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  1. I have just purchased the excellent magazine “ferry & cruise review”, there is an article in it, written I believe by Andrew Cooke,regarding delivery of “Victoria of white” and the fact that it will be ST Cecilia that will be being retired, as she is the oldest of the remaining 2 Saint class. I guess in terms of age and given the intensive use she has had, then this would make sense, however from what I have seen when I have even down to Portsmouth & travelled on her, she is in great condition. It would make more sense operationally to send the Wight Sun back to Lymington, failure to do so would result in the crew having to deal with 4 different types of vessel. The original saints were purpose built for the route so better sticking with them
  2. Does anyone know what their plans are with the existing vessels.?, they must be keeping at least one of the original saints?, for peak periods, refit & maintenance cover?
  3. iana

    St faith

    Thanks. Someone normally puts a schedule on here for the dockings & refits etc.? Seem to recall reading on here that St Faith is the ferry that they will retain, but from what I have seen for myself & read, the St Cecilia looks in better condition & is the more reliable of the remaining 2 original saints?
  4. iana

    St faith

    Have noticed on a.is that St Faith is over at Hythe, looks to be at the same mooring as ST Helen & St Catherine were before they were sold on?. Anyone know why she is there?.
  5. iana

    St Helen

    Managed to get a good look at St Helen whilst on the Gosport ferry, Portsmouth Queen, luckily she took the "long way round" - between the pontoons & the Catamaran terminal and then across the harbour. She looked in a tatty condition, especially on the port side, plenty of rust showing through the white paint. Quite sad to see. Having spent a few days observing what was happening, it is quite noticeable that St Cecilia is the smartest - a very good paint job that belies her years. In contrast the St Faith, the newest of the original St class looked tatty and rusty, especially on the port side and the vents at the back of the funnel. The Cecilia, Faith and Clare were all being worked pretty hard, whilst White Light did not move once during the 5 days i was down there, am guessing she will only be used at peak time or in case of breakdown?. Looks very different to the others but looks as though her capacity is far less than any of the others. Will be interesting to see what happens long term Travelled over to I.O.W on Wight Ryder 2 Sat a.m - quite a lively trip!!, travelled back on St Clare on the 18.00 sailing that was approx 15mins down, due to extreme low water, causing us to be diverted to the south of one of the solent forts. St Clare is now looking very smart on decks 4 & 5, just a shame about the vibration & rattling that seems to radiate throughout the whole ship.
  6. iana

    St Helen

    I have just returned from a few days holiday down in Portsmouth, and was pleased to see St Helen had not yet departed. Here is a picture I managed to grab of her, leaving the harbour for the last time on Friday morning at 8am. 2 long blasts on the horn as she left the harbour entrance! [ATTACH=CONFIG]n247229[/ATTACH]
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