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  1. Mine has been ordered a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Her cabins on decks 1 and 2 are her downside today, but she is 30 years old, agree totally there's nothing that can be done. I always travel with my car and it was really good to see the deck 5 looking like new, wonderful work during last refit.
  3. Beautiful pics Jim, a lot lighter on the right, therefore showing her classic lines much better, the new logo is fabulous and particularly smart on "Bretagne's" funnel. A true "Paquebot" with a modern look.
  4. It was intentional Gareth, very smart agree with you.
  5. Very interesting text, three very elegant liners mentioned here.
  6. As you all surely know, she is nicknamed the "Paquebot" by her crew members. It's all a question of taste of course, I personally think she never looked more a liner than now and this is a lot to do with the new livery. The idea behind the new livery was to give a more modern look to the ships, which was successful in my opinion again. I think with time a lot of people will change their minds, sometimes it takes time to adapt to these changes. I think the photo attached is a clear example of her "Liner" profile, at Saint-Malo 21.1.2020
  7. I have sailed twice on "BRETAGNE" this year, the ship looks amazing, the new livery suits her lines perfectly, already a legend, "BRETAGNE" is here to stay to the delight of her many many loyal followers. Well done to BF and her crew for keeping "BRETAGNE" on top. Photo taken at Saint-Malo, 21.1.2020
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