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  1. They can do whatever they want though, they're a near monopoly. I travelled with Red Funnel for the first time this year as it was part of a deal I got, I wasn't any more impressed with their customer service than Wightlink. I had booked a long time in advance but RF brought their winter schedules in earlier than expected. That wasn't an issue as such but more the person at the ticket booth "Oh how did you get a 5:30PM ticket, there is no 5:30PM sailing, this is weird but you'll have to go on the 6:00PM" in a very angry and dismissive tone, this was after me acknowledging that I'd be text
  2. Looking online, the other boat appears in June 2018 but not August 2018. Perhaps that's the one and only boat there which is actually used. It's a very strange situation.
  3. The Google Earth imaging was updated on 15/07/2019, Cuthred is still present.
  4. Thanks for the responses. More than likely due to the weather then.
  5. This is just something I've been wondering since returning from the Island this past Saturday. I travelled with Red Funnel for the first time with the car after Wighlink's Lym-yar route for the past 30 years almost as I wanted to see what the Raptors offered after previously being on the C's W's & St's. I thought that the raptors were double ended I never paid much attention to this on the way but on our return sailing (6PM 02/11/2019) I noticed that the cars were facing toward to the Island despite us being well on the way to Southampton. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmN46OQ-pm8XiLIk3ney
  6. Makes sense, didn't realise that was the case, I thought all 4 were equal, obviously not :).
  7. Yes it's a strange one. I was also under the impression that St. Cecilia was in better overall condition than St. Faith so I wonder why they chose to part with Cecilia over Faith unless it was due to resale value and that Faith will follow in due course. They should have just kept hold of St. Helen and sold St. Faith, that way they wouldn't have to make any modifications.
  8. I emailed APSS further to ask about photographs. I had a vague but perhaps useful response:
  9. @hhvferry Thank you for digging this out, really appreciate it. So it looks like Cuthred was quite a bit different to the other C-Class internally, unless they were similar early on. Looks like this was all fairly stripped back when moved to Setubal. The lower lounge in particular looks like a vast improvement over the other C-Class ferries.
  10. Yes, I remember the interiors pictured. I think the most recent interiors or at least carpets (load bearing ones in Caedmon 😄) and coverings were installed in the early 2000's... Yep, the old tannoy speaker was there right until the breakers. I wonder if at one time, there were plans to sell them on for further use whereas the other two were already too "past it". It looks like a rather boilerplate response though so perhaps they'll still be sitting there indefinitely. There is definitely some sort of ambiguity with these old ferries. The current operator Atlantic ferries is clearly compl
  11. Had a response from APSS, rather to the point but hey, Names removed:
  12. @Pigeonrat Yes, the C-Class interiors sound interesting in their original configuration, apparently vinyl seats, different colours in each from other posts I've read on here. I only really remember these from the mid 90s on as I would have been too young to remember their pre Wightlink interiors. I found some images of Cenwulf's interior online which wasn't the colours that she went to the Esbjerg with http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/extra_bilder/cenwulf_1973_omb_1.htm I've never been in St Clare, usually if I go from Portsmouth it ends up being on one of the W-Class or St. Faith. @hhvf
  13. Two of the other TransSado ferries are just up along the coast: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Setúbal,+Portugal/@38.4929752,-8.8301871,96m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0xd194307e49642f1:0xeabefa3d424489ab!8m2!3d38.5254047!4d-8.8941 Some photos from an urbex group: http://www.lugaresesquecidos.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=948&hilit=mira+praia&sid=e490fab3aa7f9677b9db79e12eb28c90&start=10#p4221 I know it's not particularly relevant but I've been doing some research in the hopes of coming closer to finding out what's going on with Cuthred. In
  14. Interesting, many similarities but also many differences. There seems to be a lot more going on in the engine rooms on the later C's. Looking at the original decks in the plans for Cuthred, it makes you wonder if adding a mezz deck and a full sun deck didn't help the problems with speed on Cuthred. It's a shame that there are no interior shots of Cuthred from before Setubal. I've heard nothing back from the Boat Centre so I don't think this will happen. Atlantic ferries gave me the contact details for APSS (Who own Mira Praia etc.) and I have sent them an email. Does anywhere know wh
  15. Thanks @martijon very useful information! I guess it's just the poor resolution of the video which gave the impression of the car deck being narrower. Also the C's had some mods by Wightlink didn't they? Stairs etc. onto the sun deck which probably gave the impression of things being a bit more grand so to speak. The windows sound interesting but were they not somewhat obscured once the mezz deck went in? No, it seems unbelievable really, especially when out of any of them, I always thought Cenwulf would be the one still running. Presumably Cuthred had just as much a rough time a
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