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  1. I am wondering if it is worth booking the Mercure in Cherbourg one day, it is very central and as the Marine Hotel is sadly no more, now demolished, thought it might be worth looking at the Mercure. Depending on the Brexit situation and sailings affected by it all, been thinking of hotels, another is the Ambassador. Both quite central.
  2. That one is the Independance of the Seas - a Facebook friend was on her for that visit. She must have just docked as my FB bud said that Barf was just leaving as they arrived.
  3. Will certainly miss going upstairs in the terminal to that lounge like area where you can ship watch. Always enjoyed sitting up there, all offices now. Shame really, remember I nearly missed my crossing home as the departure tannoy cannot be heard up there and remember being busy watching Harmony of the Seas reversing out - went downstairs to find out they were waiting for ONE passenger to board for Poole. Me. The shame...😄
  4. Vehicles damaged on IOM crossing. Post on Facebook says that photo is Ben McCree though... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=50672&headline=Vehicle+damaged+in+ferry+crossing&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  5. Khaines

    New Look Revealed

    Just had a photo sent me on Messenger, Poole’s offices have their new logo up. I’ll try snd go and get a pic.
  6. Khaines


    Anyone ever tried cazu marzu? I bet not... 🤣
  7. Khaines


    I must start thinking of holding out the begging bowl to a friend of mine for a lift to the Isigny fromagerie we drove past recently. They do tours as well.
  8. Khaines


    Love a bit of Stilton, tried Roquefort once, supposed to be the king of cheeses. No it ain’t. Now Saint Augur...🤩
  9. Saunas, and the beating each other with birch twigs...😄😳
  10. Khaines


    I always remember I ate the red rind on Edam until someone pointed out that it is inedible..😂
  11. Connemara was Norman Asturias, and she served Poole under LD Lines. So she has served Poole before under a different operator. Etretat, who was originally Norman Voyager, visited Poole briefly as berthing trials for the Asturias. Remember the Voyager’s appearance had HT in raptures of speculation about BF’s Poole future...😄. Oops, sorry Gareth, posts crossed!
  12. Answer I got on Facebook from someone who works on the pilot boat in Poole. “Pelican going for a scrubber fit as deadline is January. Also doing a little charter for a bit before dry dock space is available. Bore bay is the temporary cover vessel. Similar vessel to pelican but bit shorter. Finnish crewed”
  13. She is replacing Pelican until December according to the BF Freight site. https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/fleet/freight-only-ferries/pelican
  14. Anyone remember what happened when they recalled Barfleur from DFDS - I of all people cannot remember. Was she recalled at the end of her charter or during? I know it was all of a sudden.
  15. Does anyone think that BF should recall Cotentin. We have been going on about the freight side of things, and surely one of the best things BF could do, seeing as the way things are going regarding Brexit, having their purpose built freight ship back in the fleet. If she was recalled, then what would be the best route for her to serve?
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