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  1. merc

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    Interesting article on FB regarding this mystery ferry co https://www.facebook.com/groups/963579693754088/permalink/1793471127431603/
  2. merc

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Sounds like logistical support for a rather large man in a red coat who has a sleigh pulled by reindeer! (He is real, isn't he?)
  3. merc

    BF survey

    London City to Malaga and return for two people is 20,000 avois points + £60.00 tax.
  4. merc

    We need to talk about speed...

    I agree, when BF introduced the Pont Aven, an around one or two hour departure delay on a Portsmouth Spain voyage would have been made up (subject to weather conditions), these days there doesn't seem to be such an inertia to make up lost time. But, it's worth mentioning, I've been looking back at my old BF Santander bookings and BF have done extremely well at keeping the travel cost down. So they must have quote : realised how much money was going up the funnel !
  5. merc

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    Customs transit seals are one thing but are not intended to "lock" a trailer/truck cargo door. There are armoured padlocks costing around £50 that are immune to bolt croppers.
  6. merc

    Cabin Cleaning

    Regretfully, I have agree with the consensus that the standard of cabin cleanliness has dropped over the recent years. But, like most contracted out operations, standards are determined by the contracted £ rate paid. Though, bearing that in mind, at over £500 for just two nights accommodation in a De-luxe or Commodore cabin on the Spanish routes in high season, BF need to look at companies like Melia and compare customer standards.
  7. merc

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    comentariile nechibzuite
  8. merc

    Pont Aven Commodore

    I've never found the Commodore lounge very inviting, though the coffee is good ☕
  9. I sampled the IPA you mentioned on the PA, enjoyed 3 pints and then realised its over 6% 😊 🍺
  10. merc

    Onboard spa/beauty treatments

    The PA "beauty team" were constantly touting for punters on Wednesday 4th. Not many takers.
  11. Pont Aven Plymouth->Santander Just got up to take a shower when the following occurrence (Monday 4th June) 07:30 total power failure, electrics and propulsion boat started to drift within minutes 07:45 first and only reassurance announcement but not broadcast in cabins 07:45 emergency escape lighting appears 08:00 engines restarted followed by a slow move off. From there on for a while, black water in the shower and basin. No further announcements, boat due 1 hour late into Santander.
  12. merc

    Fuel Prices in Santander?

  13. merc

    2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Just booked 2018 summer sailings via phone (27/06) phone lines very busy as commodore and deluxe cabins going fast.
  14. At the moment I am reading Boris Jonson's "The Churchill Factor", so far, it is a compulsive read. Sadly though the attack at Mers-el-Kébir by the British Navy resulted in in the French Battleship Bretagne being hit badly and exploded, killing the majority of her crew. The wreck was eventually raised in 1952 and broken up for scrap. The raid resulted in the deaths of 1,297 French sailors. It is an evil thing war, I hope that the MV Bretagne sails on for a long time as a tribute to the sad loss.
  15. merc

    Pont Aven 28/05/2017

    Professional coward here...the term the wife was a slight "Freudian Slip" no doubt a trip to the perfume area etc will pacify "my dear wife"