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  1. Just found a simulator app on the Voith web site. The graphic let you have a go at controlling VoW ! http://voith.com/corp-en/industry-solutions/marine-technology/ferries-and-passenger-ships.html
  2. Yes here in this one: https://www.rte.ie/news/uk/2018/1021/1005645-isle-of-wight-ferry/
  3. Ah so as the saying goes "you can polish a t**d, but it's still a t**d"
  4. Quite right it is a dig, fair or not. Wightlink by investing in VoW is at least starting to move away from the use of fossil fuels. Yes she may be a hybrid and still use combustion engines some of the time but it should be seen as work in progress and a step in the right direction. Painting the word green on the side of a ferry doesn't do anything to reduce our reliance on oil based fuels. Rant over, back to topic (again)......
  5. Also on BBC news web site https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-45932147 I see they have crossed out Red and put in Green on the side of the ferry, is this Red Funnel's attempt at becoming more environmentally aware or are they just trying to justify when the are the wrong side of the shipping lane and keep crashing? Either way it just looks pathetic.
  6. Yes indeed, BUT proper training helps to prepare rescuers undertake this type of event, plus it sounds like other staff followed their training as to how to deal with people who have been in very cold water. Steve should be highly commended for his bravery.
  7. It isn't going well for the new floating bridge is it! http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/Floating-bridge-and-boat-collide-315286.aspx In their defense it may have been a surprise for the yacht skipper that the bridge was actually there based on recent events
  8. DGodVSP

    St Clare

    Looks a little like a branch of DFS.
  9. DGodVSP

    St Cecilia

    Today is St Cecilia's day. So many happy returns to her.
  10. I see from AIS that St Cecilia has made the trip to Cherbourg for refit works this year. Out of interist, how long did the crossing take in her?
  11. Have we not been here before on this route with a problem ship called Cuthred?
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