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  1. I was probably standing nearby filming that, filmed her reversing back from her berth.
  2. All that he said was that NEX could replace Rapide. Not me suggesting anything, I am just repeating back what I was told from a chat yesterday. This is purely an opinion from who I was talking to, and might not come to fruition at all. We were talking about Cotentin and Barfleur, and he mentioned he reckoned they possibly could get rid of NEX and she COULD replace Rapide and that she costs BF to much money to run. This is from a BF employee, I have no idea if it will happen or not. Presume Liberation will continue as she is if that does happen.
  3. Ummmmm, I think I need to clarify my response to David’s post. It is. NEX that might be replacing NEX, as quoted from a BF employee she costs too much to run. Of course this is his opinion. Just thought I’d clarify that.
  4. Heard on a grapevine that she could serve the CI to replace Rapide. As she costs too much to run.
  5. Yes, only just remembered the cancellation. Could vaguely remember her being connected with a Portsmouth trial!
  6. Trying to remember, she went to Portsmouth back in the year didn’t she for berthing trials?
  7. No, refuse to. I don’t trust it, simple. I am scanning the q codes in Starbucks and where I need to so only that organisation needs it in case. I know several people who have it and have had issues with it pinging at them for no reason. I just do not trust anything this particular Government tells us to install on our devices, end of. I am too suspicious of it.
  8. I’ve been in one cafe where they do this, leave a sheet of paper with everyone’s details on it - I was not comfortable with this. Some ask you to fill out an individual form and place it in a locked box or hand it into the counter staff. That I prefer. There are definitely privacy concerns about people’s details being left in full view. I might contact the council regarding the premises they are doing this as surely this goes against data protection
  9. I had a grumble this morning as you have to scan a Q code in Starbucks. I go in there at 7 in the morning and there is nobody anywhere near me and am there for about 30 mins to have a coffee, read the Echo and check stuff online. I know all this is mandatory now, but to be honest, but if got to do that every morning and fill out a form just to get a coffee - feeling really put off by all that. I wear a mask indoors as requested and don’t take it off until I sit down so yet more palaver. Rant over.
  10. The bridge nearest the arrowed site is Twin Sails. The other is the older Poole Town Bridge. Both keep getting work done, so have lost track of what has been done to which one. The Town Bridge was closed for many months due to replacement of the spans and the Sails has been recently closed due to having some bits replaced.
  11. Arrowed is the power station site - now how many trucks could fit in that.
  12. I don’t call it selfish. When I hear of todays young complaining about how their young lives are being ruined by not being able to go out and socialise as they normally would, they appear to be looking for someone to blame for their woes. I heard one student on TV bleating about it yesterday. My first thoughts were that at least all you are being ASKED to do is keep yourself safe and probably stay home and quit socialising for a while. If this had been the 1930s/1940s highly likely you would have been TOLD to go to war and be separated and possibly killed to serve your country. These blea
  13. Yes, at the moment. At the moment. If Boris decides that he wants to do something else to sort the freight out, he will just do so, and if that means causing havoc in places like the New Forest then he will just override what others think. Desmond Swayne will kick off if the New Forest is turned into a freight route..🤣
  14. Good use for the old power station land.
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