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  1. Vendéen Oysters are very good. With some lemon and a glass of Sauvignon you have a great entrée to any meal.
  2. The 8.30 Poole -Cherbourg ferry arrives at Cherbourg at 13.45 French time which will probably mean you arrive at Nantes about 17.15-17-30. Nightmare time! The Peripherique at rush hour times is very slow..The only solution that I have found to the problem is ........travel on Sunday..
  3. Exactly.How does anyone know what will happen in a No Deal situation.It shows how some Brexiteers are so keen to leave Europe ,even to the extent of putting their own country's future at risk.What will the inconveniences be to BF if their is a No Deal?
  4. There giving her the guard of honour!
  5. It's not only the people who are "ungovernable",it's the governments that are as well. Trying to get "tricky" legislation through is almost impossible to do.
  6. Who are these people? There is a great lack of quality politicians not only in France but worldwide...........................but that's only my opinion!
  7. Who would replace him as president and would they do any better?
  8. The referendum has never had any credibility as it was meant to be advisory but was then seized upon to be imposed on the British public.It seems to me that some Brexiteers do not want at any costs that young voters who have not voted are represented. Why not? It has all taken too long. A 16 year at the time of the last referendum(now nineteen) has no say in the future of his country......
  9. It's almost three years since the referendum. Don't you feel it is too long ago to be relevent?
  10. I think you have to be very careful in how you generalise about the French people's behaviour.You must be very careful not to give others an impression that the the French are all anti-Macron.The impression I get in the Vendeé is that we have all have had enough and we want to get on with our lives. At La Roche sur Yon the barricades have gone and although we see some presence of the protesters things are almost back to normal.
  11. A slight generalisation n'est-ce pas? Dont put all the French in the same basket because they are not.
  12. But do we need to add this figure? Socially you have to have a plan if you can see a rise in unemployment.People have to have money to live.The state could end up with a large bill and who is going to pay it?
  13. Sorry extra costs. Normally extra costs leads to lower employment but perhaps you have other economic factors which will turn this around. It will be interesting to see what they are.
  14. More jobs created from exra costs.......................?
  15. It must be very worrying for those at BF. Increased controls at ports will mean time and money which in turn someone will have to pay for.Either the customer or BF or both.The one thing that makes Brexit special is no one can predict what will happen after the 29th March.Perhaps after the vote in parliament in January things will be clearer.
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