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  1. I think that is meant to be £300 MILLION...😉. What has happened to Hawser btw, I thought he’d be licking his chops at this story...
  2. She’s fine - she don’t arf rattle though when she is using her bow thrusters...😄
  3. No, Jonno - I went on her when she was with DFDS but no cabin then. Cannot remember what year that pic was taken, was having a bit of a laugh one Christmas Edit - ooops, I realised Jonno was talking about the OP pic.
  4. Inside cabin on Barfleur - excuse the decorations, was having a bit of fun at the time...😄
  5. I was in an outside cabin on Barf the other day, from what I remember the sheets were white ir cream, decor was cream. Think curtains were dark blue. Carpet cannot remember, even though I got a close enough look as I was on my hands and knees looking for a hairband... i have some photos a few years ago from an inside cabin - pretty much the same I think from memory. Save posting twice, back to original topic, BF ought to sell bags in the shops with pictures of the ships relevant to the shops.
  6. Whatever shape they are, a dab of Isigny butter and a portion of Emmental cheese makes them very moorish.
  7. Fred Olsen actually have ordered a pair of the vessels. All this talk of Libby, must book her up, the weather looks like it is going to be lovely in the coming weeks, must have a spin hopefully before school holidays.
  8. To be honest, I think the Poole situation will stay as it is apart from NEX may operate sailings from here. Cannot see in a month of Sundays Barfy doing the CI. Notice on Facebook some are still speculating she would be suitable. She will stay as she is I bet. Can see NEX operating partly from Poole. As Tony said, she is a very popular ship in Portsmouth, and there is no reason why she could not continue to use Portsmouth. You have to remember with Libby, that in the winter, she can be very uncomfortable for some, and the reason BF do not operate NEX in the winter months is because of the rough sea conditions. Would she handle the rougher seas around the Channel islands in winter any better than Libby? This you tube clip of her in her early days is a good indication of what she can be like. Remember this got a lot of attention at the time relating to her stability.
  9. They do a “frequent travellers club”,
  10. The CIs problem is always going to be the tides dictating schedule alongside the limitation of the size of the vessels that can fit
  11. I have just looked at St Helier on satellite view on iStreets - and Barfleur docking in there, cat in hell. And she is the smallest BF conventional. Only one of the fleet to fit in would be NEX. Barf might be small but she is bigger than she looks. Below is a photo of Libby and Rapide to give an idea of size.
  12. Poole would be closer than Portsmouth and apart from Pelican on a couple of days the berth is free as Barfleur will be back to her old schedule in the autumn and her berth will be available as she sits in Cherbourg most of the day.
  13. Well, considering BF have Bretagne which is a late 80s build, then Normandie and Barfleur who are both early 90s, they are doinv well for their respective ages. Age is just a number, so long as Clipper and Goodwill are up to their jobs and do them well, they should be fine. I’d like to see BF take over, it will open up a lot of opportunities and possibilities. I know we have our differences on Libby, but at the end of the day she is a lot better than she was in her early days. Saw her this morning pootling offout on my way on the bus into Poole, put me in mind to spend the afternoon looking at a trip.
  14. Yes - could be good all round, think it wouls work quite well
  15. Libby is extra tonnage, pretty sure she’ll be fine and if BF look after her the same way as they do NEX, then possibly she will vastly improve. She has gotten a lot better over the past few years anyway, she has her moments, but then so does NEX. Libby could handle a Cherbourg crossing, pretty certain. Hope they keep her. I think the CI will like to have NEX calling.
  16. I reckon they will keep the current Condor fleet and as Ed said, possibly use NEX. Islanders will love her, have often seen comments elsewhere to they wish they could get NEX. Some have had their eye on Barfy, but apart from a case of mitts off her as far as I’m concerned, she is too big as well.
  17. I would love Libby to stay, she is great. However, just wondering what she would do. I personally would like to see her either do a Poole - Cherbourg fast service and possibly put NEX in Poole to do the northern route to CI. Or put Rapide on a CI Cherbourg route and NEX does a high speed Portsmouth to CI, keeping Libby where she is. One thing is certain, if NEX is moved to Poole, there will be a few feathers ruffled among her Pompey regulars. Keep our Libby! Would BF just own the company and keep the brand name though or repaint all the vessels in BF livery and rename? Quite a few options out there.
  18. Always said BF should get Libby...😁😁😁👍👍👍
  19. Found in a branch of Sainsbury’s in Poole...😁👍
  20. Shame, wonder why they chose to put their offices there of all places - one of the terminal building’s best assets, that viewing area, detrimental that is.
  21. Yeah, I presume there would not be, the mind did boggle at the thought...🤣 Anyway, a quick question while we are talking about goings on in Cherbourg - what the heck has been done to the terminal upstairs bit - the room with the seats that you could while away the time and stand outdoors if you wanted. Good ship watching spot that, I had an hour to kill when I arrived Saturday so went upstairs to find it is no more, a pair of locked doors and something else in it’s place. Can you still go upstairs then and outdoors or is it all closed off. Miffed as enjoy sitting up there.
  22. Too big I presume to go on the lift..
  23. I must try and get a NEX trip in if I can.
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