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  1. westy

    General Discussions on Brexit

    In the "I" today there is an article stating that France is tabling legislation in the event of a no deal Brexit. The terms treat travelling UK citizens as third country citizens with requirements for visas, limits on healthcare access, travel freedom and welfare(?). The future for UK citizens living in France and working for French public services appears equally grim. The potential effect on Brittany Ferries, taken with some of the French Port limitations could be significant.
  2. westy

    General Discussions on Brexit

    Ireland is NOT a member of the Schengen agreement. The border berween NI and Ireland would be for customs purposes on goods. The border does not need to impede individuals for immigration purposes. This point is rarely stated in the media.
  3. westy

    General Discussions on Brexit

    I like to be in control of my holidays. At this time of year I start planning next year's trips. Until March 22nd 2019, it is clear that travel requirements are as in the past. After that date ? The Brexit referendum was in June 2016. The politicians, apart from squabbling in the last two years, haven't done anything to make things clear about subsequent travel arrangements. I am not inclined to book any continental travel which could end up with massive emigration/immigration queues, last minute bureaucratic requirements for: visas, international driving licenses, green cards and anything else put in place by the politicians. If I am not alone, other people will also hold back on travel plans and this uncertainty will impact on the UK and EU states economies via tourism (not to mention the finances of Brittany Ferries). Does anyone know what's happening?
  4. The first week in September has now passed. The UK site shows 2019 departures. The B..F.. .ie site does not show the timetables for 2019. Where are they?
  5. westy


    Has the chocolate mousse been deleted from BFs menu range? On our last few trips none have been available.
  6. I also travelled on the Saturday St. Malo crossing. My e-ticket states "Inbound ...........24/02/2018 will occur between 1800 and 2030...". In reality, after the wait for the formal immigration checks and the confused loading of freight we were not onboard until 1845.
  7. westy

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    The M/V Etretat colour scheme is a hangover from M/V Voyager days, there is no reason that M/V Connemara should not be painted in a more traditional BF style.
  8. westy

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    The two Stena ships that provide the Harwich - Hoek van Hollande route have very smart, spacious cabins at competitive prices. They also offer self-service and waiter service restaurants. If these designs are carried over to the new boats then in my opinion they will be superior to the offering on Pont Aven.
  9. westy

    St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Does anyone know if this dispute has been settled, or is the further possibility of instant disruption?
  10. westy

    1967 - Paddle Steamers for Sale

    P & A Campbells "Glen Usk" & "Glen Gower" ?
  11. Further to my post about June 19th, the Gendarmerie Marine were onboard the M/V Armorique at Plymouth. I found this surprising but not unwelcome!
  12. westy

    Security, what is your opinion.

    On my trip to Roscoff on June 19th the Port Security were checking every vehicle. In addition on boarding the ferry there were three Gendarmerie Marine on the ferry, two with sub-machine guns & one with a hand gun. This seemed an impressive shew of security. (In addition I agree the other security checks of identity; email - relates to IP home address, car registration - identifies owner and home address, telephone number - shews owner, bank account details - identifies owner and home address, passport - photo recognition of individual, are very very important).
  13. westy

    HMS Illustrious

    Is this because MOD have scrapped/ flogged off all the Fleet Air Arm aircraft?
  14. The following dates are for the offers in the south coast papers:- October offer 6th - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo, Bridport News 8th - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo 13th - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo, Bridport News 15th - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo December offer 1st - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo, Bridport News 3rd - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo 8th - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo, Bridport News 10th - Daily Echo, Dorset Echo I think it is really sad that a bunch of cheap-skate chancers have resulted in BF withdrawing BFE offers for honest folk who abide by their terms.
  15. westy

    High Speed ferry Poole-Cherbourg

    HSC craft are more fuel thirsty, The fuel costs are a part of the operating cost but servicing the capital cost of the vessel and the crew costs must all be important factors in arriving at the overall operating costs. I would guess HSCs cost less than traditional mono hull ferries and from experience seem to need fewer staff.