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  1. There was a story in the Echo a couple of days back. Fingers crossed - famous last words round these parts..😉 https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17979074.chain-ferry-target-october-reopening-swanage-ferry-bosses-say-repair-work-completed/
  2. Anyone ever tried sleeping out on deck? Outdoor sleeping areas for use in summer months could be quite a gimmick. Of course, a secure area needs to fenced in properly. We have a cafe near us that has a large double bed outside (outdoor furniture plastic type of thing) with loads of cushions that people can sit on (will try and get a pic). I reckon it would be fun if, so long as safety was taken into concern and this was in an enclosed area then it would be quite a hoot.
  3. Quoting myself in respect to the previous post, this is roughly what I was told. Quite frankly I can see Cotentin back in the fleet, but not replacing Barfy, but more likely to be providing extra freight capacity in the way she was designed to do as a freight ship. Depending on what happens regarding the freight situation after Brexit, things may well be temporary with regards to extra freight capacity needed. So a permanent solution to a temporary situation with regards to converting a dedicated freight ship to one that serves passengers as well is quite a drastic move. Cotentin may well be temporarily recalled to fulfil the freight situation as it may well be for a year or so, then go back to Stena as a dedicated freighter. Cannot see them messing about with her too much.
  4. When checked in in Cherbourg once, the ipad kept on trying to access the wifi while the desk girl was trying to read my ticket, the log in screen for the wifi kept on loading despite repeated attempts at clearing it... We got there in the end...
  5. Regarding my posts over the past year about recalling Cotentin is a lesson in be careful what you wish for...😉
  6. Barf being sent to Plymouth...🤣
  7. Converting Cotentin would cost a lot of money. Surely if she came back she should be on a dedicated freight role she was intended for. Converting her for pax would then have to dedicate precious freight space for cars and whatever. Unless the plan on just letting footies use her. I would say, as hf said, the Spain route from Poole. If she bled cash on French sailings, then why put her back on them - I presume she will be doing Cherbourg? Some things aren’t making sense here.
  8. Are BF going to issue a press release about this? I was told via Messenger via someone who works on Barfy, that BF have said that the French journalist who wrote the article has “jumped the gun” and have not decided what they are going to do with regards to Cotentin and Barfleur. So quite confusing. I wish BF would issue an official statement.
  9. One of the things I find a bit strange is that the new passenger ramp in Poole was specially made for Barfy, wasn’t it? Who paid for that, BF or Poole Port? It is fixed and not moveable - so what happens there? Cotentin will have to be fitted with a foot pax door in exactly the right place to align - guess that is what would happen.
  10. I am used to it, haha. I am quite looking forward to Cotentin, always wanted a trip on her. Out of interest of Barfy, is she actually LEAVING the fleet or just being replaced in Poole? Is she being sent on a route we don’t know about yet?
  11. I think we all did the same when NEX visited! All Barfy’s regulars booked up. Case of while the cat’s away....
  12. Memories of seeing pictures of monstrosities before the BF fleet got theirs fitted. Only the Pont I think has come off badly from her post scrubber look.
  13. Be surprised if she does. At a VERY tight squeeze in Guernsey, can’t speak for St Helier. I know they would love her in the CI instead of Libby, and if she can fit in somehow, the great.
  14. I would have choked on my evening meal actually...😄. I actually found out yesterday, but was waiting for a thread to start here before commenting myself. I found out via a screenshot sent to me on Facebook, but wasn’t sure of it’s authenticity as it was a screenshot of a French newspaper article, didn’t really want to start a thread on something that may well be just rumour. As so happens, I had no idea of the nam of the paper in question! Soooooooo - my thoughts. Well, seeing as I have in the past here said that Cotentin ought to return as I feel in the present climate regarding Brexit and freight, she should be recalled! I said it myself and have speculated here myself so cannot say I am surprised. Barfleur? Not unexpected, but I am not throwing myself off a cliff as some probably think I might..😉. Because of the situation as things are at the moment it isn’t something that surprises me. From my point of view and others, it will be a shame to lose her obviously, but I think the days have long gone when a stink was kicked up about it all. We have to move on, so be it. Will have to adapt! Fear not, I am perfectly ok with the situation...👍
  15. Great model. I must go and have a swoon at Cenred again, have a sit and wander down memory lane! Could be an idea for BF, if they did Lego kits of the fleet, I bet there would be quite a few collecting the lot!
  16. This just appeared in my newsfeed, it is in Polish. Polferries are soon to be her new owners. Only said a couple of days ago they would probably buy her as they are happy with her, so great news. Really pleased she has found her niche after all these years, finally fitted in! https://polferries.pl/o-firmie/polska-zegluga-baltycka-s.a.-wlaścicielem-promu-nova-star.html Edit - Google Translate version. Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. owner of the Nova Star ferry October 11 in London Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. bought a Nova Star ferry from Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd, at the same time terminating the charter contract signed in 2018. Built in 2011, Nova Star has been employed on the Gdańsk-Nynäshamn route since September 2018. This only 8-year ferry can carry 1215 passengers, including 648 in cabins in one flight. Travelers can spend time during the cruise in very comfortable conditions, having at their disposal a shop, cafeteria, restaurant, conference room, and the largest casino in the Baltic Sea. On the ferry there are also places designed for the youngest passengers. All this makes Nova Star an ideal solution for a wide range of clients, including families with children. "Purchasing the Nova Star ferry was our priority for the current year. Initially, we predicted the ferry charter for a period of 2 years to make decisions about a possible purchase at that time, but the market verified our plans quite quickly. The results of passenger and freight transport of the Nova Star ferry over the past year have given us a clear message for the faster termination of the charter contract and purchase of this ferry. The ferry was very well received on the market, passengers praise the Nova Star ferry for high traveling comfort. For freight customers, the Nova Star ferry together with the second Wawel ferry are a very good complement to the ferry route from Gdańsk to Nynäshamn, near Stockholm. " - said the president of Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A., Piotr Redmerski. Nova Star is the third vessel purchased by the shipowner from Kołobrzeg in the last 5 years as part of the fleet renewal plan. Especially for passengers Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. introduced the Relax on ferry offer for max. 4 + free cabin. "Relaxing on the ferry is an offer directed to passengers who would like to check what our new ferry looks like and meet our neighbors from the north. A ferry ride costs from 81 PLN / person." - said Bartłomiej Mazuruk, Director of Shipping Policy in Polish Baltic Shipping S.A. - Polferries. Currently Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. , appearing under the POLFERRIES brand, operates five ferries operating on the lines: - m / f Nova Star, m / f Wawel on the Gdańsk - Nynäshamn line, - m / f Cracovia, m / f Mazovia and m / v Baltivia on the Świnoujście - Ystad route, and in connection with crossing the Oresund Bridge the Świnoujście - Copenhagen connection via Ystad. Polferries ferries offer safe and comfortable navigation, traditional good cuisine, the opportunity to make attractive purchases, all in a great atmosphere created by professional and competent service. Today ferries of Polish Baltic Shipping S.A. handling connections with Scandinavia are modern, safe and valued by our passenger and cargo customers.
  17. Watched an episode of Secret Scotland with Susan Calman the other day, she went to the Dalgleish mill in Selkirk. Very interesting seeing how things are done the old fashioned way, really enjoyed watching. The older machinery is the best.
  18. Khaines

