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  1. Sheep on a playground roundabout..🤣 https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/06/sheep-make-empty-playground-go-roundabout-12515742/
  2. Maintenance work doesn’t end well if you are a cruise ship who found herself in a squabble with a Venezuelan Navy patrol boat. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/03/americas/venezuela-navy-cruise-liner-incident-intl/index.html
  3. I defrosted my freezer back in the week and started refillng - somehow the pizza and dessert sections at Iceland have had a couple of visits!
  4. At present I cope ok, and when I am with support, I carry an invoice from her to show as I am in her Freelander and we do not live in the same house. And we both have numbers of social workers who can vouch for us. As I live a few minutes from the beach anyway, I can take a stroll down as part of my allotted exercise, it takes me five minutes to get there, then I have a sit down for a few minutes, and then walk back home, or to the shop if I need a couple of things. Because I don’t appear on the surface to have a disability - it is an invisible one, I just look like any other member of the public sunning themselves on the seafront. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable about wanting a piece of paper saying I have exceptional circumstances for being out, as for me personally I cope ok, but I think something like this would be very useful to people who find it harder coping than me.
  5. Should do this in the UK, I have autism and although I can pretty much care for myself, there are plenty who find all this overwhelmingly tough. I would be more than happy to have something like this, as it does feel stressful going about one’s everyday business the best one can under the circumstances, without having to check and see if there are any police about before you sit on a bench for a couple of minutes rest. Or waiting for someone to pick me up who works as a support service. Being questioned by coppers isn’t something that autistic people cope with too well. Should not have that worry.
  6. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/18348294.now-jumbo-jets-taking-sanctuary-bournemouth-airport/ The main photo could have been taken from my window. It isn’t my photo, but it is roughly the same view I had of a Jumbo coming right in front of mine, and quite low. Luckily my shipspotting binoculars were to hand, wondered where it was going, the one I saw was heading west.
  7. I really, really hope she can operate his year. So hope so, last year she was unable to undertake her usual schedule, and this year I just really hope that this year’s season isn’t kiboshed. Hopefully, even if she has a shorter season up in Scotland, she will be able to visit the rest of the country. She would be most welcome down here!
  8. If the Cs were still about, I would have loved a rattle across on Caedmon...♥️😉
  9. Take care mate - hope all resolves quickly and soon.
  10. I think that those who are bending the rules need to be the recipients of any new enforcements if the Government bring them in. I went up to Lidl this morning and the local beggars are still out in force, there were a couple of kids doing some leaping around on walls outside the hotel opposite me. They really need clamping down on. I would feel it is very unfair that those of us are doing our darnest to keep to the rules would feel the brunt of even further measures just because some idiots flout stuff.
  11. ... Trouble is I only got that far... I went and pulled out the fridge freezer to clean behind it instead...🤣
  12. Tidied up part of the book collection..
  13. Will be doing the same. In my view once this is all over it will be like getting back on a bike again if you’ve fallen off. Providing what is possible I fully intend to go on both Barf and Libby and draw a line under this flipping year. Cannot wait for a vaccine!
  14. From Bournemouth Police Facebook page. As expected earlier one was arrested as I knew he would end being...🙄
  15. Very true. Yes it will be a tough nut with these guys, they cannot abide the police telling them what to do. This is going to be a difficult one for forces up and down the country, if they try and crack down too hard on the homeless then they are just going to look really bad. I saw these two giving two coppers abuse earlier on and just felt they were likely to be arrested.
  16. Just been to Boots to get some migraleve, was queuing outside and watching a couple of coppers remonstrating with a couple of homeless men. Men whom I know quite well, and they were arguing with these coppers and shouting it was their *expletive* life and they will do what they *expletive* like. On the verge of getting themselves arrested. Why do it? These guys are tramps and refuse to conform, and they come under the most difficult to help as they refuse everything offered. Boots security guard said that the police were dealing with a lot of belligerent homeless people/street drinkers yesterday who were refusing to move or go into accommodation. This morning I spotted quite a few rough sleepers in town, and they are supposed to be in accommodation at this moment. Reckon the police cells will be their quarantine sooner or later if they refuse to do as they are told. Shame, but if they refuse...
