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  1. She has had a partial paint job, had some pics sent me from someone who works on her. That is what I meant about her being worse from the other side, pics sent me shows all the rust staining painted over. As not my photos to share cannot upload them here, but sh definitely looks a lot better now someone has taken a paintbrush or two to her.
  2. Just a heads up to Bretagne fans Resurrecting this thread to say there is a large feature on Bretagne in the new issue of Ships Monthly, she iscalso on the cover. Also includes a feature on Pelican the freight only BF ship who sails from Poole. Will be buying it.
  3. BF’s page on freight on NEX. https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/specialised-traffic/fast-craft-service
  4. This link should be of assistance. Quite long and wordy but may help. https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmbeis/382/382.pdf
  5. Out of interest, Libby takes freight, are there other HSCs that also take it, I don’t think the previous cats took it, or did they? Was freight in their day carried on Goodwill and Clipper? Lib is a big enough HSC to handle freight, but just wondered if there are any others that carry it too. Don’t think NEX does, does she?
  6. Story to the express sea service via BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48875402
  7. I don’t expect the language on the bridge was “oh dearie me”......🤣
  8. Just had a message on Facebook, Barfy has just had a paintwork touch up....👍
  9. Barfleur’s looked like it was made out of jade at one time.... Nice photos in the original post, by the way, Eriba-ist, Sandbanks is such a beautiful spot to shipwatch, I am local in Bournemouth so often pop along to watch the girls go by. Gathering place that is for when there is a new ship visiting the port. View might change from your end though if a local property developer gets his own way to demolish the Haven hotel and put up some monstrosity of expensive rabbit hutches. Would look terrible, but all he cares about is money....
  10. She looks worse from the other side. When is she due to be repainted in the new logo? I thought she looked a right state when I went on her a few weeks ago.
  11. The Canadian outfit was run by her owners and she was too big for the route. She ended up being seized by the authorities for non payment of dues which ST Marine had to stump up to free her. Not sure with Intershipping, but she seems to be doing ok with Polferries. With regard to BF having her, stranger things have happened which have surprisingly been sprung upon us. Would anyone have ever thought there would be a couple of Visentinis in the fleet? Did we see Barfleur’s recall from DFDS? BF do like to spring surprises so best not rule anything out.
  12. Perhaps posts on the Condor thread moved here?
  13. I would say it is a Nova Star centred one. She actually has her own thread in Other Ferry Operations, so possibly posts and talk of her could be shifted there and merged into that..😉
  14. If she came to BF, I bet she would be on the same price as Barfleur. I have always suggested her because she is a lovely ship, and dare I say it, posher than Barfleur with more facilities, it is the lack of faciilities that put people off the Barfy, and she isn’t that much bigger either.
  15. This is her as she was with Nova Star Cruises, so basically the same inside.
  16. Lovely, ain’t she, quite posh. She only has the one public deck like Barfleur, I thought she had two. Someone posted a large photoset of her on Facebook and she looks very spacious and a lot going on for a vessel only a few meters bigger than Barfy. Probably easier to see how well she is doing with Polferries as well, before she was stuck in far off locations. I just hope Polferries don’t put bow art on her, she looks perfectly ok as she is.
  17. Depends if Pont can make it half - way without conking out.
  18. She WAS built specifically for the route, that is why she is so suitable. But we don’t know how many years she has along with the others, scrubbers or not. Normandie in Poole, cannot see it, sorry, a short route like Barfy’s requires a smaller vessel. Poole doubles well as a short crossing for tourists as well. Which is why I suggested Nova Star, even though she gets grief on here. I think people should not be too quick to judge her because of her past, she is quietly getting on with it in Poland and from what I have seen quite popular! I was merely suggesting we need a ship of a similar size which are few and far between, and I just cannot see BF building again for Poole. We are lucky to have Barfy back anyway after a few years ago - which we all know about. I know I bang on about Nova Star (who incidentally you can still see her original name of Norman Leader under her paintwork) but just have the right feeling about her. Specs comparison below. Nova Star specs 161m x 26.6m Draught 5.9m Tonnage 277.44 Deadweight 4145 t ———————— Barfleur 158 x 23.30. Tonnage 20.133 Draught 5.8 Deadweight 5250t
  19. Seeing as they do Isigny butter,how about their ice cream - or do they already sell it? Would love to try some.
  20. We are in a similar position with Barfleur, she is pushing 30 and although she seems to be safe for the time being, her, and two other fleetmates - how long will they have, and her being a smallish ferry on a very short route any ro paxes of a similar size and build are few and far between. Unless a newbuild, which I just cannot see happening for Poole. In our case I have suggested Nova Star in the past as she is only marginally bigger than Barfleur, and I think quite suitable. But that gets poo-poo’d here, I seriously think she’d be a good bet! Difficult to think of other similar sized vessels with decent enough facilities that would fit the BF image, lol. And they will have some very special boots to fill. This is the same problems the islands have, they are very limited to what vessels will fit unless they go for a new build, so if a buyer is prepared to do this, it will be tricky. Small ro paxes, modern ones are difficult to come by. At least Nova Star WAS built for the Channel, but no way she’d fit in the CI, if she’s bigger than the Barfy.
  21. That was the Weare. Spending time at sea took on a completely new meaning when she was about....😄
  22. I had a chat in Poole about this a few weeks ago if there was any likelihood of another no deal award coming their way at BF, and the impression I got was that it is all a pain in the backside. Might have interpreted it wrong, but the guy I spoke to gave a despairing sigh which I took to mean possibly not! I would guess they feel messed around, again I might be wrong, I just thought I’d ask and that is how I guessed the answer probably is. No idea really. I suppose Grayling is assuming there WILL be no deal because of what both Boris and Hunt are saying. But if from what it appears that Parliament blocks it, and we end up with a General Election, then Grayling cannot really go throwing money around. Would whichever leader allow it?
  23. Just had this pop up on my Facebook newsfeed. Apparently Grayling is looking to award new no-deal ferry contracts. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/chris-grayling-is-looking-to-sign-new-no-deal-brexit-ferry-contracts-1-6128156?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social_Icon&utm_campaign=in_article_social_icons
  24. I would think the crossings in themselves could be great, out in the sea air in the middle of the channel, out on open decks. Would imagine very refreshing. I don’t cope very well with intense hot weather so I will staying this side of the channel myself, hot enough here!
  25. Barfy would need to lose quite a bit of weight to fit into the CI ports - she’d get wedged in..😉 Check the size of that small sailing craft getting a shifty at her - she is a lot bigger than one thinks.
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