    New Look Revealed

    Yes Definitely a Jekyll and Hyde though. Totally agree, Ed. I love travelling on her, as said many times, I have “experienced” her in both fine and bad weather. I have to book her up soon as I need to visit a couple of places in Guernsey, but am waiting for the weather to calm down a bit with all this rain and a few sunny days to do it. Looking forward to getting out on her again
  19. Khaines

    New Look Revealed

    I think that Liberation getting BF livery would have had some choking on their cornflakes - much as I would like to see it.
  20. Khaines

    New Look Revealed

    I saw the one of Barf yesterday as I wanted to check the winter timetables, spotted her appearance in her photo. Photoshopped the new livery, but must be an old photo to start with as check out the blank illuminated sign...😄.
  21. Remember the thread at the time, she left in convoy with the Pont who got to Spain first, discharged and reloaded and was on her way back to Portsmouth. Passing Barfleur who was still trudging her way in! Bit of the hare and the tortoise going on!
  22. Noticed Barf is going to Santander for her refit - brings back memories of last time when she had scrubbers fitted. She did a freight only sailing from Portsmouth didn't’ she, will she do the same again.
  23. I am praying they reinstate the overnighters from Poole again as before. They suited me perfectly years ago before they stopped them, really enjoyed them. I know that extra crossings are Brexit related but I found them a lot easier than the overnight return. Really enjoyed my last trip, (would have done a couple more had it not been down to circumstances beyond my control at home).
  24. I learnt my lesson a few years ago disembarking at Poole one evening. Late evening, looking forward to jumping in the first taxi, getting home to my own coffee, a bath, bit of TV and a good night’s sleep. In the customs queue, I searched for my passport, and could not find it anywhere, thought I had left it on board. I had it to check in at Cherbourg and remembered putting it back in the zip up pouch that I keep it in. Nowhere to be seen at Poole. And not until about seven passengers had gone through customs and I was the next but one, I was in a blind panic. Luckily I found it, it had managed to wedge itself right at the bottom of my bag between some papers. Crikey, it was good job I didn’t bin those papers on board! Panic over but my heart was going ten to the dozen and to say my journey back home and my intended relaxation was one of the sort of feeling you get after such a close shave is an understatement, I decided then to change my travel bag and bought one specifically with a zipped section that is ONLY for my passport. The passport itself is now inside an A5 document wallet and then that inside a zip up pouch - the whole lot goes straight into the section of the bag intended just for that. I have no reason to go into that section of my bag unless I am at passport control. Since then no mishaps. But it gave me the fright of my life at the time!
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