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  1. sness

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    By the looks of the ship guide (I know it isn't really a technical document), MSM can park vehicles on Decks 1 to 6. 2 and 4 are blocked off I believe. So assuming boarding takes place on Decks 3 and 5 (maybe 6 but not both), I would've thought there's an internal ramp to get between decks 5 and 6, and also 3 and 1. That's my logic but I could be wrong.
  2. sness

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    I've found a couple of Bilbao-Plymouth crossings that can be booked but aren't being advertised on schedules (I think someone once described them as "easter egg crossings") on December 7 and March 15 when CF makes a couple of visits to Plymouth, meaning she's doing Ports-Bilbao-Plym-Sant. Think she's done Bilbao-Plymouth a couple of times before.
  3. sness

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Yes, agreed, I would've thought BF would prefer Brest over a Polish mini-break but either way I can't see that there'll be any 'major' changes in only 2 weeks
  4. sness

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    I'd be surprised to see her off to Gdansk for such a short period of time, especially given the time needed to get there and back again. What's the shortest time we've seen a ship in Gdansk for??
  5. sness

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Hmmm, that's odd, it's worked for me, maybe it would work in a different browser e.g. chrome / firefox ???
  6. sness

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    If you mean when making a booking, it should say the name of the ship on the right hand side after you've chosen the sailing you want.
  7. sness

    Most memorable crossing...

    Many years ago when I locked myself in the toilet in the cabin and couldn't unlock it. Parents had to get ship's engineer to come and take off the door!! Can't remember the ship (perhaps either Quiberon or Val)
  8. sness

    Mont St Michel - Ship of the Month

    There was another ships monthly a couple of years back with pages on cap finistere and King seaways I'll see if I can dig it out (but might be in storage at the moment as moving house)
  9. sness

    Stena Line: Ideas Centre

    I like one suggestion: "seats like the ones on the Portsmouth-Caen ferry" ....!!
  10. sness

    NEWBUILD: Announcement in 2016?

    WAS elegant and attractive, until that.......thing......was put on top of her about this time last year....😑😵
  11. Pretty much spot on Gareth. According to the statistics, in 2015, Portsmouth/Caen was 4th busiest route behind 2 from dover, and Holyhead-Dublin. Here are the numbers with passenger numbers from 2003... https://www.gov.uk/government/upload...0/spas0102.xls
  12. sness

    NEWBUILD: Announcement in 2016?

    How long was tat's charter again? 2 years rings a bell (but might be a number I've picked from nowhere, in fact thinking about it now we've already reached 2 years haven't we?🙄🤔). I'm sure they must be thinking about getting a replacement for her sooner or later as well (probably not a new build though).
  13. sness

    Changing a Vehicle on a Booking

    If the car is of the same dimensions you can change the car reg online at no cost (unless you do it less than a week before you leave I think)? However it does cost if you call up reservations to change it.
  14. sness

    BBC2 - Sea Cities

    Here is the link to watch it on iPlayer. There's some BF stuff about half way in and at the end too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06zyjr5/sea-cities-1-plymouth
  15. sness

    BBC2 - Sea Cities

    On at the moment, a large piece on Brittany Ferries in Plymouth BBC2. Quite interesting!! Will be available on iPlayer I would have thought.