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  1. This is Poole Harbour Commissioners website, so not exactly tabloid press. You would think PHC would have been a little more accurate.
  2. PHC are saying Connemara is the largest ferry to have entered Poole. I thought that was Armorique. https://www.phc.co.uk/largest-ferry-ever-to-berth-in-poole-is-back/
  3. Khaines

    BF survey

    Just got mine in my inbox. As I just go armed with a load of newspapers and magazines, do crosswords or just sit outside in the fresh air enjoying the scenery, probably doesn’t apply to me. Loads of people sit reading books, playing cards or just chatting.
  4. Khaines

    BF survey

    In my case the dreaded doctor’s surgery when they say they “need to check my weight”. I know when it is time to look anywhere in the room but the screen in front of me when I stand on the scales... At least they tell me in kilograms what it is, it is stones people of a certain age are scared of...😄
  5. Not sure if this link has already been posted, but this is what her picture is on her page on the BF website. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ships/cruise-ferries/barfleur
  6. Connemara been at the sherry?
  7. Scruffy old moo...😄
  8. Makes her look longer. Looks a lot better.
  9. She is looking rather sorry for herself..😄. Hopefully not for too much longer...😉
  10. Anyone get the Santander webcam working?
  11. Barf approaching Santander.
  12. I often find it is walking DOWN them that is strange, it looks like a kind of optical illusion...
  13. Energy providers - they hover around in town centres, people with tablets approaching members of the public asking you if you could answer a ‘few questions’. I don’t like the idea of giving strangers in the street my personal information which they then type into their tablets in front of you. I have sat nearby in Poole recently, after saying no to one, and watched the amount of people who stop for them and watch them deep in discussion, while these agents type stuff in. Who knows in this day and age where that information ends up. I just do not trust these companies not to sell your details on.
  14. Windows 10 is why my laptop is under my bed in a box and I now use Apple. XP and Windows 7 were the best.
  15. Will try and get over to get some pics, hopefully get a good morning weatherwise.
  16. Both Vitesse and Express are working for Seajets in Greece as Champion Jet 1 and Champion Jet 2
  17. I am wondering if all the jip Libby gets, Austal have made any changes to these trimarans - Fred Olsen are quite happy with theirs, only problem with her is remembering to spell her name without Googling and writing it down. Libby was meant to be a concept vessel but FO’s vessel was launched back in 2004, long before Libby was built which she was launched in 2010. And Libby was the concept vessel. I wonder how come FO had theirs built and she seems to be popular but Libby turned out to be a different kettle of fish altogether. Funny how she was publicised as a new type of ferry when Fred Olsen had already been going with theirs for years.
  18. This is one of two of the new trimarans being built for Fred Olsen by Austal, 117m, looks like it has a funnel and there doesn’t look like it has a vast open sundeck like Libby - one of the best things about her, being able to go and spend the crossings up there in summer. ( not in winter though, from personal experience!) Would BF ever think about getting something like these, Libby was a concept vessel, and Fred Olsen are happy with the one they have - I would have thought a couple of these in the BF fleet would be quite good. https://www.bairdmaritime.com/work-boat-world/passenger-vessel-world/ro-pax/austal-begins-construction-of-117m-trimaran-for-fred-olsen/
  19. Cheeky off topic question - when is Libby back from her dry docking?
  20. It would be interesting to see how she is in a longer season, say from March to November, keeping her in hibernation for just the deepest winter months.
  21. They could really do with new ferry ports, both islands, the present ones are so restrictive and the ability to cater for larger vessels could massively help tourist trade especially.
  22. Austal are building two new trimarans for Fred Olsen, from the pictures I have seen they are smaller than the present one they have, the Benchijigua Express.
  23. Having been on both, in the summer season in good weather, no difference. BF have never operated NEX in the winter months so nobody knows how she’d perform.
  24. And as BF have only ever operated NEX in the summer season, she would prove quite costly as well to operate all year round. Often been said on her, and as well by me, why she does not operate all year round or at least have a longer season. And the responses have of expense and comfort. If they move NEX to Poole to operate the CI, she would mostly operate as a second vessel to make a two ship operation work with Libby. Then the islands could have the two vessels operating in summer. Unless BF decide to have NEX operating all year round she will probably stay as she is.
  25. Popped up on my Facebook feed. Libby stays..👍 https://guernseypress.com/news/2019/11/14/business-as-usual-at-condor-after-sale-with-liberation-remaining-part-of-the-fleet/
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