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  1. Nick, you just seem obsessed with the Libby issue. There are loads of reasons why these things are happening but it seems you just want to think it is Libby Did you pm anyone else with that graph or just me, I waited to see if it was posted here before I answered. I do apologise for a bit of a rant, but at the end of the day there are many issues to do with the downturn. Yes, Libby has her part to play, but there are a lot of other factors to take into consideration. She is a lot more reliable nowadays as has been pointed out many times, it is Rapide that has been unreliable of late. And Clipper has her issues as well. People will only see and hear what they want to see and hear on this issue. I think people need to look at the wider issue and not concentrate on one particular one they feel is to blame.
  2. So what was the big drop from 2012 all about then that is a HUGE plummet - since 2015 no different to 2007-2008, yet you don’t mention that. The big drop I mention is nothing to do with Libby, so what explanation does it have. I am not interested in the drop since Libby, the drop from 2012 is much more concerning. It is the unreliability of the cats around that time and is the reason WHY they were replaced.
  3. Well, I thought I might kick this one off. A very happy New Year to everybody here and let us hope for a brilliant 2020.
  4. Well, Nick, I am glad to see you are asking this question on the main forum as well as the PM you sent me with it earlier. I wondered why you PM’d me that rather than put it out in the open here. I’ll give my answer here. Be a case of waiting to find out. To be honest there are a variety of reasons and not just Libby. From 2012 to 2016 is the biggest drop - that would be the question to ask, why the figures have dropped since 2012, before Libby was even considered. The drop since she has appeared on the scene is pretty minor!
  5. I would opt for Poole and Liberation. Not being biased because I live locally or because I have a soft spot for the Lib, but as you would prefer to travel by boat, the two options available are the Clipper and the Lib. Poole might be more expensive to get to, and Portsmouth preferable from a point of money. I am presuming to get to Jersey you are contemplating a long time at sea and possibly from Portsmouth an overnight option. Liberation IS fast and more convenient as a crossing, any money saved by travelling to Poole would be spent anyway by the time you have spent on a cabin and the food and drink you would need on a longed crossing. Cabin and food expense you would save on Lib as she is only at sea for a few hours and she does not have cabins that need paying for.
  6. Barfleur 27/12/19 leaving Poole in her new livery
  7. Barfy going to shelter I presume.
  8. I have asked on my Facebook page and have a reply that it could be recertification?
  9. I will try and get to get some pics of Barf on Friday - depending on the weather! Connemara’s last sailing today isn’t it?
  10. Barf will probably go to Cherbourg Friday. She’ll need to restore. Spend the night in Poole, then off out Friday morning.
  11. Insider info on Barfleur at Christmas.  Been told to keep it to myself, so not posting on the forum as he might not tell me anything else if I blab, lol!  He says top secret - says that with everything though.  Thought I would let you know though as we are wondering where she is at Christmas.

    She is arriving in Poole at 20.30 in the evening on Boxing Day, carrying trailers, spends the night in Poole, and leaves empty for Cherbourg at 11.00 Friday morning.  

    So she’ll be spending Christmas day at sea by the looks of it!  I won’t post on the forum that I know this at the moment, will have to wait until AIS shows her heading to Poole, then it isn’t betraying a confidence!!

    Just a bit of info about her whereabouts, I know but am sworn to secrecy, lol, for some reason!








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      Just normal trailers probably...🤣

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      No idea why this is all being posted in my profile but all very interesting nevertheless.

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      Mistake, Gareth, I had a bit of a malfunction, for some reason I thought I was sending a PM and this was a private message. One of those days.

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  12. She is missing from the list as well...😉.
  13. Wishing everyone on BFE a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  14. The rear view ones are better, she’s hiding her face...😄
  15. Well I am in my late 50s and am female, so know all about that. Less Princess Leia and more Jabba the Hut. In a sedentary position at least..🤣 Not that I ever looked like Princess Leia anyway...🤣
  16. Yep, that is Barfy as we know - why on earth they had to move the blue stripe and paint the windows, Gawd only knows. As Colin said, they can always reverse stuff. I suppose us Barfy fans are getting a taste of now what the Pont’s did after the scrubber refit..😄
  17. Not really, only since she has been repainted - before then don’t count...😉.
  18. They have painted the bridge window frames - didn’t spot that before, her bridge windows look smaller.
  19. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 - that bridge, looks odd with all that white. Now the windows have broken up the white a BIT, she still looks weird..
  20. If she does, Tony will be in need of clean underpants..,😂
  21. I saw on a certain Facebook page commented about the MTU test. I think we are talking about the same posts which suggest her using the Synchrolift if she needed to and that the spare parts could be obtained in Cherbourg. Would Libby fit on the lift is she too big for that, she was only in dry dock recently so why the heck wasn’t anything done then while she was out of the water. Without going into detail on here about what gets said on Facebook, as it is usually not the done thing here to repeat stuff from there, but your post about the MTU test, I read that thread in that group as had a lurk to see if anyone there knew what was going on. I am not a member but it is a public group so had a look. I saw the posts about an MTU jolly, and while I think the person who posted that is well informed, I do reckon that berthing trials were figured in the equasion as well. I think there is is just more to her sojourn to Cherbourg than what is being suggested about a test run.
  22. I did my own a few years ago for fun. Bought a Christmas card in M&S where you insert your own photo. The photo of Barfy I decorated via an app and put the text on then printed it out in Boots.
  23. I am wondering why Cherbourg - more to this than meets the eye methinks... I have just looked at her past track on marine traffic and she went to the HSC berth, so could have been berthing trials as well? She is back in Poole now.
  24. No, because I recently took a pic of her on her way out in the past week or so.
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