNV have offered this rebooking option which seems very fair; Coronavirus Emergency GNV Policy.html
  8. Does anyone now know what the actual rules are re Health Insurance and customs duty arrangements? There are some transition arrangements in place until trade agreements are in place. It is my belief that; 1. EHIC is no longer valid and personal Health Insurance is now required. 2. Customs arrangements? Either transition (no change) applies or rest of the world limits apply (duty free). 3. Do the existing arrangements for foodstuffs apply or are there duties and prohibitions to UK import, eg cheese, meats, fish for individuals for their own use? I would be gra
  9. I agree with the assessment by VOB of the "new" BF website. 1. In order to discover the cost of BF packages one has to progress through all the screens, almost to the point of payment before finding the cost. Why? 2. On arriving at this point System Error crops up. Why? These failure modes should've been revealed by test data testing. 3. In order to book a Spanish booking someone has decided it is normal to travel on the same in and out route. The old website allowed "Routes to Spain", "Routes to UK" as an option. Why has this been deleted? As a potential customer I find all the
  10. This afternoon's Roscoff to Plymouth crossing arrived one hour early at 1910 instead of 2010. The announcement on board said this was due to advantageous currents. This is the first time I can recollect being early!
  11. I am surprised that Plymouth ABP has restructured the loading part of the port. The blockage in throughput has always been on the unloading part of the operation. Why don't they swop the loading and unloading streams over?
  12. Last week I travelled through Cork. There are substantial land reclamation works being carried out in front of the existing berth. This could be the concrete works required to extend the berth.
  13. I wonder what net financial effect there has been on BF from the UK Government "Brexit bonus"? After all the re-scheduling and mid-term changes to timetables, does this not lose custom? Personally I book a number of weekend trips to France in a year, but find the changes don't make it deterministic and I therefore don't bother. If I'd booked and changes required extra money/ alterations to sailings I would not be pleased. This might impact on my view of BF. Personally, I have always been impressed on how the company specifies what they are going to do and reliably deliver it. Is it worth getti
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