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  1. Or contraceptive pills for the local tom-cat.
  2. I ordered a pack a couple of days ago - 2 packs arrived with the same Royal Mail tracking number. Stocks will go quickly if that continues!
  3. How about the 1964 film, 'Night Train to Paris'. I've never seen it, but it is supposed to have scenes of the train being loaded on to a ferry at Dover. https://moreobscuretrainmovies.movie.blog/2021/05/01/night-train-to-paris-1964/
  4. You could try to make your own - shellac dissolved in methylated spirits.
  5. Perhaps they're growing a mulberry harbour?
  6. The Caen canal with waves provided by power from laid up ferries? Or Tahiti.
  7. The video part is not available "Ce contenu n'est pas disponible depuis votre pays."
  8. Right, I'm off to the opticians - I read this as '...Flying Ferrets'!!
  9. Does that mean gîte accommodation is classified as private and need this authority? Would this also include inclusive ferry/rental holidays too?
  10. She was sitting in Poole this morning when I had my 2nd jab. Last time it was the Cotentin. Perhaps they are being used to entertain people being jabbed. No sign of any activity around her today though, but I did see 1 LK Walter's lorry heading over Poole Bridge away from the port.
  11. Wait and see is about right for the Condor website. It was sooooo slooooow yesterday!
  12. Perhaps a spot of advertising might help get some trade. The temporary Poole St Malo route does not appear on the BF website timetables, and the Poole Harbour Commissioners don't mention the route in their news. Meanwhile Armorique has been in Poole all day.
  13. The cynic in me would say that you would get insurance, but you wouldn't be covered!!
  14. Do you top up from a nominated bank account, or any old debit card? If an account, can you get money credited back to it?
  15. The Devonia - formerly a troopship MV Devonshire. I came back from Malta in 1961 on that. It took a week to get to Southampton, with a very brief stop at Gibraltar (1 hour ashore I think). As a kid I was able to get away with the class system on board and used to play in the First Class play room. There weren't that many children aboard so it probably didn't matter much. Not sure about travelling the Bay of Biscay, but the portholes were all screwed down tight one evening, so maybe it was a bit rough overnight and I didn't notice.
  16. A sensible precaution. Surely when the card was set up there was a nominated feeder account from which money would be sent / credited back, and these details would be held securely by the card issuer. This does sound like a scam.
  17. I agree with previous comments; I like to see the timetable so that I can plan a few dates around other things such as booking a gîte (via BF or others), or an overnight hotel. It can't be that difficult as they've done it before! I won't be trying out the booking process yet though. Probably September at the very earliest in the current environment, if at all this year.
  18. Add Brighton Marina into the latter list, although passenger only ferries ever used it.
  19. So did I. I have had flu-like symptoms today though. Just to bring this post to be relevant to BF, I had mine in the Ferry Port in Poole. The BF counter was closed, and the Condor one was being used as part of the reception. Cotentin was tied up (for the weekend), and there were only 6 trailers on view, although I couldn't see the main lorry park as I was otherwise engaged! The whole vaccination process was well organised and they were due to do 800 there yesterday.
  20. Wow! 222 metres high! That's quite some conversion.
  21. In 2016 or 2017 a new footbridge was built over the track a bit further up, with the intention that the track could be used. The metal railings wouldn't take long to remove if needed to. I've no idea where any intended freight traffic would start / finish from on this track, or what would be required to bring it into use, but a container train was used to test this branch and on via the mainline several years ago.
  22. There is a rail line into the port area in Poole, and can be seen as the brown line in the photo. It would need some work at the port end to bring it into use, but the rails themselves are still in place. The new residents of the housing just below the arrowed area would welcome rail transport as there is a plan for a new road around their houses to come into the port area.
  23. Well Poole has a very short distance from rail to ferry, but would need some work to make it workable. Here's an aerial shot, courtesy of Apple Maps. The railway is the brown bit just above New Harbour Road West, and goes over the road just north of the roundabout, heading east for a short distance.
  24. Trun

    2021 Timetables

    I think you mean the EHIC card. If not, the E111 was replaced by EHIC several years ago.
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