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  1. Do you have any inside information on the calculation and pricing of the Siem RoRos? Two of them are still under construction.
  2. when all the newly ordered ferries arrive, a bevy of older tonnage will hit the market. Maybe DFDS will jiump on it and replace the King and Princess with a former Superfast or similar. But that is pure speculation, newbuilds for the route are not on the horizon for the next 4-5 years.
  3. the forward deckhouse with the Bridge has also found its place. She is starting to look like a ship. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1609278702508051&set=pcb.2204840029834805&type=3&theater
  4. No sailings from Rosslare in 2019. They will concentrate on the Yeats going from Dublin to Cherbourg. https://www.irishferries.com/uk-en/news-listing/information-rosslare-france-2019/?fbclid=IwAR2eN3QQWQ37XF2aE_v4fLrrlBorB4d6YtWOa7N7dfrRaQ2OFnCDdyOd27g
  5. Meyer still has limited space in the small building dock, where the Saga ship(s) is going to be built. FSG in Flensburg also has slots.
  6. children should just be prohibited. And why are they traveling? They should be in school!
  7. maybe Moby has decided that for their routes and schedules they do not need fast ferries.
  8. if your trip is later than march 12th you could use Regina Line between Harwhich and Esbjerg. Be aware, this may be a bogus number like Euroferries.
  9. Ramsgate always has the disadvantage of the longer trip, whereas you can't charge higher rates for it. I cannot imagine an established operator of moving there.
  10. down again? for good? Hardly any traffic there anyway.
  11. they will have seven ships in Dover: three on the Dunkerque route and four to Calais. I am sure Malo Seaways (ex Stena Nordica) is the first to go. Calais seaways and the Ferrylink-Twins will stay and then we will see. Hard times for P&O.
  12. aren't you int the wrong thread? pics of Barfleur with scrubbers anybody?
  13. for the 18month charter they won't do much. If she does well and DFDS maybe buy her, they could invest in more passenger capacity. The main business is freight anyway and she does have 2.000 lanemeters.
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