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  1. Expected to arrive 17.50h local
  2. Trying to make a change to our booking. Now 50 minutes and counting on hold. And it's the same D**m song that they keep playing!
  3. Thanks Tony. I thought it maybe something to do with the wind.
  4. Etretat and Mont St Michel have both appeared to have the Yorkshireman tug attend them berthing
  5. Looking at the QHM notice 1425 channel is closed to inbound and outbound vessels 1430 HMS Puncher, HMS Biter, HMS Pursuer, HMS Explorer from 4BII to OSB (Escort Lead) 1445 MV Mont Saint Michel PIP to OSB 1450 HMS St Albans FLI2 to OSB (Escort Rear) looks impressive.
  6. "Brittany Ferries told the BBC it was contracted to add 19 weekly return sailings to three of its routes: Roscoff to Plymouth, Cherbourg to Poole and Le Havre to Portsmouth - a 50% increase on its current schedule." I suspect most of the extra sailings will be through Portsmouth. I wonder how this will effect 2019 timetables.
  7. According to the online RT it's about ' Pride of Bruges'
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    New BF Fleet Tracker

    This is the setting I use.
  9. What was going on at Plymouth on Sunday? Waiting to board the Pont, we were questioned by staff from Port Security, as usual, NCA,VOSA, DWP - he wanted to know how much money, and which currencies, we were taking abroad and was anyone on benifits and if so had we told DWP we were going on holiday. Never had anything like this happen before.
  10. I am told the problem was with the engineroom crew going on strike. The Normandie sailed about 6pm French time. As an aside the poor girl didn't home till about 3.30am this morning.
  11. Just had a phone call from my partner that she is on the Normandie and they have announced that the sailing has been delayed because of industrial action on board. I think it's on the loading decks.
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    AT 07:07 you are shown as Currently Vewing Forums index.
  13. MSM has left Cherbourg and seems to be heading for Ouistreham.
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