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  1. I used to live near a Waitrose - I find it on a par with M&S pricewise. Back in the 90s and even when signing on for dole, I still shopped in Waitrose. Because they were closest. Where they are on a par with M&S is that yhe basic everyday items are much the same price as they are anywhere else, but when you start getting into their speciality ranges that is where the costs go up. Waitrose tends to have quite a large section of deli type continental products and these tend to be pricey. M&S are doing their Collection range which is dear, but as a rule their prices are much the same on everyday goods. Unfortunately for me, the M&S in Poole is closing (they’ve already shut the Bournemouth store) and although the Westbourne food hall is still here, how long before they shut that, so I will probably jump ship to Waitrose in Parkstone!
  2. Oh come on, she’s been a paragon of virtue recently - don’t tempt fate..😂
  3. I just wish things would go back the way they were. Channel Islands rely on a lot of tourism and they’ve lost the day trips from Poole.
  4. I just wish things would go back the way they were. Channel Islands rely on a lot of tourism and they’ve lost the day trips from Poole.
  5. On her way in in about 10 mins. First camera port entrance, then switch to main channel she reverses right the way back. https://www.portgdansk.pl/en/about-port/cameras/
  6. I keep getting advertising emails from Condor, most recent about enjoying Christmas shopping in Guernsey. Yes I would if the day trips were available!! Should do a depart Poole at 08.00 and give a good few hours in Guernsey before departing later evening. Could do Jersey one day, Guernsey the other - alternate days to give people the chance to visit which island they want. Day trips suit me and many others - a long weekend for me just isn’t practicable.
  7. You never know with her - she has her moments. But she has been much, much better over the past few years so I think those days are behind her. She seems to be toeing the line now.
  8. If we return to Poole would be great - something to look forward to. Getting back to Bournemouth from Portsmouth in the late evening using public transport is a massive pain in the backside. Depends what time they leave Portsmouth, it is getting there early enough. I would love to do it though, Libby to Cherbourg!!
  9. I asked on the BF Facebook page if she will get any BF livery - unfortunately not. They used to have their name on the Vitesse.
  10. Remember my first crossing on Barfleur - I first travelled to Cherbourg as a small child on the Maid of Kent from Weymouth, so this was my first time as an adult. I remember feeling very anxious and flapped for England, but all was forgotten very quickly and have enjoyed my crossings and all being well they will continue. Also remember first time on NEX, first time on an HSC, and the fun of trying out other ferries. But as people are well aware here, Barf will always be the first and favourite, I am not looking forward to her departure from the fleet, but I would find that easier as it would be due to her age, not the reason she went to Dover. I remember going there glowering down from the clifftops at her!!! Sailed on a non lander Spirit of France, and stayed at the Best Western Hotel with a seafront room. I nearly missed her coming back from Cherbourg as I was too busy ogling Harmony of the Seas and didn’t hear the boarding announcement up in the upstairs bit in the Cherbourg terminal. That first nervous trip was the start of some great days out!!
  11. I’d like to see folk like that treated like violent passengers, not wearing a mask in public during a pandemic is tantamount to the same thing. A ban should surely happen, but on the here and now while on board there should be rooms in which they can be detained. Space is probably an issue here, but there should be some way of keeping these people separated from law abiding passengers. Brigs still exist do they? What powers do Masters have to detain unruly folk. Katie Price has allegedly been kicked off a plane for refusing to wear a mask, she apparently just got straight on another one. Typical of her, she needs her passport as well as her driving licence removed in my opinion, she respects neither. Seems to treat everything, no matter how serious as another big thing to give herself publicity.
  12. I am just frustrated by the whole thing, serious Covid fatigue has set in, hence my previous post about anti vaxxers. When we have had all the problems we still have and there are those still insistent on not doing their bit, it does fray the nerves somewhat.
  13. She’s at her best on the Poole - Spain runs
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