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  1. Khaines

    Condor Rapide in Cherbourg

    Condor Rapide is out of the water in Cherbourg. Am going over on Thursday so guess she will be still there to get a few shots of her. Any reason why she is there?
  2. Khaines

    EU Plans For Maritime Links Post Brexit

    https://afloat.ie/port-news/item/39591-eu-draws-up-transport-proposals-for-no-deal-brexit try this, again, scroll right down. It says to click on a link to read more, link takes you to the rte site.
  3. Khaines

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I thought Flamenco and Tarantella , just remembered Tarantella, that is Italy...😄. Any other Spanish dances. Call it Flamenco and have a shop fiull of those dolls....
  4. Khaines

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Sambuca is the drink I was thinking of - just twigged..😄
  5. Khaines

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Galicia sounds fine but Salamanca sounds like something you’d order a a bar.
  6. Khaines

    Photos from Poole

    I missed it too as well, I only found out via a Facebook story on it. Been trying to find film footage of it. I didn’t actually go to the show as it was too hot on the day and too crowded. I would have gone if there were any warships about that were open. if I can find any footage I’ll share it.
  7. Khaines

    Photos from Poole

    BF were sponsoring the fireworks this year, and Barfleur’s horn was the signal for the fireworks to start.
  8. Khaines

    moving to france

    At the moment with everything up in the air as it is Brexitwise, with nobody knowing for certain what is five minutes round the corner. What might apply now might be completely different tomorrow, next week, Christmas or after March. I follow the series Escape to the Chateau and the DIY offshoot where people are doing up old chateaus. The reason a lot of them are abandoned is due to them being immmense money pits, I see loads of them on urban exploration sites that I follow on Facebook. Some of these old chateaus are the most stunning architecturally with the most beautiful wall and paintings all crumbling and peeling away. Yet there are loads of Brits sinking a lot of money into them intending to use them for business. Wish them luck, obviously, but to be honest, these places swallow up money like no-ones business, and after March next year then this will possibly impact on them even further. I just wonder how many will be still there next year this time after all the effort they are putting into restoring these lovely houses.
  9. Khaines

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    She looks quite smart now, new livery actually looks better than her previous one. Interior looks pretty smart too. Quite impressive what she’s had done. Think being all white makes her look bigger?
  10. Khaines

    Voyage magazine Spring 2018

    Must try and get that sorted!
  11. Khaines

    Voyage magazine Spring 2018

    Hope this doesn’t breach copyright!
  12. Khaines

    Voyage magazine Spring 2018

    Comes up as page currently unavailable. Not sure if it is ipad incompatible or not.
  13. Excellent feature on Barfleur in this edition, for those of us who use her and those who haven’t, there is a great article on the views as you leave Poole and the defensive walls in Cherbourg. Gives a great insight as to why the route is so beautiful. Am going to see it all again for myself on the 21st June, as rebooked my cancelled crossing for then. (Very busy, girl taking the booking found it difficult to find me a slot!). Hoping the weather is going to be good as would love to sit out and watch these views again. Just thought I’d post as this feature kind of explains about the exquisite beauty of the Poole - Cherbourg route, plus the historical side too.
  14. Khaines

    A few Chateaux

    I follow Escape to the Chateau on C4 and of recent the series where they are helping other Brit chateau owners. These places are vast money pits and thousands lie abandoned apart from visits by uran exploration photographers. Such beautiful buildings with stunning artwork painted on the walls and ceilings, plus beautiful architecture, very saddening to see them rotting away. I have every admiration for those who try and restore these places. I follow lots of urban exploration pages on Facebook and abandoned chateaus and villas crop up all the time, still full of furniture as the owners left them. Locations are never given but there is such beauty out there rotting away. And then I see what they call architecture in Sandbanks near me...🙄
  15. Khaines


    It is why I ususlly plan my trips outsidcof school holidays with regards to English kids, and avoid weekends. On Barfleur school parties are normally caged in the reclining lounges and you don’t see them...😁 I find French kids the noisiest though, but I found them better behaved. When I went on Barfleur when she was in Dover we had large parties of both English and French kids, myself and my travelling companion spent a bit of time working out which was which from a distance so we couldn’t catch what they were saying. We tried to guess from behaviour alone.