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  1. Barfy’s sailing was delayed yesterday, apparently was a late departure from Cherbourg arriving in Poole at 08.00. I went round to Poole Quay this morning to watch her go out as decided to have a wander round and as she had not left by well past 08.30 assumed she was cancelled due to the weather. Went into Wetherspoons to have a look at the wifi, and she was being bunkered. Assumed she was cancelled and checked the BF sailing updates. She apparently left Poole late, according to a friend on Facebook, as I read the updates wrong and she did sail! Libby is sailing back from the CI tonight getting in at 10pm apparently!
  2. From the front page of the Mirror this morning. Bomb found in lorry. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-police-probe-plot-blow-21442805
  3. I wonder what her interior is like. She looks very smart, and a good idea of what Libby looked like before her, erm, modifications.
  4. New trimaran for Fred Olsen launched. She looks great. https://www.austal.com/news/austal-australia-launches-118-metre-trimaran-fred-olsen-express
  5. Interesting photos! Looks a lot more spacious inside than it does from the outside. The bridge is actually quite roomy!
  6. Aaaah, I have not woken up yet, forgot I had to tab across - thought there were no NEX sailings this year...🙄. Not enough coffee...😂
  7. Ummmmm - anyone explain this? I was thinking of a trip on NEX this year after recent conversations about her, so thought about Barfy one way and NEX the other, and this is what is on the BF website...🤔
  8. I just wonder why Austal did not fit wings like NEX has when they built Libby. Or did she have them? Surely bridge wings are quite am important fixture of a vessel?
  9. So that would mean that NEX would have something similar fitted then, should she ever operate the Islands. If Libby needs such large modifications then surely NEX would have to have likewise...😉😉😉😉. Would those small wings she has be unsuitable then, and if not, then how come Libby needs such huge abominations.
  10. I was wibbling about Libby’s ugly bridge wings and said that I wished that hers were more like NEX’s. CaptJack said NEX doesn’t have any and she does, so photos of NEX have been posted by others to point out where they are and give explanations.
  11. Thank you, Ed. Saves me hunting down pics I have on her online so I could point them out. I did remember a conversation on here back from when Libby was introduced in which I said that NEX did not have bridge wings, and I was quite rightly corrected. They are so tiny anyone can be excused for thinking she does not have any. I just wish Lib had something more like those rather than her equivalent of the Pont’s monstrosity of a funnel.
  12. She actually has, this was debated years ago here. I asked about this years ago and was told by members of this forum that she does indeed have bridge wings and I was told where they are.
  13. She is - but much more of a beauty without those ugly bridge wings. I really they had done something like NEX’s unobtrusive ones. Would have probably not had so much weight added. Thanks, Chris, for posting these pics, much appreciated.
  14. Armorique - jack of all trades...😉
  15. I would have picked the Pont if a man for Tinder - look at the size of my funnel...🤣 Or, as a woman, and as Dolly has two quite distinctive assets, Barfy or Mont...🤣
  16. I have this book, some very interesting takes on British preconceptions of the French. She is great, I love her explanation as to what the British think French country chic is. Basically window boxes of geraniums and window shutters...😁 And she talks about how the British are taking over the French countryside..😄 https://www.amazon.co.uk/They-Eat-Horses-Dont-French/dp/1781854440
  17. Only thing I’v come across is Keelcrab which is Italian.
  18. Regarding the state of her hull, was watching Countryfile tonight and although forgot the name of the company or machine, they featured a robotic thing that scraped the hulls of ships and removed all the gunge. Supposed to be something that removes invasive species as there was a feature on invasive species in our waters.
  19. No probs, Chris. Expect one or two will turn upon Facebook more than likely.
  20. Thanks, Chris. On the link it says she is due in at 12.30 so assume that is English time? Haven’t heard anything back my end yet..
  21. Hoping to get some pics of her in Cherbourg from someone. A few hints have gone out on Instagram so hoping he’ll get a few and allow me to share here. I’d like to see her there...😁
  22. Took advantage of a shot of Clipper in Poole while at the quayside this morning. Apparently, Rapide is coming over tomorrow night, no idea why. Going to be a bit busy in Poole then, 3 Condor vessels, plus Barfleur...
  23. Same name source as my photos.
  24. New pics of Barfy inside. I was told I could post them by the person who took them. I assume BFE as well would be ok! “You can put these on FB if you like , there is - some new deck plans, a couple of pieces of carpet (top of 7 stairs ),some new toilets and sinks in 8 cabins (some) ,some new pillows , a new bar seating with power points, new bar shutters”. is the message he gave. Not sure if I can credit the name of the person, he might not like me naming him, but I do have permission to use them.
  25. Nick, you just seem obsessed with the Libby issue. There are loads of reasons why these things are happening but it seems you just want to think it is Libby Did you pm anyone else with that graph or just me, I waited to see if it was posted here before I answered. I do apologise for a bit of a rant, but at the end of the day there are many issues to do with the downturn. Yes, Libby has her part to play, but there are a lot of other factors to take into consideration. She is a lot more reliable nowadays as has been pointed out many times, it is Rapide that has been unreliable of late. And Clipper has her issues as well. People will only see and hear what they want to see and hear on this issue. I think people need to look at the wider issue and not concentrate on one particular one they feel is to blame.
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