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  1. Khaines

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    You can get your card skimmed anywhere. You can buy special wallets that prevent people skimming , someone could just be stood behind you at a petrol station, coffee shop, supermarket, anywhere. I had my entire purse stolen back in July with all my cards in it. I have had a rather stressful couple of months, my mother had had several strokes, an aunt died and another aunt is having a serious operation. Plus a lot of health problems due to the hot weather. All thr stress has made me rather forgetful and I accidentally left my purse on top of thr ice machine in Subway, and only realised it was gone an hour later when I went to use an ATM. The cards were used almost instantaneously by the person who took them, as in stopping my cards, the card companies told me where they had been used, and they were used via contactless, before being declined in the shops. Bloke bought booze and scratchcards! Luckily the card companies have refunded me, and the police are dealing with it, but just shows how easy it is for someone to help themselves to someone’s money. Luckily for me this happened close to home on a Sunday, and I had no way of getting any money until Monday morning, but that could have happened in France and I could have lost a lot more. I might buy one of those metal anti skimming card cases when I next go over to be on the safe side.
  2. Khaines

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    She arrives in Portsmouth at 11.00 tomorrow morning according to a Solent Facebook group.
  3. Khaines

    Barfleur Pilotage

    Daniel Roignan has been the Commandant for ages, has he left then?
  4. Khaines

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Facebook public group Poole Port and Harbour History has some great photos up. Someone might be able to provide a working link as am having problems getting it to paste.
  5. Khaines

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    There is the touch lf the Norman Spirit at a distance about her.
  6. Khaines

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Just passing Bournemouth 10 mins ago
  7. Khaines

    Poole - Cherbourg - Portsmouth

    Large ships go slowly quite a way out of Poole Harbour, right out to sea. Liberation keeps a slow speed right up to Old Harry Rocks, then off she goes (on her tomorrow) I think the speed limit covers quite an extensive area around there. Excellent photos by the way, some nice shots there.
  8. Khaines

    Barfleur Pilotage

    I just asked on Facebook as one of my friends on there works on the pilot boat, he also is a member here so he might post as well. This is the answer he gave me. “Skipper keeps changing lots at the moment. One has a pec exam this week as he’s done 40 trips but the other one is indefinite relief so won’t be doing his pec”
  9. Khaines

    Best Excuse Ever

    Mallet has had his bike nicked from outside a pub, current news. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45096400
  10. Khaines

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    We are the opposite in Poole...😉 We get Arm for a few days a year that is about it.
  11. Khaines

    Commodore Goodwill

    Quote copied from a Facebook page. I think the scrubbers were removed or something if I recall another post somewhere. I do not know why they have painted the funnel tip orange, it would look better pink to go with the rest of the colour scheme. ~ 04-08-2018 : the Commodore Goodwill at Saint-Malo 🙂 Here is the work done on this vessel during her recent refit at Falmouth, according to Carol Biggs (Customer Relations Consultant - Condor Ferries United Kingdom) : "Whilst Goodwill was in Falmouth in June and July for her annual check, a previous modification was removed from her funnel, so it is now back to its smaller, original size. We also took the opportunity to paint the funnel and other maintenance work on the ship included rewiring, repairs to her port drive shaft and propeller, calibrating and testing controls along with cleaning the hull."
  12. Khaines