  17. I had a support session with my own Asperger Support yesterday, the woman whom I see I pay privately anyway, and she also works for social services and she has clients who, as part of their condition, find it difficult to stay indoors on because they don’t like being indoors, they like being out and about. They are finding it the toughest, she says. I know a couple of them myself and they are like me, they just like wombling around, doing their own thing, keeping themselves to themselves and only really going home to eat and sleep. Most have OCD connections to their autism as well. These are the ones who are finding this the hardest. Myself, I am managing, my own Asperger Syndrome is mild anyway, and I am a lot more adaptable, although it has taken me a few days. I bought loads of jigsaws from The Works, and dug out all my old WW2 books that I haven’t got round to reading, like Anthony Beevor’s Ardennes, amongst others. I am just going out to only get my papers in the morning next door at 6.30, and then when the sun is up a bit I go for my “exercise” which is a walk down the seafront before anyone else starts milling around. Then I do my shopping late morning. And I normally go out for coffee in the afternoon, but staying is as not possible. That is how I am managing - it isn’t far off my normal routine, just a few tweaks to it that I can handle. I think the support people to those with serious autism/mental health impairments are going to struggle, this will be darn hard. I might bend the rules on the odd day if it absolutely necessary and go back up the shop two minutes away, but that is it, looking forward to seeing the ferries again. I think about going to see Barfy on her way home, she is really stuck out in the sticks on her own, that makes me think to the future and keeps the old chin up!
  18. My skirting boards in my hallway - quite chipped over the years with wear and tear with all the stuff that knocks against them so need sanding and painting. They have needed so for some time and bought some white gloss and sandpaper just before Christmas - planned to do then Christmas day as I am such a humbug, but somehow they worked their way to the back of the cupboard. I went to clear out a shelf to stash supplies in and came across these items, so that is a job could be done!
  19. Be a good idea - she could make herself useful! Although as she is based normally at Cherbourg, would it be better to have her there and maybe one of the bigger ships in Caen? She ought to be doing something rather than sitting idle when she could be of use!
  20. What I am confused about is that on one hand the Government is asking the elderly to isolate, but on the other hand shops are giving them special opening times for them only. Which means they will have to leave home to take advantage of this, therefore mixing in high streets with the rest of the public they are meant to be avoiding. I mentioned Ventura earlier on but wasn’t able to say much as was using a cafe’s wifi outside at the seafront! I spotted a cruise ship in the horizon but clouded in mist so managed to get on ais and it was Ventura. She has both her depature and destination though as Southampton but she is heading right out past Portland westwards. Nice to see a ship, perked me up though!!
  21. P&O’s Ventura is on her way out - seen a cruise ship on the horizon as down the seafront, checked AIS.
  22. I have just been given a lecture in people “not needing coffee” by a bloke working in Poole’s Dolphin Centre Starbucks branch. I was bemused that although you cannot sit in their seating area, or the seating area of another nearby cafe in the centre, if buy coffees, people can actually sit in on the numerous benches throughout the centre with their drinks. I am at present using Subway’s wifi on a bench just outside to type this. This bloke in Starbucks is a right woke type, he was complaining that he had to be there at all and that people didn’t need coffee. Speak for yourself you woke git, you work for a coffee chain and those of us who DO need their coffee are paying his chuffing wages. People sit and drink their coffee for a variety of reasons and a lot which are none of his woke business to judge. Needless to say won’t need to worry about me again as I will use Subway or Costas. Can’t help themselves can they..🙄😄 Loads and loads of elderly about!!!
  23. Visiting the elderly...😉
  24. Thanks for the support guys, much appreciated. Could not believe an elderly couple I know this morning, a couple I know well. I went to get my papers and a few bits this morning and found out that Starbucks is takeaway only from today, as is Maccy’s. So went for a stroll to try and find somewhere open. Wetherspoons luckily was and this is where I saw this couple. Well into their late 70s at least and the wife flapped and asked me to step away please when I said hello to them, very nervous and flappy. I did so, but the husband told me at the coffee machine not to take it personal as she had kidney disease and was very frightened. I said ok, but what the heck were they doing in a pub at their age with her condition! Flapping people away is only going to get them abuse in the end. I am all for the elderly being able to make their own decisions rather than being told what to do by the government, but if they choose to put themselves at risk like this wife this morning, then it is very difficult to be sympathetic when they are rude to people they consider too close. I somehow think this couple might well end up in isolation in the end as they will get fed up with close contact.
  25. I want to know what measures will be taken for people with conditions who would find being indoors for long periods, let alone months, unbearable. People with mental health issues who live alone and normally manage in the community, people with autism, OCD, claustrophobics who would have a lot of difficulty. I have autism and I cannot bear to be indoors for too long, but I could cope with less than that I already do, the thought of actually being confined to a third floor flat fills me with dread. I have a support session booked tomorrow to see what help would be on offer.
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