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  1. Khaines

    Armorique hits dock

    Glad to hear she is back to work ok.
  2. Khaines

    Armorique hits dock

    The guy with the hammer in the video had a pretty close shave as well.
  3. Khaines

    Armorique hits dock

    Armorique hits dock in Roscoff. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-46580024
  4. Khaines

    Armorique in Poole 12-12-18

    She has her neon lit up there, don’t think she did in my pics.
  5. Khaines

    Fire on Wight Sky

    C Class were impeccable despite their nearly being 40. They had the odd hiccup but they were reliable ferries - got rid of old but good ferries, for these things.
  6. Khaines

    Armorique in Poole 12-12-18

    Normal service has been resumed in Poole - so nice to sit in a branch of Subway in Bournemouth and play with the Haven webcam!
  7. Khaines

    Armorique in Poole 12-12-18

    Been quite funny really having her here as people in Poole tend to get a bit confused. Had it yesterday - a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses doing their rounds and offering me literature while I was taking the pictures. They were saying that “that isn’t the Barfleur is it” I duly explained who she was, why she was here, where she works from, where Barf is and when she is coming back. It happens a fair bit when Armorique is here, people are so used to Barfy swanning in and out, that it is like someone has moved the furniture around...😄 Meanwhile, also took this pic of Bramble Bush Bay moored on the quayside before she was towed back to Sandbanks to resume her duties. Then it was my turn to wonder about the furniture being moved around as I did not recognise her at first when I arrived at the Quay. So took the opportunity of a quick pic. Poole will be back to normal soon, we have also had Condor Rapide standing in for Libby while she was in Falmouth, she has now returned. We have had the Sandbanks chain ferry moored at the port, and Armorique standing in for Barfleur. So not the usual sights of Poole for a few days!
  8. Khaines

    Armorique in Poole 12-12-18

    They sell those biscuits in the shops on board, bought some on Barfy, more in that case though, to dip in my coffee as I l do like ginger bickies as well as their purpose.
  9. Khaines

    Armorique in Poole 12-12-18

    I don’t get seasickness as such, I get headaches and nausea caused by migraines which I can get on buses as well. And sometimes cars, funny enough never trains. I have put it down to diesel fumes triggering migraines. I have taken a variety of travel sickness pills but the pills that work are Migralieve pink ones - in which I am down to my last two which I would have taken on Sunday. Chemists say they have been difficult to get hold of for months and they are as such, out of stock. They contain am anti nausea drug which seems to do the trick. My problems have been worse since I had a couple of endoscopies a few years ago, they seem to have damaged the nerves in my throat and stomach which I am sure has caused some of my problems, become a lot more sensitive. Migralieve seemed to work so hope they get some more pretty soon.
  10. Khaines

    Armorique in Poole 12-12-18

    I think the lettering might just be the way the photos are, if viewed small. Think it will grow on people.
  11. Armorique during her visit to Poole this year. Took the photos from my second choice of spot due the the bus service I use to get to Sandbanks being suspended due to the Bramble Bush Bay being out of service. Bit chilly this morning, quite a nip in the wind in Poole Harbour!
  12. Khaines

    Barfleur Cancellations

    She was fully booked over the summer so if she has low loadings it is probably due to the time of the year. I tried to book a few times and she was always busy on the days I wanted. Hence my availing myself of Libby, who provided a couple of great days out this year. Where is HT - the biggest conspiracy theorist about Poole and Barfy on here - been rather quiet..
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-46481643 ECJ has ruled that Brexitvcan be unilaterally cancelled...
  14. Khaines

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    She is a Jack of all trades.