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  1. Creditors' committee, self-administration and administration fight for the ship newbuilding 774: new offer for completion of the Honfleur. They submitted a new proposal to finish the ship to the financing institutions. It is unclear wether that would mean that BF would be the buyer in the end. https://www.seereisenportal.de/news/kreuzfahrt-news-schifffahrtsnachrichten/fsg-glaeubigerausschuss-eigenverwaltung-und-sachwaltung-kaempfen-um-den-schiffsneubau-774-neues-an/
  2. And that is where she will stay. Poole to Cherbourg is not going to operate this summer. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/18536247.poole-cherbourg-ferry-route-will-not-operate-summer/?fbclid=IwAR24wwvHATmIs4kyLgcXyqJE862mypd3aC2k9UGPnYhHgK-jf5mt369pR0E That space in Caen is where she was already laid up some years ago. And stayed there for quite a while.
  3. those deposits are usually covered with bank guarantees. Of course there would have to be a legitimate reason to cancel - but that is given, with the long delay and the insolvency of the Yard.
  4. Several media confirm the cancellation. A link was posted by me on the previous page of this thread.
  5. it seems Britanny ferries has terminated the Building contract with FSG for Honfleur: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/schiffbau-flensburg-laufender-bauvertrag-bei-flensburger-werft-fsg-gekuendigt-dpa.urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-200618-99-478018?fbclid=IwAR20HexcOzfO27mbEvzQJEoJYdvMRNxF65boMHzenX7Zzj4QTGSxgvIMfVQ
  6. Unlikely. It‘s not that important after all.
  7. Most likely BF could buy her unfinished and have her finished someplace else. Just as happened to the two scandlines ferries „Berlin“ and „Rostock“ five years ago. After a long struggle they were finished at Fayard.
  8. FSG. Currently the insolvency is „unter Eigenregie“ which means FSG management is still in charge (albeit the CEO left the company two weeks ago), but a supervisor is appointed. They have a limited time period in which to raise new capital. If that fails, a formal bankrupcy would follow, but even than Honfleur would still be owned by FSG and an appointed administrator would decide if he wanted to finish Honfleur or sell her „as is“.
  9. It is a system in which a company is under supervision and protected from its creditors in order to renegotiate and restructure obligations.
  10. FSG is going to file for Insolvency tomorrow. https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/schleswig-holstein/Flensburg-FSG-will-Insolvenz-anmelden,fsg302.html
  11. the Rauma-Yard never was Meyer Turku. The two Yards were one company as STX Europe and had one south korean owner. The Turku Yard was then sold to Meyer and the Rauma-yard supposedly closed. Then they reopened it and they are quite successfull today. I do not know who owns the Rauma-yard today.
  12. in relation to her size, a DWT of more than 5.000 is hardly feasible. Must be a mistake just like the data on Bretagne.
  13. Bretagne only has DWT 2.950, Barfleur has 4.130. They are the smallest ships in the fleet. Best data source is faktaomfartyg.se
  14. There was a workers meeting on thursday and it was announced that the new ICG ferry and the tasmanian Twins will be built in Flensburg. Agreements with the clients have been reached and financing is also secured. Apparently, 100 employees have to go on short work until next year. There was no word on Honfleur but obviously work is progressing and she will be ready sometime by the end of the year. The next RoRo is ready to be launched and it will be interesting to see if they start work on the next ICG boat Right away, although I have not heard of any steel cutting ceremonies. https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/schleswig-holstein/Kurzarbeit-bei-der-FSG-Betriebsrat-erleichtert,fsg284.html
  15. I asked that question on a german board and was told that the logo is indeed just covered to protect it. Leevsten has been handed over to Siem on friday last week and will probably leave soon.
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