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  1. Re: BF Captains Two more to add to your list D.J.71 ....... Captain Cyrille Fabry is on Normandie Express. Captain Olivier Macoin is on Normandie.
  2. Re: BF Captains Indeed he was Brigitte, and a very nice man too. He's now on Cap Finistére.
  3. Re: Down Memory Lane Yep, I think you might be dreaming Patrick! It was as QotS writes not Bretagne, or your trip wasn't ".... one morning after Christmas." According to Bretagne’s history (found on this site ~ check it out yourself for her full history) ....... ! “In March 2004 Brittany Ferries launched a new service between Portsmouth and Cherbourg. The Bretagne was joined by the Val de Loire at the same time, and both ships operated in tandem on the St Malo and Cherbourg service for the year. During September 2004 the Bretagne returned to her home waters after 11 years away, taking over services between Plymouth and Roscoff following the sale of the Duc de Normandie.”
  4. Re: Down Memory Lane 1993. Hint Imprimerie: Click on 'Fleet' (above), highlight and click on the name of the ship you need to know about. 8-)
  5. Re: Down Memory Lane Not absolutely sure my printer friend, but I think this period in the 20th century was about as busy as it got. 'SeaLink' were almost running a shuttle service ~ from Weymouth with a Channel Island link too, maily due to the rail link to Weymouth. Not forgetting BF and their (comparatively) new service after buying Barfleur from Truckline. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will put me right. I wasn't a regular ferry user until after my illness in the mid 1990's! (L)
  6. Re: Down Memory Lane Unless of course, we're discussing a British ferry, then it's a 'she'! 8-) Like the 'Earl Granville' for instance!
  7. Re: Down Memory Lane I appreciate that smartie but if you look at the photo below, you'll see that all down her/its stern quarter is written SEALINK British Ferries. Does that imply that she/it is not French?
  8. Re: Down Memory Lane There were ~ according to http://www.photoship.co.uk ~ nine Earl Granville's owned by Sealink. She struck a (charted) rock off Cherbourg at 04.50 on August 19th, 1989 at low water. She spent several months undergonig repair. She was, at the time of the accident, carrying 707 passengers and 170 vehicles from Portsmouth. I thought ships were supposedly 'female'? In this case, EARL Granville is a bird!!!
  9. Re: DOWN MEMORY Lane Thanks Canberra97, yes, I used Barfleur from Poole, and still do ~ but wont travel on a 'fastcat' again(!) ~ because of geography. I live only 30 minutes west of Poole and need to get only 20 miles from Cherbourg. (See reply below). There is certainly a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from BFE members, like yourself, and it is appreciated. I'll certainly check out the site you mention.
  10. Re: DOWN MEMORY Lane Thanks for that H.T., as this thread implies, brings back lots of memories. I first travelled on Cotentin, when she belonged to Truckline, in 1976 on my very first trip to Cherbourg. The late owner of Truckline, Peter Alsebrook, was a very good friend and I was invited to join a committee that was put together by him to set up a 'twinning' with St. Vaast la Hougue (20 miles east of Cherbourg). She was mainly a freight ferry, but would accept the 'private' traveller in limited numbers, very comfortable and the food was absolutely brilliant. She sure knew how to keep the 'truckers' coming back.
  11. Re: DOWN MEMORY Lane Thanks for that Kasabian, I knew I'd get an answer from someone on here. Up until January '09, I'd only ever used Barfleur.
  12. Re: DOWN MEMORY Lane Appreciate that fact Kasabian, so the present Amorique was purchased as a new ferry at a later date, not as a replacement at the time. So, is there a reason for using the same name? Is it BF's tradition do you know?
  13. Re: DOWN MEMORY Lane Forgive me prfd, but was she replaced by the present Amorique, presently headed for Ouistreham then? *-) Is there a reason for keeping the same name, do you know?
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