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  1. Very depressing sight seeing her like this...😧
  2. I used to have diclofenac years ago for back pain - you haven’t been able to buy the tablets over the counter for several years now, they are prescription only. From what I remember it was something to do with it causing heart attacks in some people. I’ve taken omeprazole for years have to take it lifelong.
  3. A bit difficult getting an appointment to do his since lockdown. Last time, I was able to have a face to face appointment at the surgery. Lockdown has affected a lot of the way surgeries operate and getting an appointment to get all that done is very difficult at the moment - which is why I am going to be on the phone tomorrow. Regarding cranberry juice, it is something I have tried, but it is very acidic and I have had gullet ulcers, at the moment taking iboprufen which isn’t wise either with a history of ulcers, I want to take this for as short a time as possible. I like cranberry juice as well!!! Bang goes seeing Allure of the Seas who is due in Southampton tomorrow...🙄
  4. This is what I mean. I am not advocating walking in and buying a packet of antibiotics like you would a packet of ibuprofen, I would suggest that in the case of antibiotics for minor infections like urine ones which are quite common, then one could go for a consultation with a pharmacist who would take your details and your GPs details. The pharmacy in my GP’s surgery has my details as my GP sends electronic prescriptions down there. Boots have a record of my details too. I just wish that after a Friday and Saturday night with cramps which I know what they are caused by, I could just pop down to Boots and give my details to the pharmacy. Anything given would be notified to my GP. I will be ringing the GP up tomorrow but just think it would have been great if I could have had a five minute consultation in Boots. You can buy paracetamol like Maltesers, and despite shops only being allowed to sell so many paracetamol tablets, there is nothing to stop someone going to another shop and buying more. If I wanted I could go round Bournemouth and fill a carrier bag up with packets of that in an hour. Not that I would, but if you can buy that stuff which is highly dangerous, no questions asked then why not be able to have a few minutes filling out a form and a chat in a pharmacy for antibiotics for a urine infection.
  5. One thing I have been thinking about over the past couple of days is that due to doctors surgeries being closed and the news of people avoiding going to their doctors when they should, I wonder if it is a good idea to start being able to get antibiotics via a pharmacy. In the past year I have had a couple of urine infections and have had antibiotics for them. Prescribed via the surgery, but have another one and wish that I could just go to Boots rather than the palaver of organising another prescription. Surely, that in these times, doctors surgeries should shuffle antibiotics to pharmacies. Doctors surgeries should only deal with the most severe cases. Would offload a lot of work and a pharmacist should be able to do this.
  6. I will wear a mask if I have to, when they were introduced on public transport in the UK I wore one for the whole week before they became mandatory so I got used to them. I am not one of those who will refuse due to disability, I won’t use my condition as an excuse not to, as I am pretty capable of putting up with one, but doesn’t mean to say I find them very irritating and uncomfortable. I have had 57 years to learn to deal with situations I find uncomfortable. Would hate to lose my independence, my support is minimal, it is a chat for two hours a week that I pay for privately and it helps sort out minor niggles I have, but mostly we just have a coffee and a chat like friends. I would adapt to a mask in shops, I can on buses, so shops would be the same. I am just grumbling because I think it should have been done before lockdown. And by the way, I had a colour treatment in the hairdressers. The beard comes off in two weeks...😄
  7. I spent 2 hours in the hairdressers yesterday and had to wear one the whole time. Darn hated it.
  8. I am not particularly happy about the face masks in shops thing, Johnson is suggesting. If we were going to have to wear them in enclosed public spaces, we should have been ordered to do so back in March. Same as with public transport. I see it as a bit of the horse and stable door thing and he is doing stuff much too late. I cannot see shops as virus spreading grounds, the freshest outbreaks have come from overcrowded working conditions in meat plants and fashion sweatshops. These are the places which are the worst originators of outbreaks. I heard that one of these fast fashion factory owners actually swelled their workforce to cope with online demand. Shopping onlne for fast fashion then is just encouraging iffy employers to turn their factories into breeding grounds for new outbreaks.
  9. Breakfast meeting = autistic support session = just to clear up that one..😂
  10. Cafe Rouge was one of my regular meeting spots for breakfast. Quite a nice poached egg on toast they did as well.
  11. Was chatting about this to a friend this morning. I can’t see how it would pan out as that the whole enjoyment of eating out is ruined by all the restrictions at the moment. My friend said she went out with a group of six to a restaurant last week and she said the atmosphere was just all wrong. Only two other families on quite distant tables, it felt nothing like the normal restaurant experience. Restaurants aside, I have a hair appointment tomorrow for a colour treatment - lucky to get one, thought I’d be waiting till October. So will find out the new Toni and Guy experience..😄
  12. Slightly off topic, but recently heard that Oceana has been sold to a Greek shipping company. Although this thread is ferry related, I thought this is of interest because I wonder if they are downsizing the cruise side as well. From their Facebook posts they say Arcadia and Aurora are staying as people have asked, but wonder how many of their cruise ships will disappear. Greek company to some people on threads mean scrapyards although P&O have not said this is the case
  13. I never had an anaesthetic, straight into the treatment room lie on my left side, knees up and off they went. Just watched my own bowels on the screen in front.
  14. I would not want that test done, had to have an endoscopy through the nose once and if it is anything like that - no chance. Temperature checks as well are putting me off, mine fluctuate quite a bit, and I don’t fancy paying for a day out only to get refused because my body is doing what it always does! I don’t want to look forward to a good trip only to be turned away at check in because of that. Ferries being cancelled is bad enough having your efforts kaput, but I just cannot see the reliability of temperature checks when any raises could be attributed to quite a few other things.
  15. One of the first in Starbucks this morning - lovely to be able to sit inside, although they have a 15 minute rule, which is a bit daft! 30 minutes should be better, took at least 10 minutes for my coffee to cool down enough, and 15 mins is a bit rushed.
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