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    Got to admit my favourite cheese is Emmental, best one is from M&S. Got into that last trip when I got some out of the self service on Barf, and was trying out the new rolls - making cheese butties. Nearest and nicest Emmental I have found is the M&S one. Goes nice with the Isigny beurre I get from Sainsbury’s...👍
  2. Barf will stay as she is - she isn’t popular or suited to the longer routes, shuffling her around doesn’t work. I think I remember someone said that she once served Portsmouth was it to Caen? She wasn’t popular. Lib carries freight as well, so she ought to stay, if Barfleur could do more freight only sailings leaving Lib to do pax to Poole - Cherbourg on specific days. Leaving Rapide to do Poole - CI on those days. I just cannot see BF putting NEX permanently in Poole, Lib can do a lot of the freight, she can carry a lot more than NEX or Rapide. Reconfigure Barfleur to carry more freight or have her do freight only crossings several times a week. Whatever opinions have on Lib, she is here and ought to be made use of in possible difficult times ahead. Now if BF had not got rid of Cotentin....🙄
  3. When I used to house-sit on the island there was a shop in Totland that sold Isle of Wight Glass, think it was called Alum Bay Glass. Very expensive multicoloured glass trinkets. Used to gaze in the window when going to the paper shop in the morning. Shop long gone now, used to be on a corner at the bottom of the hill. Think I remember a shop in Yarmouth that sold it as well. Remember the post office/gift shop near the ferry terminal, that was great for stuff like that. Always had a poke round there before catching one of the ferries back to Lymington. Would have been 1990 - 1996
  4. Because Timmy mentioned her a few comments back regarding the way she is under as much speculation and rumour as Libby. And off we went, Got me started off, so then Nick replied with quite a dismissive comment, and off we go.. Would it be a good idea to remove the last few comments, so we can get back on track...🙂
  5. Ex Nova Star? She still is Nova Star. She is ex Norman Leader. And works perfectly well for Polferries, so what is the issue? She has been carrying freight for both Intershipping and Polferries without a problem hasn’t she, so why could she not do so in the Channel which she was intended to.
  6. I have mentioned Nova Star many times here - she is a beautiful ship, doing well now with Polferries. Although many disagree on here, I think she is perfect for a BF route, she is only marginally bigger than Barfleur, so quite a small vessel compared to many, and she would not fit in the Channel Islands ports anyway, but she is quite luxurious inside and seems to be getting favourable reactions. Comfortable as well it seems. Libby, Austal have had more orders for trimarans like her from Fred Olsen so they see to be ok with her half sister to order more. BF need to really look at Libby and get to the bottom of her issues. As Gareth said, the cats are perfectly ok in Greece. So could be down to maintenance issues. All very well about rumour and speculation but they really don’t help matters at the end of the day. I see Nova Star plodding back and forth perfectly ok, she should be in the Channel where she was intended, perfectly good vessel.
  7. Agreed - which is why we need to give Libby a chance under a new company.
  8. Cats had quite a few problems in their latter days though.
  9. Article says what I have been saying loads of times, finding a modern ship of the right size is going to be a pig of a job, Those who were after Barfleur, well small as she is, she is not small by any means when it comes to fitting in to the CI ports. No way. So you are looking smaller than her and more up to date. Gonna be difficult.
  10. Details of length and draught for St Peter Port. http://www.harbours.gg/article/152097/Commercial
  11. Link gives the speed limits for the harbour and there is a tab for the chain ferry. https://www.phc.co.uk/ms_speedlimits.html
  12. I used to lurk there but it is so full of spite by the usual suspects that it is not worth visiting. I would describe the word “hate” though by certain individuals though...😉. I got added to it once but removed myself immediately...😂
  13. As HT used to keep saying about BF keeping Barfleur in Poole to keep another operator out, then surely they would want Liberation to be the same, another operator might well step in. They need to keep Lib where she is doing what she does, regardless of those who are not to fond of her. Lib might be better under BF anyway. Who knows? As for haters - that is a word straight out of celebrity gossip magazines. I call them the moaners...😄
  14. Wonder how many people stub their toes or tripped on those yellow lashing points, been there and bought the T-shirt....😉
  15. Apparently Pelican was delayed leaving Poole due to the strong winds so madam had to wait in the bay, she is on her way into port now. Asked on Facebook...👍🙂
  16. Taken a few minutes ago from my window. Watching seagull chicks on a nearby roof and something a lot bigger and white than they hove into view. Grabbed the ipad and took a quick pic before she disappeared behind buildings. What is she doing, she was docked in Cherbourg this morning as checked AIS, so she has sailed today then. Never see her from my window, she anchoring out there or something? Me sitting watching seagulls with the binoculars, bit of bird watching and all of a sudden she appears... Strange...
