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  1. I wonder if this has any relevance to the Debit/Credit card reader problems on the PA & CAP?
  2. Though will 2020 bookings be sluggish in light of a possible no deal departure from the EU?
  3. Thanks for your info. Off in a couple of weeks time, I've booked a two berth deluxe cabin forward on deck 8, hope that's OK, same cabin out and back, coming back in mid October so hope the Biscay is still calm then. Bit concerned you mention that some cars are stowed on open deck areas.
  4. Ten years of Pont Aven to Santander I've decided to try the Cap Finistere out and back to Bilbao in a coupe of weeks. Any tips, advice most welcome, dinning, best time to arrive at Portsmouth (from Guildford). I notice that the new BF website does not show onboard menus anymore.
  5. I follow BF on Twitter, (@BrittanyFerries) there isn’t any official BF remark regarding the PA status.
  6. Very good and important point.
  7. Spot on info. Halifax and Nationwide no charged EU use and you get the bank rate for the conversion. Avoid Amex.
  8. There are quite a few unbelievable and careless driving videos of Russian cars & trucks on YouTube, Viewer beware, some are quite horrendous, I drove a truck from the UK around the iron curtain some 30 years ago, a bit hairy!
  9. One of the most informative readings unfortunately its not available on Kindle for anyone contemplating a holiday read!
  10. Quite the contrary, no electric lighting, no clean water (I was having a shower at the time and ended up with brown water coming out of the shower wand) and obviously no propulsion. And no safety announcement which I questioned but got the Gallic shrug!
  11. I experienced last June, drifting with no engine power for about 20 plus minutes on board the Pont Aven whilst within the Bay of Biscay.
  12. The BA Crew on the Malaga route originate from Scotland (Edinburgh?), they always seem very happy, yes we still get free food and drinks and it's operated by BA City Flyer. Though I do prefer the Pont or Cap for my journeys, so peaceful and comfortable.
  13. I fly to Malaga regularly using British Airways from London City Airport and twice yearly Brittany Ferries to Santander/Bilbao. I cannot fault British Airways flying from LCY and Malaga. I also endorse the high standard of BF's customer service. Thats a win win! 🛳 ✈️
  14. Interesting article on FB regarding this mystery ferry co https://www.facebook.com/groups/963579693754088/permalink/1793471127431603/
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