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Bit of a lengthy post but needs to be considering how much of the story there is to tell.. Someone translated this story for me as I was having problems getting my own device to do it..🙄 Gives a breakdown of the comedy of errors of this rather jinxed ship. In my opinion she needs to go back to Singapore and be totally overhauled, then handed back to Polferries. In the article it says that it was thought that you just got the ship repainted it in new livery and then everything is done. Lesson has been learned a very hard way it seems. She looks excellent in her Polferries livery too, much better than she did previously, so a waste of a good paint job if she ends up not working for them. I still think she is a great looking ship inside and out, it is a shame she has all these problems. https://biznes.trojmiasto.pl/Prom-Nova-Star-wyplynie-dopiero-we-wrzesniu-Wizerunkowa-klapa-PZB-n126179.htm Google translate The Nova Star ferry instead of carrying passengers between Gdańsk and Nynäshamn, mainly flies from the Remontowa Shipyard to the Ferry Base. Yesterday, for the eighth time, the date of the first voyage was postponed, and when asked about the reasons for this shift, the shipowner PŻB Polferries is disposing of us with a "thrifty" message. From the end of June, we describe the fate of the "New Star" ferry, which was leased by the Polish shipowner PŻB Polferries. The ferry was supposed to take off on its first cruise on the Gdańsk-Nynäshamn route in the colors of Polferries on June 25. Unfortunately, just before that date, it was reported that the "technical reasons independent of the shipowner" was postponed to June 29, and then it went. On June 29, it was postponed to July 5, from July 5 to July 9, then information appeared that on July 11, then on July 21, from 21 was postponed to July 31, later on August 2, and from August 2 to August 4. The latest announcement on the PŻB website already says about September 3. In total, the date of the first voyage was postponed eight times! The message is always economical: "The Management Board of Polska Żegluga Bałtycka SA informs that the deadline for introducing the Nova Star ferry for the Gdańsk-Nynäshamn line on 3 September, 2018, due to technical reasons independent of the shipowner, will be postponed." Technical problems independent of the shipowner? Let's remind: a few months ago, Polska Bałtycka Bałtycka announced that in anticipation of new ferries it was forced to strengthen its fleet on the Baltic Sea by leasing the used unit. The ferry has been chartered so far for two years from the ship owner from Singapore ST Engineering Marine Ltd. In March, the ferry went to the Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard, where it underwent renovation. As we have unofficially learned, his condition was much worse than expected, although it is a relatively new unit, because it was built in 2011. The renovation works that were only provided by the schedule ended just a few days before the planned first flight. Unfortunately, the DNV GL classifying company demanded additional works, without them did not want to sign the documents about the admission to shipping. The problem is that the work was outsourced and supervised by the owner of the unit, i.e. a shipowner from Singapore. Therefore, PŻB still claims that the voyage shifts are of "technical reasons independent of the shipowner". The would-be passengers, however, have a regret for PŻB. They do not understand why the shipowner was selling cruises on a ship that had no impact on the renovation. It was risky, because during renovation work something can go wrong. - Season fully, and jam will be collected by someone else. Unfortunately, the best months were lost. Polferries needs a newer ferry on such a prestigious line as Gdańsk-Nynashamn. Especially since the competition is not sleeping and introduces new ferries, and Wawel, which is sailing on this route, no longer meets the requirements of passengers. I do not understand how it could have happened. How bad was the technical condition of the still quite new ferry. I have the impression that there was no competence. It was necessary to check the ship from the bilge to the tip of the chimney before signing the contract. It may even entrust this task to external classifying institutions. It was thought that all you need to do is repaint the ferry with your colors and finish - says Maciej Borkowski, columnist and commentator, expert on maritime economy. And the competition is not really sleeping. At the end of September, the ferry line Stena Line from Gdynia to Karlskrona will be enriched with a fourth ferry, which will take passengers in addition to cargo. This time for a month Earlier, the deadline was moved by several days, this time it was moved by a month. The situation seems so serious. We asked PŻB where this decision came from. Have the problems with the ferry proved so serious? Why can not he enter traffic? Have you already estimated losses due to delay? What about customers, did they receive a refund? What about the crew of the ferry, does it receive a salary? - The Management Board of the Polish Baltic Shipping Company is sorry to inform that due to the next missed deadline for the owner of the Nova Star ferry - ST Engineering Marine Ltd. from Singapore is forced to move the unit's introduction into operation on 3.09.2018. We notify all passengers about the canceled departures of the ferry. As before, we offer our passengers departures on a different date by shipowner's ferries, also on other routes, we grant additional discounts and return the full amount for purchased tickets for the Nova Star ferry. We try to respond to our clients and react individually in most cases. We apologize for any inconvenience - informs the Management Board of Polish Baltic Shipping. And the answer is economical again. Image losses difficult to make up Delay of entry to the Nova Star ferry is free. However, it is not known how much, and who bears these costs. The ferry does not earn money, you have to reckon with the claims of would-be customers and the unplanned stay at the Ferry Base. This can be counted, although as you can see PŻB does not want to disclose what are the losses. Worse with image loss. - I spoiled my long-planned holiday. PŻB gave a stain. Money promises to give away, but when? Now my family's trip to Poland can cost many times - Roman told us from Sweden, who was planning a vacation in Poland. - For me, PŻB is completely burned. We have traveled to Poland in March on July 12 - Mr Wiesław informed us a few days ago. - They constantly translate deadlines, for now we do not know if our cruise will be canceled. I wonder how they will play with us. It's good that there is a Swedish Stena Line. PŻB has not been lucky for the image lately. It's about building a ferry that started a year ago. Although the word "started" is an abuse in this matter. In June 2017, on the slipway Wulkan in the then Szczecin Industrial Park, and today's Szczecin Shipyard, a keel for the new ferry was laid. However, the event had a symbolic character because the sheet metal was not cut and the actual construction did not start until today. Polska Żegluga Bałtycka is a state-owned enterprise operating under the Polferries brand. It has in its fleet four passenger-car ferries: m / f "Wawel" built in 1980, m / v "Baltivię" from 1981, m / f "Mazovia" built in 1996 and m / f "Cracovia" from 2002 year. These ferries sail on the Gdańsk-Nynashamn and Świnoujście-Ystad routes
  13. Khaines

