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  1. Or contraceptive pills for the local tom-cat.
  2. I ordered a pack a couple of days ago - 2 packs arrived with the same Royal Mail tracking number. Stocks will go quickly if that continues!
  3. How about the 1964 film, 'Night Train to Paris'. I've never seen it, but it is supposed to have scenes of the train being loaded on to a ferry at Dover. https://moreobscuretrainmovies.movie.blog/2021/05/01/night-train-to-paris-1964/
  4. You could try to make your own - shellac dissolved in methylated spirits.
  5. Perhaps they're growing a mulberry harbour?
  6. The Caen canal with waves provided by power from laid up ferries? Or Tahiti.
  7. The video part is not available "Ce contenu n'est pas disponible depuis votre pays."
  8. Right, I'm off to the opticians - I read this as '...Flying Ferrets'!!
  9. Does that mean gîte accommodation is classified as private and need this authority? Would this also include inclusive ferry/rental holidays too?
  10. She was sitting in Poole this morning when I had my 2nd jab. Last time it was the Cotentin. Perhaps they are being used to entertain people being jabbed. No sign of any activity around her today though, but I did see 1 LK Walter's lorry heading over Poole Bridge away from the port.
  11. Wait and see is about right for the Condor website. It was sooooo slooooow yesterday!
  12. Perhaps a spot of advertising might help get some trade. The temporary Poole St Malo route does not appear on the BF website timetables, and the Poole Harbour Commissioners don't mention the route in their news. Meanwhile Armorique has been in Poole all day.
  13. The cynic in me would say that you would get insurance, but you wouldn't be covered!!
  14. Do you top up from a nominated bank account, or any old debit card? If an account, can you get money credited back to it?
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