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  1. Yes I agree.When I'm at work,at La Roche sur Yon, my printing machine is a long way from the general public,so I don't where a mask. However when I am seeing clients I do.It shows some respect to the public who may be worried .These rules are not put into practice for nothing.Although the Vendéens have grumbled a bit they have generally accepted the rules and the results up to now show this.
  2. You never know?! Anyhow let's hope the old girl get's back to work soon.It's the easiest route for us to get to our family in the UK.
  3. It states latest update 20/06 at 9.00.
  4. I've just seen it on the french BF website.The timetable shows she returns on the 29 June.
  5. On the BF website it shows Barfleur starting on the 29 June.Is this still the case?
  6. With Barfleur having few cabins will different rules apply to her?
  7. Yes it is sad that neighbours can't act in a way that is beneficial to each other.Perhaps there are other reasons behind her decision. Who knows!
  8. I know it's difficult but it is too soon to ease up.The risk to the population is too great to let the general public relax. A little while longer might be difficult but until the numbers show a consistent downward trend ,then people should be patient.
  9. Restricting peoples' movement is absolutely neccersary until the country is sure that they have the virus under control.Are the general public taking this seriously? A lot are but you don't have to have many who don't to cause a problem and when those who are in a position of responsibility don't then how can you get the message across with any force?
  10. The problem is moving about in France.We are only allowed to travel 100km and over that only for special reasons such as professional or family issues which are important.Unless that changes I can't see the ferries sailing with many customers onboard.
  11. Music to my ears! I wonder how the old girl is doing !
  12. The President told us clearly the situation concerning the Corona virus.In a clear and calm manner he explained his plans for the immediate future which will give the country confidence at this difficult time. I was reassured by his words and hope that we all get through this and that the virus will soon be defeated.
  13. Vendéen Oysters are very good. With some lemon and a glass of Sauvignon you have a great entrée to any meal.
  14. The 8.30 Poole -Cherbourg ferry arrives at Cherbourg at 13.45 French time which will probably mean you arrive at Nantes about 17.15-17-30. Nightmare time! The Peripherique at rush hour times is very slow..The only solution that I have found to the problem is ........travel on Sunday..
  15. Exactly.How does anyone know what will happen in a No Deal situation.It shows how some Brexiteers are so keen to leave Europe ,even to the extent of putting their own country's future at risk.What will the inconveniences be to BF if their is a No Deal?
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