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  1. I am on Bretagne next Friday night and from what has been said everything sounds good.Been travelling on Bretagne for 20 odd years but never had a drink in the piano bar so I will be in there next Friday for a vin blanc!Got a commodore as well so lets keep everything crossed for no industrial action and a smooth crossing.As long as I get over there for my holiday in Val Andre not too bothered if I get stuck there for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Billy Boy

    Fuel Crisis in France?

    things seem to be getting better but no doubt there will be problems next week.I am on Bretagne next Friday 3/6/2016 but will travel no matter what,unless b/f cancel.I am staying for 2 weeks not far from st malo so if I have to will travel to Jersey on the condor to fill up !!! as a last resort.Happy holidays.
  3. Billy Boy

    Travel Vouchers

    My daughter entered the various BF competitions on Twitter over the festive period and on Christmas Day she won a £300 travel voucher which arrived today.We have already booked our travel on BF for next June and September(she will not be going with us) and she wants us to have the voucher to set against our holiday costs.However,looking at the terms and conditions I don,t think this is going to be possible as the booking has to be in her name.She will ring customer services but I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions or indeed been in this situation themselves.We have been travelling every year with BF for some 25 years but I doubt this will count for anything.Am I scuppered?
  4. Billy Boy

    Bretagne tonight

    Re: Bretagne tonight On Bretagne last night for a week in Brittany.It was full to capacity and we could barely get out of our car on deck 4.The café/snack bar on deck 8 was closed when we boarded and when we asked a member of staff he said it would not be opening at all! When I asked at reception for a reason they said that the main restaurant was going to be full all night and that all staff had been relocated there.The piano bar had also been converted to a restaurant to cater for the amount of people on board.Reception also said that the ship was so full because there was no Saturday night crossing from Portsmouth so in effect we had two ship loads on board.It was still a very comfortable crossing with the sea very flat and we did have a nice breakfast just before arriving.We sail back on next Saturday nights crossing so I guess it will be full again.
  5. Billy Boy

    Waverley Barfleur and Condor Express

    Re: Waverley Barfleur and Condor Express Saw the Waverley in Portsmouth yesterday whilst waiting for Bretagne to arrive last night.It looked very impressive and lots of people on board.Not sure where it was going though