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  1. Hope in better times can take a trip on her again on one of her stand ins for Barfleur. (Which I suppose she technically is doing now as Barf is somewhat unavailable) Hopefully better times ahead.
  2. Armorique coming into Poole, courtesy of the fjb webcam. Seen two bods down at the Haven taking pics...😁
  3. I think she will take up her normal position with us in Poole..😁👍
  4. She does rumble - heard her from Bournemouth Pier once, never hear Barfleur or any other ship do this.
  5. We have on in Boscombe, in Bournemouth that has been converted but it isn’t round. Quite upmarket apartments built in. Not sure about roof access.
  6. Water tower - first pic? Water tower converted to some kind of living accommodation?
  7. In the case of Poole - Cherbourg, quite frankly how many facilities does one want. This is why so many of Barf’s regulars are perfectly happy with her regardless of her lack of facilities. You don’t need a whole load of stuff just for such a short crossing. Most people just like to sit and relax the time away interspersed with trips to the refreshment facilities or shop. Or just sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Nothing else is really needed.
  8. On the occasion, I think it was Barfy’s first lay up, Condor Express took over the Poole - Cherbourg crossing, and I remember having to get NEX back to Portsmouth because there was no evening crossing back to Poole. Except Cotentin who was docked in Cherbourg at the time waiting for her crossing to POOLE! I remember being quite miffed that I had to go to Portsmouth, get a train back to Southampton, then change trains for Bournemouth. I got home well past 1.am, but had been hanging around train stations late night which was unnerving. When I would have happily got on Cotentin as that would
  9. The rumour that Cotentin will be converted to carry pax and replace Barfy has died a death hasn’t it...😉
  10. Gonna be a bit difficult to get pics of her, would have to get to Sandbanks at 06.00. She will be tucked away at the berth otherwise. Port is being used as a vaccination centre so not sure of access. I’ll ponder, might be a job for the fjb webcam..🤣
  11. Just read the statement, very gloomy reading, watching the news and hearing about the rising cases in France (as well as elsewhere) is a real concern. I can’t see a May restart at the moment, not unless some drastic changes happen.
  12. Have been allowed to share this Facebook link by the page owner - her waterjets are quite grubby. https://www.facebook.com/BrittanyFerriesShips/posts/1812551212246351
  13. I wish there was a webcam trained on the ramp, that would make interesting viewing
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