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  1. Having booked for next year, I was pleasantly surprised how heavy the bookings are for September 2022 outbound via Plymouth (PA) and homeward to Portsmouth (Galicia) October 2022. A confidence vote in BF and covid vaccine immunity?
  2. My Father was a wireless op on the Queen Mary's troopship runs. I do recollect him telling me that it wasn't an enjoyable experience, the ship's speed was a comforting thought to avoid the U Boats
  3. Also, I wonder if the Gully Gully men still exist at the beginning of the canal ?
  4. Yes my Father was a civilian working in Singapore 1955 to 1967, we as family went out on the Blue Funnel line Alcenos, Liverpool to Singapore via Suez . Then home on leave twice on the two Norddeutscher Lloyd boats. Still remember it even though I am now 71. Even saw one or two abandoned German tanks along the canal that had been sand blasted by desert winds 10 years on from the end of WW2. Oh and off topic, we also flew Singapore to London in a BOAC Bristol Britannia took I think about 36 hours albeit with 7 stops.
  5. I wonder if Bumboats still exist for passage through the Suez? I'm going back 60 odd years since I went through on the MV Bremen & the MV Schwabenstien.
  6. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?
  7. I thought that complaint had been eradicated, though, my Aunt Dolly always used to rub an ointment in that area when I used to get it!
  8. I wonder if this has any relevance to the Debit/Credit card reader problems on the PA & CAP?
  9. Though will 2020 bookings be sluggish in light of a possible no deal departure from the EU?
  10. Thanks for your info. Off in a couple of weeks time, I've booked a two berth deluxe cabin forward on deck 8, hope that's OK, same cabin out and back, coming back in mid October so hope the Biscay is still calm then. Bit concerned you mention that some cars are stowed on open deck areas.
  11. Ten years of Pont Aven to Santander I've decided to try the Cap Finistere out and back to Bilbao in a coupe of weeks. Any tips, advice most welcome, dinning, best time to arrive at Portsmouth (from Guildford). I notice that the new BF website does not show onboard menus anymore.
  12. I follow BF on Twitter, (@BrittanyFerries) there isn’t any official BF remark regarding the PA status.
  13. Very good and important point.
  14. Spot on info. Halifax and Nationwide no charged EU use and you get the bank rate for the conversion. Avoid Amex.
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