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  1. When she was operating in Poole for LD. Taken from Barfleur, she was just on her way into Poole after waiting for us to clear the berth.
  2. I have just looked on the map for that on Google (just typed in McDonald’s Carentan) and got the map, so did a screenshot. Not far from the Isigny laiterie either which has a shop..😉
  3. Street view, not sure how recent this is, in the Google Earth pic she has another boat in front of her, here she hasn’t..🤔
  4. Yes, seems so, they are orange on Marine Traffic, and there’s plenty of them!
  5. Yes they do, they will clamber all over you as well. And they ain’t unknown to pinch out of shopping bags either if something takes their fancy, lol! Only just seen the notification for this post! Edit - the quotes are playing silly beggars...
  6. I hope so as I am planning a Christmas treat for myself on one of the overnights from Poole, noticed they have those during November and want to take advantage of one while we have them.
  7. Don’t tempt fate - I want to go to Swanage on the bus via the chain ferry, my day out there on the Waverley has been scuppered this year due to her woes, then the Bramble Bush Bay went belly up again.
  8. FJB’s webcam comes in quite handy. What time did she arrive? I was sitting by the Quay in Poole watching you know who go out, saw an article in the Echo that the chain ferry was on her way home, hope all goes smoothly now.
  9. I use the website for checking the (current!!!) timetables and cross reference them with dates I am able to travel to work out suitability. I either phone book or pootle around to the port to book (and have a natter and a coffee in the terminal cafe) I don’t like booking anything online nowadays when it involves giving payment details. I book via my landline or I walk round the terminal whether it be BF or Condor. And I hope in the next few days to do that. I get the e-ticket sent to my email address and I screenshot it so if I cannot get online it is in my photos app on my ipad.
  10. Next Brexit date if we get another extension? Supposedly the next date we could leave with no deal? Looks like another 3 months is in the offing.
  11. Mine is dual text, English AND French. All the way through. Cost £16 on Barfy.
  12. Anyone got that book on Armorique - any info in there about her origins. I have it deep in a cupboard somewhere, will dig it out.
  13. Having been around some lovely places on the Cotentin peninsula, there are loads of places that would make great names for ships.
  14. Hope she keeps her name. We all know her as Cotentin - Barfy got hers back, so hopefully Cotentin will as well. It is what she is known as BF wise.
  15. Think any stupid decision, regarding Cotentin, was operating her from Poole and having her do Cherbourg. As has been said here before, she was very successful with the Spain route. Now, if they had kept her solely to Spain, or operated her from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, things might have worked out better the first time instead of giving Barfy the chop. Could her Spanish rotations included more sailings if she had had a different timetable?
  16. I have good glasses...😉
  17. Polferries must have had a crystal ball as they have bought her outright halfway through her charter. Must have known BF was thinking of shifting Barfy then...😂. Now if LD had put her in Poole in direct competition instead of rejecting her...😉 And my crystal ball was about when Libby was still lounging around in the shipyard in Australia... Nova Star - let her get on with it in Poland for a while...😉
  18. Do you mean DFDS & Barfy or Stena with Cotentin? Both, I predicted would return...😉🙂
  19. If she stays with BF then am pretty sure her regulars will visit her wherever she goes. Memories of trips to Dover!
  20. Just been scanning through my Facebook photos and found this one of her in Poole, so she looks no different.
  21. If there are any recent pictures of her, does her funnel look any different - should provide a clue..😉
  22. Regarding using up freight space with cars, something I pointed out a couple of pages ago. I felt it a bit pointless. If she was to serve Poole, then she would be an EXTRA freight capacity to Barf and she would probably do Spain. What about Pelican, what about her, will she leave?
  23. Thanks, Tony. She would have to have those as well then, should she indeed replace Barfy. More expense.
  24. I got 2 out of 5 - got it in my Facebook feed. Mine were about dolphins, fish and whales. I reloaded the page to see if I got different questions but i got the same ones, just in a different order. And when I finished it took me to the page to enter the draw. I don’t feel right entering the draw if I haven’t got them all right.
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