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  1. Ed, surely that should have been in the 'Little Light Relief...' topic? 🙂
  2. When the coronavirus situation is over, hopefully the RNLI College will re-open. It is operated as a hotel with a restaurant and a café bar, as well as a hotel and training centre. The public is welcome to eat there without booking (may change after the crisis I suppose). The food is good and reasonably priced. The hotel rooms look well appointed, but probably more expensive than a Travelodge or Premier Inn. Could be good for an overnight stay before travelling on Barfleur, when the old girl returns. In addition to the restaurant etc it is possible to stay in the hotel, although the rooms are intended for the RNLI volunteers from the British Isles attending course there - spare rooms are booked out to the public. It is also possible to have a tour of the amazing training facilities used. Well worth a look if you can get a booking. It includes a lifeboat simulator (so hold on to your stomach contents) and a look at THE training pool, which is 4m deep and can be used to simulate all kinds of sea conditions - but don't expect to see a storm on a tour. However, it also possible to look in to the pool from an external platform. All profits from these activities go towards supporting the work of the RNLI. If interested, have a look at the link below. https://rnli.org/rnli-college
  3. Seems strange that the first sailing is from Poole, not from Cherbourg.
  4. Not Poole yet to get to France. Still only freight to Spain.
  5. If you do a search it might mention a 'digital examination'. What did they do in the old analogue days? I also hope they wash their hands before going for a KFC!!
  6. I think they will be allowed to use a world beating air corridor, which I believe is a bit like the pneumatic tube systems they used to use in department stores.
  7. If you think you have Coronavirus symptoms you can ask for a test. So does that mean you can get back from abroad, phone up to say you have symptoms, get tested, then if negative you no longer need to be in quarantine? I suppose you could even phone up a day or two before arrival back so that the test arrives quicker...
  8. How long before there is a new game of sea-croquet at Durdle Door using these?
  9. And it shows movement with the doors open...
  10. I had several pieces of timber left over from woodworking projects over the years. Seemed like a good time to try and make something from them as they have been hanging around 'in case I need them'. The alternative was to put them on the woodburner. So a small side table has resulted, and earned me several Brownie points.
  11. A question for Chris re the colour of wines: I had a biopsy taken on Thursday and the consultant said that when my stream was a pale rosé, I could go back on the blood thinners. Which wine would be recommended as a suitable guide for a pale pink? He didn't mention that claret may be in the equation to start with! Actually this could be the basis of another set of questions; "Put the following wines in order, from white / yellow to red." Then give a list of several wines. Thanks, G
  12. Two lifting bridges? Do both of them work? If not, you must have based it on Poole!! Can you check if there is a crushed van under one of the bridges as well...
  13. 20+ years ago a test container train was run from Poole. Before it could do so, the footbridge next to the crossing in the High Street had to be altered to ensure safe passage. Since then a new footbridge has been installed over the Hamworthy spur, near the ferry terminal, despite the track being currently unused. I would hope they took container trains into account before constructing it. There is quite a long length of track that could be used to assemble a train load of containers. Not quite sure how they would load them on to the line, and at which point. Currently the line is fenced off where the port access road crosses it, and then the road runs parallel to the line for entry to the port for cars. I'm not sure how far the track continues beyond the crossing towards the harbour, so there may not be room for a quick solution if it was decided to use the railway. Using the railway would solve a lot of other problems, such as lack of motorway / dual carriageways into Poole, and issues with the volume of lorries in residential areas. Of course those backing on to the track may then complain....
  14. Your wish has been granted Ed. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-50632439
  15. Trun

    BF Refits 2018-19

    That's so it can be read in a rear view mirror.
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