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    I am taking advantage of the good weather and have taken a couple of sailings on her recently, she was impeccable, I could actually walk around the shop without feeling her swaying about. While we have this glorious weather, am making the most of her. Am on her in the week, will go to the Ship and Crown pub by the harbourside, always get nice food in there. My only quibble abour Libby at the moment is she is looking rather grubby. Barfleur is usually packed out this time of the year, so am making hay while the sun shines on the Lib. Regarding Nova Star, just really that Condor have put out any amounts of press releases and whatever explaining Liberation’s problems, Polferries are less than forthcoming. They are under no obligation to explain her issues, but seeing as this is going on and on, I thought it would be good public relations to explain things a bit further. This thread ought to renamed just Nova Star as she no longer operates for Nova Cruises. Could change it to Polferries, but how long is she going to be with them with everything that is going on?
  14. Khaines

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    I think the problems are of a mechanical nature which is one of the very few snippets of information around. As hhvferry has said though, it sounds like Polferries acted in haste and now have to probably repent that haste in their leisure. I wish they were more transparent though about what her problems actually are. Condor have gone to great lengths to explain Liberation’s shortcomings in the past, shortcomings she seems to have put behind her, but even so her operators did put a lot of information out there about exactly what was happening with her. Which us shipping enthusiasts could pore over and discuss but also gave customers quite detailed information as to why she was cancelled or why she was having an off day.. Polferries seem to be very sparse in their information in the public domain. If her problems are indeed technical then in my opinion her owners should pay for her to come up to scratch.
  15. Khaines

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    I suggested elsewhere that it was probably down to her previous operators in Morocco, but then I shouldn’t point any fingers. What I wonder is she was delivered to Polferries who have had her repainted quite nicely and she is ready to start work, then all this blows up. I would have thought Polferries bigwigs would have given her a good combing over before they ageeed to the charter. How are charters done, would the chartering operators inspect a ship first before taking it on, or is it a case of “sold as seen”. Wouldn’t they havr wanted to know all her inspections and surveys that they were getting a quality ship that is suitable for use? Been said ST Marine are refusing to pay for work to be done or something, their ship, they should have handed her over in suitable working order in my opinion. But how much of that is truth or rumour I do not know, but she is a lovely ship visually inside snd out, it is a pity she is so jinxed.