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  1. Could be someone stuffed something down the toilet that they shouldn’t have. Ok, maybe it disappeared after flushing but blocked up the plumbing further down the pipes, could explain weird noises. People put nappies, womens sanitary products, underwear and even clothes down toilets that aren’t in their own homes - which of course they never would in their own homes. Arm still got the salad bar, one of my favourite features of her dining areas. Great ship, she is, albeit not the best seakeeper.
  2. Blimey, a sardine can in the sky better than an inferior ferry..🙄
  3. Nowt wrong with Arm, she’s served a lot on her perfectly well. Says me, who likes the smallest ship in the fleet. Unfortunately we are in difficult times and not everything is the way people want all the time. At least you are getting your crossing, my usual ferry will have been stuck up a canal for two years.
  4. I preferred her in her old livery as well, Ed. I know I would prefer her in BF livery, but to be honest, thanking goodness they haven’t given her an artwork bow, blessing in disguise her present look.
  5. 2 more. Enjoyable morning watching that...👍
  6. Got her. She has to reverse quite a way back to dock, doesn’t she, that is quite a tight turning basin as well.
  7. Couple of Wawel from the Gdansk webcam. Watched her turning, and no I didn’t catch Nova Star, she was in the complete opposite direction. But I will get her..😁😁😁👍
  8. I am due a booster jab in November seeing as my second jab was May 6th, mine was the AZ one, and apparently the boosters are going to be Pfizer or Moderna, I’ll have mine anyway, but would rather have the AZ one, a y idea why they are not using the AZ for boosters? I am glad that at least we have seen movement on the travel front. Can at least start thinking about ferry stuff more now.
  9. Brilliant webcams - very clear. https://www.portgdansk.pl/en/about-port/cameras/
  10. I have only just seen this thread - obviously not paying attention..😂 Yep, still looks the same old Norman Leader. Well, at least one of my favourite ships is still ploughing away..😂
  11. Have been offered a disabled cabin before - cannot remember which ship though, it was a while back when booking, they said the only cabin available was the disabled one, the booking agent said about it having solid lino flooring instead of carpet, that is all I remember, could have been either Barf, Normandie, Mont or Armorique. I am not physically disabled so I turned it down in case it was needed and booked another date. But yes, I was offered one.
  12. Not ferries, but remember watching Moonfleet on TV one afternoon and the scenery was anything but the area around Portland, which I don’t believe is sand dunes. Remember a horse and cart being driven through quite sandy scenery.
  13. We were delayed on Barf one morning as somehow a Condor passenger had gotten on board her by mistake, and we had to wait to depart while they extricated him from the garage.
  14. Been on her loads, she is marvellous!! The engine room is quite noisy, but then that is part of the pure enjoyment of watching it in operation. She can shift herself pretty well as well, quite a few people think she is slow, she can power along quite quickly. And there is a porthole above the urinals in the gents, or so I believe. Beautiful ship.
  15. Nigel Farage should be safe there then, shouldn’t he..🤣
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