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  1. Carrefour’s English section in Cherbourg - made me realise what it was like to be in someone else’s country and see a few shelves with British stuff on it. Bit like a few years ago when supermarkets often had small spaces for Eastern European stuff.
  2. Britain has it’s own biohazards possibly coming back. Read somewhere that the Government is going to allow the use of a pesticide that is poisonous to bees and is banned in the EU. Will try and find source. Edited - says one use only, but can’t really see that. UK allows emergency use of bee-harming pesticide https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-55566438
  3. So, what are the rules regarding bringing food back from France. No more andouillette..😉
  4. More like cat’s cradle...😂 Suppose she is around 75 in our years so probably a bit stiff before getting out of bed..😂
  5. Not sure which thread to put this in but someone’s woken up..😁
  6. I hope NEX comes back as well. If other ships are concentrating on sorting freight out, she could concentrate on other passengers.
  7. Anyone think Barfleur will have an extended stay in Caen then and Cotentin stays in Poole? Unless Barfy is configured to carry freight only?
  8. Not me - I cannot comment, deleted my online Echo account due to the same people every day. Comments are a bit of a social club for about 20 people.
  9. She’s made the Echo. A couple of unhappy Brexit fans in the comments because of the French connection..🙄 https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/18986556.freighter-giant-back-home-sailing-port-poole/
  10. If it was up to me people would put masks on before they have even left their front doors and not remove them till they get home. Funny how a lot of the anti lockdown protestors have actually helped contribute to another one. Well done folks..🙄. When I went to film Cotentin Saturday morning, I stayed on the Haven side, even catching the chain ferry to the Studland side would have been flouting the rules as that side I presume comes under Dorset being T3. I weren’t risking getting in trouble for that. At least from tomorrow it would count as exercise! A full lockdown is better, then every
  11. Might assist Cherbourg berths. http://www.4allports.com/port-infrastructure-cherbourg-france-pid10.html
  12. Pity the webcam at Cherbourg isn’t as generous as the fjb one in Poole. Could get some great shots.
  13. Think she left just before Barfleur returned from Dover?
  14. Hope this is ok - uploaded to you tube.
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