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  1. Happy New Year to all members and staff at BFE.
  2. A party political broadcast again trying to indoctrinate members with your interpretation of events in France. There is hope with Covid with regard to the vacines that are becoming available. Next year should bring some hope instead of fear and blame.
  3. I quite agree .There seems to be respect for other members opinions from some but not from others.
  4. I criticise what someone does if I don't agree with it.I don't criticise systematically.This is a one off situation. Has anyone else ,representing a large population, done any better.
  5. Vocal opposition is important but when it is systematic and personally attacking someone in a rude manner then I think you are justified to be criticised.Are you criticising our President because you don't like him or are you criticising his handling of the Covid virus. It seems to me from your repeated personal attacks and mockery of him that it is the former. By the the Vendée is not twinned with North Korea,it is a great place to live, Bonne Soirée.
  6. You should go into politics! I It's so easy to criticise .It's much harder to get on and do it. Corona Virus is a one off situation (hopefully).To systematically criticise those of who are making the decisions is too easy. Let's hope the vacine turns up quicker than expected so that these type of posts(mine included) won't be necessary any more.
  7. That's your opinion not mine . Let's support our President and our country in this difficult time.
  8. Here we go again! Can't we keep our political thoughts and preferences to oursellves.This was an interesting post until the last paragraph.
  9. That is how you see it and not how I see it.The government's side has not been put as well as solutions.Critic is all very well but give us reasonable alternatives and solutions.
  10. It seems to me that it's President Macron that is your problem and not Covid 19.A totally negative post without any solutions or alternatives.
  11. Everyone Can't agree with you either.If you think our President is no good then find a more polite way of saying it. From my point of you I think he is doing a good job in difficult circumstances. Have you notlced that your Tax Habitation has finished as he had promised when he was elected.It is important to give those who live in the UK a balanced view of life in France.
  12. I am sorry but some of us have respect for our President.What you call him is offensive.
  13. But is it any better in the UK? I know who i would prefer to be in charge. However trying to shut down part of the economy seems to be much harder than shutting it completely as it was in the spring.
  14. But what do you do if there isn't another strategy or alternative?
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