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  1. You can trust me and my vote.
  2. A different way at looking at an election result.Did Johnson win because others didn't want the opposition to .Did Bidon win because people didn't want Trump.............................................................I think Macron won because the people wanted change but not extremism.
  3. You mustn't let your anti-Macron opinions give the impression that everyone thinks like you.I don't and if he is so bad what is the alternative.
  4. Happy New Year to all members and staff at BFE.
  5. imprimerie

    2021 Timetables

    No Autoroute charges between Rennes / Ouistreham, Chrerbourg.
  6. imprimerie

    2021 Timetables

    Who then caters for the likes of Rennes,Bordeaux and Western France? Cherbourg is much better placed for this area. Paris is very important but is not the only place in France that has to be catered for.Le Havre is central but too close to Ouistreham for Brittany Ferries to give it it's full support.
  7. Exactly.We tend use the motorway from Ouistreham to Rennes which has no tolls.After Nantes you pay.However if you come off the motorway at Montaigu you only pay two Euros and then the rest by dual-carriageway to the south Vendée. Same from Cherbourg only you come onto the motorway just after St Lo.
  8. Driving time Cherbourg / La Roche sur Yon 4 Hours. Ouistreham /La Roche sur Yon 3 hours 45 mins. Not that much difference.But there is a considerable difference in the sailing time almost an hour's difference between Portsmouth/Cherbourg compared to Portsmouth/ Ouistreham. There are other factors that give Ouistreham the preference over Cherbourg. Geographically Ouistreham is more central.Any others?
  9. But surely in the present crisis economy comes before everything.The difference in km between the two crossings is important .
  10. As Portsmouth/Cherbourg is by far the shortest route ,why is Portsmouth /Caen given preference in these trying economic times.
  11. 72km for the return trip! That's a lot of fuel and time.
  12. How many km are there between Portsmouth/Cherbourg and Portsmouth /Ouistreham?
  13. Could it be that port costs are cheaper at Ouistreham ? Otherwise I agree that Cherbourg although further west could be the better choice to operate from.
  14. Exactly.For BF it's all about survival and running a service as economic as possible.The customer's preferences are not the priority.It's all about staying in business and being there when this crisis ends.
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