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  1. Breakfast meeting = autistic support session = just to clear up that one..😂
  2. Cafe Rouge was one of my regular meeting spots for breakfast. Quite a nice poached egg on toast they did as well.
  3. Was chatting about this to a friend this morning. I can’t see how it would pan out as that the whole enjoyment of eating out is ruined by all the restrictions at the moment. My friend said she went out with a group of six to a restaurant last week and she said the atmosphere was just all wrong. Only two other families on quite distant tables, it felt nothing like the normal restaurant experience. Restaurants aside, I have a hair appointment tomorrow for a colour treatment - lucky to get one, thought I’d be waiting till October. So will find out the new Toni and Guy experience..😄
  4. Slightly off topic, but recently heard that Oceana has been sold to a Greek shipping company. Although this thread is ferry related, I thought this is of interest because I wonder if they are downsizing the cruise side as well. From their Facebook posts they say Arcadia and Aurora are staying as people have asked, but wonder how many of their cruise ships will disappear. Greek company to some people on threads mean scrapyards although P&O have not said this is the case
  5. I never had an anaesthetic, straight into the treatment room lie on my left side, knees up and off they went. Just watched my own bowels on the screen in front.
  6. I would not want that test done, had to have an endoscopy through the nose once and if it is anything like that - no chance. Temperature checks as well are putting me off, mine fluctuate quite a bit, and I don’t fancy paying for a day out only to get refused because my body is doing what it always does! I don’t want to look forward to a good trip only to be turned away at check in because of that. Ferries being cancelled is bad enough having your efforts kaput, but I just cannot see the reliability of temperature checks when any raises could be attributed to quite a few other things.
  7. One of the first in Starbucks this morning - lovely to be able to sit inside, although they have a 15 minute rule, which is a bit daft! 30 minutes should be better, took at least 10 minutes for my coffee to cool down enough, and 15 mins is a bit rushed.
  8. I cannot understand why she wants to go to Greece anyway in the present climate. I know she is getting married soon, so possibly honeymoon although she has not said it is or the date of her wedding. Some honeymoon if so. All she said was she was going to Greece - be interesting to hear how she got on, honeymoon or not. Can foretell a lot of issues, although all you can do is wish someone well.
  9. Can anyone advise what the current sitiuation is in Guernsey for UK daytrippers? Libby is restarting this weekend and am tempted to book up, I know you have to wear masks on board which I’d hate, but Condor are taking footies and I am toying with the idea of a spin on her. Masks will be a pain but the fact that they allow footies is tempting. Just wondered what the latest situation in Guernsey is for us tourists.
  10. My support worker for my Asperger’s is going to Greece in a couple of weeks time, she has had to postpone it because of the situation regarding Greece and UK travellers. Cannot see how this will be an enjoyable trip at all, she will probably tell me about any problems when we meet after she gets back.
  11. I am just going to sit and wait it all out. The idea of wearing face masks on board kills the enjoyment of a day out anyway. Plus having to keep them on ashore as well. I can just about cope with putting up with them for a 30 minute bus journey to Poole, but having to wear them most of the day in summer fills me with dread. You have to wear them in public too in France as well? Rather wait till this is all over, and by the time Barf gets back for the autumn things might be different. That is two months away and a lot could change.
  12. Certainly is. Hoping to get some footage of her on the day.
  13. Had bowel screening myself. Procedure itself was fine - it was the enema they expect you to give yourself before the appointment that worried me. I had to do this at home and then take a cab to the hospital. Never been so scared in my life as the enema worked AT home, but was praying like heck it had done it’s job - pun intended - and I wouldn’t require second helpings in the car...🤣
  14. I don’t drive and get collected in Cherbourg anyway - unless I am just having a day poking around there. Looks like a bit of a longer wait for us footies but so be it. Everything is different at the moment, at least we are getting our ferry back and I would not travel anyway during the summer months so business as usual for me!
  15. What Liberation looked like in her early days...😉
  16. I had heard from a friend about Barfy coming back but was told to keep it to myself so I did. Just in case she didn’t!!!
  17. I would say she is more Marge than Bart with her blue tips..😂
  18. Send her over to Bournemouth and have her do Swanage trips - she might demolish the piers though..🤣 Or she could do day cruises round the IOW..😁
  19. Seems to have changed from “this year” to “this summer” Can see NEX staying where she is, but Barf and Etretat could well make an appearance before the year is out. Copied and pasted from the latest BF update. ————— *Originally scheduled for UK-Spain services this summer. With regret and following careful consideration, I can confirm the decision not to operate the following three ships this summer. This is due to a combination of unpredictable demand on these services and shortage of available cabins, based on ship configuration. Ship Route affected Etretat Portsmouth - Le Havre** Barfleur Poole - Cherbourg Normandie Express Portsmouth - Cherbourg**
  20. Best wishes from me as well, Colin, good luck! 🙂
  21. If only...😁 Nope, she has gone back to Southampton and Ventura arrived yesterday, big square backside like mine...🤣
  22. The Queen Victoria from Bournemouth Pier
  23. Think with regard to those three ships it is a case of wait and see. Johnson seems to have moved on social distancing it seems and there was something regarding this in the next few days, plus apparently things are going to change on the travel front. Not sure exactly what is going on, but think they are reviewing travel regulations. So the three Amigos might get a reprieve sooner?
  24. We have another cruise ship turned up off Bournemouth, no less that Queen Victoria. Tried to get pictures this morning but a bit of a lost cause as too far out and too much sea mist still about.
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