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  1. Surely the high speed crossings are more popular than conventional ones, NEX was a popular ship during her summer season, think people accept the current situation makes her surplus to requirements, but think she would be preferable option to many, except those who dislike HSCs.
  2. Depends how long NEX is Voyager. Is she or is she not a permanent Condor ship? Is she a stand in until Rapide is replaced? She was really, in my opinion, given a job to do to save her being laid up for any longer, Rapide wasn’t that decrepit enough she had to be got rid of, just they could sell her on sooner if NEX could fill the gap. If. BF want her back then Libby has a surprise coming.
  3. Too late for me to think of one, thought one would appear..😂
  4. There was a male pheasant strutting round Bournemouth’s town centre Gardens a couple of weeks ago, had to look twice - flippin PHEASANT. In Bournemouth centre! Looked like an escapee from somewhere, was very tame. Bit of a risk taker, that pheasant, seeing as there may be a turkey shortage - not seen him in a while, wonder if he’s plucked and in someone’s freezer..😄
  5. Nearest would be the Hilton, in Bournemouth near me. Be in interesting company as it is the one footballers and celebrities use..😉
  6. I think it will most definitely, but I think Portsmouth will probably be more successful as Poole’s road network, as has been pointed out so many times, dire for traffic. Until the powers that be in Poole sort that one out, it will continue to be a backwater port, much as it is the shortest crossing and extremely scenic. The roads around Poole, let alone the constant roadworks that seem to spring up all the time is just not really helpful, this is holding Poole back in my opinion.
  7. I think it was recently, but remember when she replaced Barf before when the latter went to Dover, her French loadings were never that good. Her Spanish sailings have always been the most successful. Well known around Poole. She was low on freight with or without Barf. I posted pics of her recently when she arrived and sometimes she has sailed with only a few trucks from Cherbourg. When Cotentin was sailing with the amount of trucks that could have fitted on Liberation, then that is a waste.
  8. Cotentin sailed half empty on her Poole - Cherbourg sailings, or a lot less than that, so she is pointless on that route. All that freight space is wasted in Poole, it was her Spanish crossings that were more successful. Freight between Poole and Cherbourg is quite low. Which is why I suggested our Polferries friend, still say she would have been suitable, if as Jonno said, Normandie could fit in Poole. Freight space on Normandie would have been wasted as well. NS could have easily handled Poole - France freight, doing double rotations a couple of days a week. Cotentin’s very low loadings from Poole - Cherbourg made her unsuitable for the route. NS would have also provided an enhanced experience for pax as well with the enhanced facilities she has. Still think BF missed a trick with her.
  9. Until we actually see an official image and deck plan of a converted Cotentin, it is difficult to predict exactly how much freight capacity she will continue to have. As far as I know, there aren’t any about, just that whatever it is will replace Barf. Case of waiting and seeing.
  10. I cannot understand why Arm doesn’t replace Barfleur and the this new ship serves Plymouth. Ok, Nova Star might not be an option but if they are going to the trouble of rebuilding Cotentin as Armorique Mk2 when the Cotentin is perfectly good as she is, then surely a ready made vessel like this ship could be used. She could serve Plymouth and Arm could serve Poole.
  11. Any of the ferries stocking the new chocolate orange Toblerone..😁
  12. https://youtu.be/lN1eiMk5JZI Thought I’d share this link on Cotentin that appeared on my you tube suggestions. French spoken, not English.
  13. The talk of her going to Polferries, it has been suggested by someone else that she could serve Ystad, be a replacement for Baltivia. I thought she could replace Wawel and join Nova Star in Gdansk, thought be a good pairing for that route. Think it is more possible she goes to Ystad from what I read.
  14. Thanks, I just credited the source as the poster in the group as there was no credit as to the photo I could see.
  15. Posted in a Facebook public group, the former Truckline Corbiere has been beached. Courtesy if Kev Mitchell. https://www.facebook.com/groups/218502134981852/permalink/2038362559662458/ If link doesn’t work then the group is called POOLE MARITIME TRUST.
  16. The triangular ones are the best.
  17. Marine Traffic specs are completely different so going by the link in David’s post. Arm is 168.30 x 26.8, MT has her down as 165 x 26.8 Normandie is 161.40 x 26, MT has her at 161 x 26. Nova Star specs are, according to Polferries site are 161 x 25.6, MT has her the same. https://polferries.com/our-ferries/mf-nova-star/
  18. Nah, just my weird thought process this week as I realised Nova Star was the almost the same size as Normandie, and seeing as I have banged on about NS being in Poole, I thought maybe not, watching her on the webcam she looks much bigger than originally thought, more like Normandie. I guessed no way Normandie would fit in Poole, but if Jonno says she would, then fine. So would someone else have done then. Looked up specs for both ships.
  19. Thanks Jonno, just been thinking that one the past week. Edit - quoted myself by mistake, meant to have quoted Jonno - good start to the morning 🙄
  20. Well, considering when we get Arm in Poole, it is considered an upgrade and a special treat - she might not be some people’s tastes, but she fills a gap in Poole very nicely. Out of interest, would Normandie fit in Poole?
  21. If she goes to Gdansk for dry docking, be able to watch her arrive on the webcam
  22. She’ll need one her flippin self before covering anyone else I presume. She’ll need dry-docking no doubt.
  23. I couldn’t say - 😌 During refit, they ought to cut it out, frame it and sell it. Thing is, what could the name be..😉
  24. If my mate sends me a photo of Arm’s mew masterpiece, will I be in BFE jail for posting it here…😂
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