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  1. I quite agree with neilcvx as I do not find French prices expensive and remember if you pay with a UK card you also get what amounts to a 13% discount at present. With regard to BF prices I consider them to be very reasonable, for example this summer a return trip in July/August was only £233 including cabins each way. Very good value!
  2. Peter C

    Balance Payment

    My experience of living in France is that payments by cheque is much more common than in the UK. For example In Supermarkets the practice is widely used, but mainly by the older generation. It is not surprising then that different arrangements may be in place for BF's French and English customers.
  3. Peter C

    Day Cabin Prices

    £18 on Barfleur if that's of any assistance. PS Not trying to make a point about Barfleur!
  4. Just my personal observations watching from Barfleur Hawser, the tug is very small as tugs go. If the ferry's side thruster is below par as well that will not help. I don't think it is anything to do with Barfleur's ability to sail through heavy seas. However unlikely we will ever know but I will try asking on our next trip towards the end of April.
  5. In high winds I believe Barfleur has problems leaving the berth due to the fact that the tug "Herbert Ballam" is not up the the job of providing proper assistance. This has been a problem for many years. With regard to Barfleur's sea keeping my experience is that it is very good.
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