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  1. Well yes he may well have been clueless as to Colregs but I'm not sure a professional captain telling the coastguard that he's "the dogs badoodahs" is overly professional! https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/18047746.red-funnel-captain-may-avoided-crash-stood-chair/
  2. Keep an eye out for the new Renault Clio advert. The "Ferry Le Manche" looks suspiciously like one of the Red Funnel raptors!
  3. If you happen to have a spare £60000… you could buy.... https://apolloduck.net/553872
  4. It is quite odd though. For it not to have been to the island at all yet. Looking on the booking engine it looks as if sailings are available from 17th May.
  5. Assuming you're talking about the track going across Southampton.... I'm pretty sure that's the delivery voyage as the crow flies. I don't think AIS was active throughout so it's just showing the start and finish locations.... So it's just sort of joined up the points.
  6. Looking at her track over the past 30 days.... has she actually been to the island yet?
  7. No but on a night crossing it's a decent length of time for a commercial driver to have a snooze in a reclining seat. What if all 12 drivers want a snooze... Do they have to draw straws or play rock paper scissors? Maybe there's 3 more recliners somewhere else.
  8. Reclining seats, very nice. But are there only 9 of these (3 banks of 3) because that could be 3 disappointed drivers!
  9. Uriah Heep lives on..... tells a lot! It's basically being used as a reserve ferry for the Thames Swift. The last photo on this post shows the Uriah Heep next to Thames Swift. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2176327192485086&id=473183132799509 UH is on the right as you look at the photo, you can see the canopy still lashed to the roof of the passenger cabin. I know the sister ship, Philip Pirrip was being sold without a wheelhouse so I would expect to see it being bolted in the UH fairly soon.
  10. Please clarify. 48 what? It can take 12 lorries. Unsure if that is with or without cabs? Not 48 though!
  11. Really? Anybody else heard this? It seems very short sighted? What is classified as a trade vehicle?
  12. bekkia

    Red Osprey

    Do we know why? Don't think it's been overly windy.... Or is it the fog?
  13. RF seem to have been rather tardy at updating the new build website....
  14. bekkia

    Wight sun

    Well VoW is currently in the middle of the Solent so..... St Clare is in Portsmouth.
  15. bekkia

    St Faith

    Sorted and understood.
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