  17. When they do refits? Barf due in later this year so she might sprout them first. NEX doesn’t count. I’ll ask someone who works on Barfy keep an eye open when she gets back. Suppose they are quick to fit, so could well fit any ship during when they are in port empty of passengers.
  18. The words so often bandied about is “complex needs”. This expression always rears it’s head whenever there is so so called “crackdown” on the beggars, street drinkers and addicts that make like a misery for everyday families going about their business. Nobody ever explains what these complex needs are and nothing ever changes. Bournemouth used to be quite a posh town decades ago, now it is like a cross between the Wild West and some kind of old fashioned lunatic asylum with all the drink and drug addled everywhere. Always violence and nothing ever gets done, because those who try and make excuses for them throw spanners in the works if anyone suggests cleaning the town up. Poole Council got tough on street beggars and the Echo comments were full of the “they need help, not punishment” types. If they refuse help and carry being a nuisance on then why not get tough on them. Oh, I forgot, the dear souls have complex needs..🙄
  19. Nodwad, it is because the Brits make a wedding of it all. Other countries have their own drink problems but it is something the Brits really excel at. We are world famous for our drinking habits. As Ed said, the rules ought to apply on ferries as well. I can think of a few certain people near me who only go on the trips for a booze up, and that would seriously affect their enjoyment of their days out. Good. I go to DO something for the day not sink one pint after another. These people I talk about get stuck into the spirits too. It is just that the Brits do tend to ruin it for everyone else. I have seen other nationalities drunk and they are nowhere near the calibre of the Brits. I have just spent another night listening to drunks coming out of the clubs
  20. Clyde shipyard Ferguson is starting the process of going into administration as well. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-49299585
  21. Hence my preference for going to bunker complexes and museums, stuff like that. War sites are often quite solemn anyway and places like Cite De La Mer and other “family” places are rarely ruined by British drunks. I go off out with Pascal and mostly we see other French families, very rare an English accent. When I arrive back in Poole, even more so when the taxi gets back to Bournemouth and I see the state of the town late at night, I get a stark reminder of “home” Cannot get indoors fast enough.
  22. Exactly the same here. I use my ferry trips as an escape from it all, so when drunks ruin that as well..... Just the English attitude to alcohol, Drunk people turn on a coin as well, I feel sorry for people whose trips are equally a source of getaway from the grinc at home to see it on the ships.
  23. Like the wild west in Bournemouth. I see it as drunks just ruin things for everyone else. Saddening.
  24. I don’t drink anyway, to be honest, living in the centre of Bournemouth and seeing all the drunken behaviour that goes on all night and the people that start arguments in Wetherspoons because they get told alcohol is not served until 09.00. Someone asked for a beer at 08.20 and got aggressive when he was refused. Ferries, been followed by drunken revellers at Poole to the taxi. Group of men who had been boozing all day on a day trip. They were drinking heavily on the way out, very loud and one kept pestering me. Tried to ignore him, but the rest joined in with being lairy. I sat the other end of Barf on the way home as they were steaming drunk on the return journey, but just carried on drinking more and more. Disembarking the one pestering me tried to get me to let him come home with me, he carried on right through customs and right out to the taxi rank. Luckily there was a taxi there which I got in so I was safe, but for goodness sake, if there hadn’t been anything waiting... I told him to eff off at the last moment along with a few more choice words and we drove off. The way the British treat drink has really turned me teetotal. Why do groups of men (and even women) have to get so steaming drunk. Women are just as bad as men nowadays. I had trouble a few weeks ago with a drunken woman who’d erroneously knocked on my door while looking for another flat in my block and tried to force her way in. And punched me when I pushed her back out. I overpowered her easily despite her punching me, and the police are involved. So really I have had drunks up to here.
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