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  1. She is longer that the older cats and more powerful I think. Liberation is a pain in the backside to berth in Guernsey in bad weather, and can be quite a handful to manoeuvre into position in very limited space. Think this might be an issue with NEX. She is also more powerful than Rapide I think.
  2. I call that outdoor space the chicken coop..😁
  3. That area just above the blue lines is her entire outdoor area - when compared to the amount of outdoor space on the other Condor cats, and the vast amount on Liberation, this will be a bit of a surprise to CI pax!! Whenever I travelled on her I spent most of the crossing out there, pausing only to go indoors for the loo or refreshments!
  4. Barfleur went back to being Barfleur, Cotentin is back being Cotentin again, and pretty sure Normandie Express will resume her BF name again after her stint with Condor. Most of Barfleur’s regulars referred to her as her BF name, Deal Seaways was as good a swear word around Poole!
  5. Barfleur still had Cherbourg on her stern as her port of registry when she was Deal Seaways, so DFDS didn’t change that. NEX was Caen - with Condor she is Nassau.
  6. https://maritime.direct/2021/06/16/molslinjen-sejler-gratis-faergeture-midt-paa-ugen/?fbclid=IwAR2kVHI5gfWkQpx5HbVlx0IWHW-utWaF-tmfUhP0KE2dFhhp-_PktuOQvhE Translated with Google Translate app. Could this happen on some BF crossings if our Governments helped out to boost tourism? The government's summer package means that pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars with disabled parking cards can travel for free again this year with the ferries in Denmark. The summer package 2020 was a great success - such a great success that some of the smaller islands experienced so many guests tha
  7. Be good to scare the bejeezus out of the jetski gnats in Poole…😂
  8. I get fed up with the Greens sticking their oar in, they would have us go back to the stone age. Had a few of them trying to scupper the Air Festival in Bournemouth, with one suggesting an Electric Grand Prix and a cycling festival. Air Festival brings millions to the local economy. They want cycling lanes everywhere down here along with a few other totally impracticable ideas, never liked the Tory Party in Bournemouth, but after the Unity Alliance, they are most welcome!!
  9. Maybe someone could translate. https://www.ouest-france.fr/mer/la-commission-europeenne-valide-l-aide-de-plusieurs-millions-d-euros-a-brittany-ferries-54f20976-cd38-11eb-a8da-e398395d2765
  10. There would have to be new port infrastructures built, how and where would people board at both ports. In the case of Cherbourg where would be suitable to put some kind of pontoon. Foot passengers would have to go through the customs at the terminal anyway, how?
  11. No outdoor space - NEX was short enough on that, they’ve excelled themselves...🤣
  12. Gearbox I think, from a well placed source in the shipping industry, on a Facebook post of his.
  13. Armorique is covering Cotentin because the latter needs taking off duty for an issue she’s developed, Armorique is filling in.
  14. So did Barfleur change her name officially to Deal Seaways. Until BF swiped her back and she reverted to Barfleur again. If this is a short term charter then she will become NEX again, she would also revert to her BF name. At least Condor Voyager is less of a mouthful than Condor Liberation
  15. Not really, the thread as it is is self explanatory, Normandie Express is now Condor Voyager. She is mostly known by her BF name anyway, especially here, same as Barf was in Dover, still called her by her BF name anyway, rather than the name DFDS gave her. I personally call our new Poole friend NEX/Condor Voyager, call her both.
  16. Thought it would be here at first, was quite overcast first thing!
  17. Lovely day in Poole today
  18. Nice one, managed to get Elandess in as well!! I am possibly going out on one of the pleasure boats this morning from the quay to grab a few shots, Arm has now departed, but great someone has got the lot of them together. Nice to see Poole so busy with ferries again.
  19. I only just come online - missed her by five mins. Never mind, glad someone is more on the ball than me. Will have plenty of chances to catch her anyway.🙂👍
  20. Going to grab her on the fjb webcam if possible. I say possible because my internet connection is hit and miss at the moment!!
  21. Good job she weren’t holed like Lib’s baptism of fire, lol.
  22. Pranged already.. No damage thank goodness. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/06/02/condors-newest-ship-bumps-into-pillar-on-first-jersey-visit/?fbclid=IwAR02a6Vg242ZuzkZle5XRDo2LBmjQp3sHk_oqGcRL2QhwdxJGxO4fSwzfS8
  23. Here Here comes the Sun and Elandess from last year.
  24. Elandess was here last year, will see if can fish out a couple from the camera card. We had one called Here Comes the Sun as well, she was massive. She isn’t here this year. Elandess goes out for a spin every now and again.
  25. Thought I’d post these pf Rapide sunning herself in Poole this morning. Not very often I see her and actually have my camera with me.
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