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  1. Is it still possible to order just starter and dessert buffet without the main?
  2. Haven't noticed the roof light either - we must be very unobservant! Sparks and wife
  3. Oh, That is lovely! When not on her for some time can look at this and remember. Thank you, whoever made this. Sparks and wife
  4. Welcome Roussillon Cabin 8317 on Bretagne is excellent. Although a 2-berth, the beds are side-by-side, not bunk style. We try to get one of those few cabins when on Bretagne. It is right under the bridge, so you get exactly the same view as the officers and Captain, lucky you. Have a good trip. Sparks and wife
  5. Well, this was the return of our 24 hr shopping trip. Voyage out on Friday night was OK, a little windy but we had a very good sleep in the cabin next to the Information on Deck 6 on Bretagne. Except for some very noisy people in the next-door cabin who talked loudly most of the night, and banged down the top bunks in the early hours. Maybe some passengers don’t realise that cabins are not soundproof! The return trip due to depart 16.30 local time was really crowded, several Mesguen artics and some other lorries on freight, and a lot of cars and vans, plus a good number of foot passengers. The self-service was busy, also the shops when they opened. The wind was getting quite strong and white horses on the sea. At 1600 ship’s time an announcement apologised for the late departure but assured us that we should arrive in Plymouth at the due time of 21.30. That was the last announcement we heard – radio silence lasted several hours. We were so pleased we had a comfortable cabin ( with a porthole, though we couldn’t see anything!) as the sea was very rough and Bretagne rocked and rolled and pitched her way across. We had thought the “Roscoff Roll” would ease off after an hour or so, but it was not to be, and Sparks’s wife eventually succumbed to mal de mer. However, it was possible to watch Strictly on the cabin TV, which helped to take minds off the sea. At around 20.45 the PA crackled to life, and a rather subdued crew member advised that due to the weather conditions, we would not be arriving until 22.45. We eventually docked at around that time, with further advice that disembarkation may take some time. By then everyone was relieved to be in port at all, and in fact the queues at Border Control were through quite efficiently. We were out on the road at around 23.30 – about 2 hours later than expected. Cars started to embark for Bretagne’s delayed voyage to St Malo, but there did not seem to be many going aboard, and they will surely have had a rough crossing. Was anyone on BFE on that trip last night? At Border Control staff told us that there had been 7metre waves –Don’t know how accurate that information was, and we were glad we didn’t know that in advance! Anyway, we had a good trip for the last one before Christmas – and then all will stop from Plymouth until mid-March. All credit due to the crew on Bretagne – they were very kind marshalling passengers/cars off, and the crossing can’t have been much fun for them either! Sparks and wife
  6. Bretagne Plymouth - Roscoff tonight, Roscoff - Plymouth tomorrow cancelled due to rough weather. Passengers being offered to re-book. Hope it will be better by next weekend. Sparks and wife
  7. ...and hoping it won't be rough. Sparks and wife
  8. Last trip before Christmas To do shopping &c. Sparks and wife
  9. Agree about Super U, the one in St Pol is well stocked since it was enlarged. Manageable size in limited time, some of the giant hypermarkets can take an age to get around if you don't know the layout, and acres of clothes and household items. Agree also about NO to self-service, don't like them here, let alone in France. And someone's job has gone to a machine. We will be there end November, enjoy your trip on 4th December, Charlie. Sparks and wife
  10. Afternoon crossing for our return. Always have a cabin - Armorique best cabins on fleet in our opinion. Sparks and wife
  11. For a short break in Northern Brittany while there are still some crossings. October no choices! Sparks and wife
  12. Our ticket for Thursday states early boarding from 19.00 hrs. HOWEVER, past experience has shown it can still take ages to board however early we arrive. We just arrive early and hope for the best....sometimes with a snack in case we get hungry waiting! Sparks and wife
  13. Returning.....the crossings are rather fewer from autumn onwards,so not so many opportunities even for 24 hour trips Sparks and wife
  14. Day trip to stock up... Sparks and wife
  15. ...and return Should be nice and light throughout our stay, longest day... Sparks and wife
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