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  1. Having watched the two channel four documentaries Smuggled it is quite clear we need more border force staff.Looking at what we are being promised by the political parties in the run up to the election,1.5 million over 5 years is peanuts.It really was quite shocking how people got into the uk so easily,something which more border checks could easily have avoided.
  2. I am off on Bretagne to St Malo on Saturday night and hope the sea is a bit calmer than that!!
  3. Thank you Cabin Boy! Did not realize weekends were exempt so nothing to worry about.Hopefully a stress free trip now. Cheers
  4. Thanks everyone.I will give it a go but may need some help from my younger work colleagues re the V5!!
  5. We are driving into Paris next month and are unsure as to what type of sticker we now need for a diesel car.Can anyone give some guidance as the official website is not clear but there again it could be me!! Also as Brexit has not happened yet,I assume we do not need either a green card or IDP.Is that correct? Many thanks
  6. I am on Bretagne next Friday night and from what has been said everything sounds good.Been travelling on Bretagne for 20 odd years but never had a drink in the piano bar so I will be in there next Friday for a vin blanc!Got a commodore as well so lets keep everything crossed for no industrial action and a smooth crossing.As long as I get over there for my holiday in Val Andre not too bothered if I get stuck there for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. things seem to be getting better but no doubt there will be problems next week.I am on Bretagne next Friday 3/6/2016 but will travel no matter what,unless b/f cancel.I am staying for 2 weeks not far from st malo so if I have to will travel to Jersey on the condor to fill up !!! as a last resort.Happy holidays.
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