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  1. Yes, but there is a reason for it. Since yesterday, it has become a lot clearer as to the extent of the damage and having seen pictures and footage myself I have come to the conclusion that a rebuild is possible. It looked yesterday like a lost cause, now we have a clearer idea to the extent of the damage, I have a partial change of mind. Yes, I still feel that they should just protect what is left of it and my comments yesterday still stand. But if renovation IS going to be done, then I hope they try and replicate the original spire. It is the idea of a modern design replacing it I found a bit wrong.
  2. Apparently people are being asked to design a new spire and bring asked to submit designs that could be either a replica of the original or something more modern. I am most definitely on the side of a replica, surely that is what people would prefer. They would want to see what they are used to seeing not something different, cannot see the point of a modern design. If they want to rebuild then surely the best thing is to be as accurate to the original as possible?
  3. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/business/brexit-brittany-ferries-blames-passengers-2747569 Well, in the case of Barfleur, they have done away with the daytrips without having to do an overnight crossing. I don’t mind overnight crossings, but daytrips have always been popular with our friend in Poole especially, be nice to get them back. BBC News has done a bulletin on the fall in numbers.
  4. Macron has said it will be rebuilt. Not sure if I agree with that, mainly because that it is such an iconic, historical building, it will never be the same no matter what is done. Restorations can work in some cases, but when a building is as gutted as this looks like it is, maybe the best thing to do is to build a structure around it that protects the ruins, make a protective glass cover for it. The best thing they can do is make the ruins safe, protect them, and make them publicly accessible for the future.
  5. Anyone notice the vase of tulips beside Mrs May when she did that video today. Wonder if she visits here...😂😁👍
  6. Khaines

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Presume Armorique will be standing in so assume late this year, when she normally covers. NEX due out of hibernation soon for her season and Barfleur usually has Arm standing in so I assume end of the year, November? NEX may go end of her season so be around August?
  7. Khaines

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Barfleur - she’ll look ok, she got away with looking pretty much the same after the scrubbers were fitted, think she will carry thr new livery well. NEX should be ok as well.
  8. Two sailings were cancelled by BF last year, both of which I was on so am out of practice and have got lazy as well, lol. One crossing on Barfleur because of a strike and Armorique if I remember due to the weather. I always liked the overnighters from Poole, so now we have them it would be nice to do a couple while have the chance.
  9. Barfleur started her first overnight crossing from Poole last night according to a Facebook post I got in my newsfeed. I want to do one as I used to, not been well enough to travel recently so will have to ponder this one. Brexit is just dragging on and on, really fed up with it all now, getting me down as probably most of the country, would be nice to do an overnight from Poole again might lift the spirits.
  10. Wonder how soundproofed they are. Can you hear the bloke in the next pod snoring (out of both ends!) and are there charging points for devices.
  11. Living in Bournemouth/Poole area the amount of beautiful old early 1900s houses being demolished for expensive flats to be built in their place saddens me. Student blocks aside which are rabbit hutches anyway, there are blocks being built that in my opinion are no patch on their predecessors. When I go to Sandbanks, I hear other passengers on the bus making swooning comments about the multi million pound pads out there. I think they are monstrosities, I am always drawn to whatever older houses are there. I think of high ceilings, nice big bay windows, gardens where I can see and hear birds. Houses which once the occupants leave will be bulldozed for something dreadful. Say this though locally and you get called jealous! Jealous for preferring older built properties over modern designs. Apparently so. And against progress and all...🙄
  12. I like the luxury of a cabin for an overnight crossing now, as I like to be able to have a shower and change. But I think they could have their uses, would guess they offer a lie down and a bit of shut eye for day crossing with an added bit of privacy.
  13. Came across this story on Facebook. Could these work on some BF ships? https://news.cision.com/stena-line/r/stena-line-installs-japanese-sleeping-pods,c2771617
  14. I am usually up there Thursday mornings between 10 - 11.30. Depends, not every week, I rely on someone else to drive me and we go in the nearby MaccyD's for breakfast and if nice a stroll round the lake. The Maccy’s is a lot better than the one in Bournemouth town centre, not so intimidating.
  15. It is like a lot of these leave protests, that never amount to more than a handful despite threatening fire and brimstone. Farage’s recent rally attracted around 200 apparently. Yesterday’s London gathering shows that the remain side get the numbers and get themselves to where they say they will. They are serious about what they are saying and putting their words into actions. A lot of the leave protests and rallies tend to be loudly proclaimed that there will be hundred and thousands but more often than not they turn out to be a damp squib. I would suggest that a lot of future leave protests mooted will turn out like Plymouth, they just cannot magic up the numbers. We organised coachloads and coachloads.
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