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  1. Wow! 222 metres high! That's quite some conversion.
  2. In 1568 Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter to make Poole a county, hence why it still has a mayor and a sheriff, although no longer a ceremonial county. Each of the three towns still has a mayor each despite being lumped together as BCP. Perhaps they'll go for an elected mayor one day.
  3. The Bournemouth University is in Poole anyway.... Poole is a county, just to confuse things.
  4. Yes there's no beating about the bush with the present...
  5. Here's a candidate for one of the worst Christmas songs, but it does have something going for it I suppose. I first heard it in the Ropemakers pub in Bridport and having never heard it before, I just had to search it out.
  6. How about A Christmas Song by Jethro Tull? Not exactly a nice catchy tune that will play in shops though....
  7. In 2016 or 2017 a new footbridge was built over the track a bit further up, with the intention that the track could be used. The metal railings wouldn't take long to remove if needed to. I've no idea where any intended freight traffic would start / finish from on this track, or what would be required to bring it into use, but a container train was used to test this branch and on via the mainline several years ago.
  8. There is a rail line into the port area in Poole, and can be seen as the brown line in the photo. It would need some work at the port end to bring it into use, but the rails themselves are still in place. The new residents of the housing just below the arrowed area would welcome rail transport as there is a plan for a new road around their houses to come into the port area.
  9. Well Poole has a very short distance from rail to ferry, but would need some work to make it workable. Here's an aerial shot, courtesy of Apple Maps. The railway is the brown bit just above New Harbour Road West, and goes over the road just north of the roundabout, heading east for a short distance.
  10. Trun

    2021 Timetables

    I think you mean the EHIC card. If not, the E111 was replaced by EHIC several years ago.
  11. Ed, surely that should have been in the 'Little Light Relief...' topic? 🙂
  12. When the coronavirus situation is over, hopefully the RNLI College will re-open. It is operated as a hotel with a restaurant and a café bar, as well as a hotel and training centre. The public is welcome to eat there without booking (may change after the crisis I suppose). The food is good and reasonably priced. The hotel rooms look well appointed, but probably more expensive than a Travelodge or Premier Inn. Could be good for an overnight stay before travelling on Barfleur, when the old girl returns. In addition to the restaurant etc it is possible to stay in the hotel, although the
  13. Seems strange that the first sailing is from Poole, not from Cherbourg.
  14. Not Poole yet to get to France. Still only freight to Spain.
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