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  1. Re: Who are you?... (Introduce yourself) Just realised that I never actually introduced myself. PRFD is for Patrick - but always known as Pat. Born in Malvern, Worcestershire - moved to Gosport aged 11 - bought my first house in Lee on the Solent in 1964. First visit to France was a twinning and I fell in love with a Breton girl. Moved to Paris in '74 and, after five years, moved to the Vosges, with the same company. I qualified as a Chartered Engineer (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) Was resident engineer for the first two M&S stores in France (Lyon & Paris
  2. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates I do not believe that Eurotunel should be permitted to have any connection with ferry operations. I'm sure we all know how the French stopped the tunnel from going broke and are now prepared to do anything to achieve dominance on the Eastern Channel.
  3. Re: Vegetarian food in France When I went to live in France (nearly 40 years ago) I decided to try the local fare. Frog's legs - like mini chicken legs. Will never order again. Escargot - a bit chewey but, with garlic butter, I put them in my favorite list. There are other dishes. Before I went to France, I had not had 'escalope a la creme', now it is also in my favorite list (with Calvados or Armangac)
  4. Re: Who are you?... (Introduce yourself) My, now estranged, wife learnt to drive in France. When she came back to the UK, she needed to take a UK test. She had a French registered 403 and the examiner opened the door and tried to sit on her lap.
  5. Re: Brittany Ferries "new Service" The Torpoint Ferry to Spain... Having a sat-nav has never interested me. Give me a map and I will memorise my route. I have done many thousand of miles visiting clients in Eorope. I admit to being lost once. I left Saarbrucken and needed to go to Luxembourg. I got on an Autobahn and soon realised that I was going north rather than west. Soon solved with the assistance of road workers.
  6. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates Do you follow the French business news? You might be concerned (surprised) to know which 'French' companies are foreign owned. Play up PSG - enjoy your foreign money.
  7. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card The last time that I needed Euros, I got a better rate at HSBC than the one offered at the Post Office.
  8. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card and the Post Office card is issued by? Begorrah
  9. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card omg 8-)
  10. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card Probably run by the likes of MNBA (as are many of them - ignore what the logo says) = no thank you. None of these cards are doing it for free! Just a sales gimic (clever wording). ps Could be Santender - like many store cards.
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