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  1. Yes although I kind of thought as a permanent career move as opposed to just during the pandemic. I assume firefighters can move between brigades and stations without penalty.
  2. I saw this bloke in BBC South Today. He was a firefighter in Basingstoke who lived on the IoW. I couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't a firefighter on the IoW, or Southampton or Portsmouth? Even on a good day he's got one hell of a commute which is obviously less manageable at the moment. It just didn't seem to make sense to me!
  3. Charge? Or Change? Charge seems a little bizarre!
  4. bekkia

    St Faith

    Won't get a dry dock in Southampton!
  5. Makes you wonder what state the fire hydrant/ pump piping is in for it to fail like that. What if it was under the pressure from water running at full pelt?
  6. You confuse the difference between offering praise and saying nothing at all. I'm not saying you should praise WL for their current levels of service, but you don't need to criticize everything so vocally and persistently. You know the expression...."If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything". As far as I'm aware you're retired so the issues don't regularly cause you delays in a daily commute, and you clearly live somewhere in/ near Portsmouth as you seem to spend a lot of time watching the ship movements and loadings of the P-F service. So with regards to your points about privatisation, the area is served by both FirstBus and Stagecoach. A suggestion...for every 2 criticisms you make, try to find 1 positive. That would make your posts seem so much more balanced and fair.
  7. Also with regards to privatisation and lack of choice, 3 companies serving the IOW across 6 routes, most towns have 2 bus companies serving it them (e.g. First and Go Ahead or Stagecoach), it's only really trains where there is a complete monopoly in some towns.
  8. Well let's look at the facts shall we..... You praised the new DD loading and new building (how long ago was that....?) but since then you have persistently picked fault with what ships run on which crossings, what gets loaded in what order, reasons for cancellations, quality of facilities etc. So yes, I apologize, you did praise something some time back but then have persistently found fault and issued criticism from that point forward. 😉
  9. Yeah and regular travellers will know that things aren't ideal. But you point out every little thing with a heap of criticism and I can't remember the last time I read any praise from you for anything.
  10. You are so negative! Relax and live a little. Times have changed!
  11. MAIB report into Red Falcon collision with moored yacht now released. https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/collision-between-ro-ro-passenger-ferry-red-falcon-and-moored-yacht-greylag
  12. Any ideas what was wrong with the 3 of them?
  13. Well yes he may well have been clueless as to Colregs but I'm not sure a professional captain telling the coastguard that he's "the dogs badoodahs" is overly professional! https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/18047746.red-funnel-captain-may-avoided-crash-stood-chair/
  14. Keep an eye out for the new Renault Clio advert. The "Ferry Le Manche" looks suspiciously like one of the Red Funnel raptors!
  15. If you happen to have a spare £60000… you could buy.... https://apolloduck.net/553872
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