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  1. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates If that's really the case then they are remarkably naive.
  2. Re: eurosewer But isn't this a bit more political than shopping in Tescos ?
  3. Re: eurosewer I think the arguments of CP and Peter illustrate very well the point that's been raised in the past on this subject. The Central European "way" of preserving economic interest is often based on more interventionist principles compared to Anglo-Saxon perspectives. Often, these are indirect so that they try to avoid legal obstacles such as that horror word, "subsidy". Reference MFL and the "vehicle" that was used to "save" / "support" / "rescue" / "keep alive" / "make it work" / "maintain pride" / "keep a presence", etc; it's a quiz - so use whatever word or phrase you
  4. Re: Vegetarian food in France Quite. It's not very refined or healthy though and I think that's the point that their cuisine has to catch up with today's expectations for vegetarian food.
  5. Re: Vegetarian food in France And Snails and Frogs legs etal plus some of their really disgusting Andouillette (sorry to my French friends and colleagues). I'm not hot on their Seafood either (but that's definitely a personal choice). Everything else is just great but beware if you ask for a healthy eating alternative. We took some business visitors out for an evening meal in a chic Nantes bistro recently. The "standard" food was generally good but I just wanted something a little less calorific with a steak so asked for veg only - I was served a delightful veg mix dripping with o
  6. Re: Vegetarian food in France Exactly. There are some but it can be difficult to find a "healthy eating" or vegetarian option on many French restaurant menus. It will probably expand more generally over the coming few years.
  7. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates That'll be the day we worry less about money and more about the sustainability of our industries
  8. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates It seems that they may get their €10M: http://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/myferrylink-obtient-le-versement-des-10-millions-deuros-dindemnites
  9. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates From today's Mer et Marine: http://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/my-ferry-link-la-scop-reclame-le-versement-de-plus-de-9-millions-deuros
  10. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates NPC in its new colours. http://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/le-freteur-npc-presente-sa-nouvelle-livree-calais
  11. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates NPC is back: http://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/myferrylink-le-nord-pas-de-calais-reprend-du-service
  12. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates Won't this become an issue of national pride and principle ? Maybe someone will find the money ?
  13. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates I entirely agree, they have a great deal of face to gain. For all the hype of ex SeaFrance unions and staff etc they helped bring down what was a perfectly good service. State labour laws helped that along equally. Brings back memories of the SNCM too. I suspect money will be found one way or another to keep them going as a question of principle. Maybe one hurdle will also be the regulatory environment. It was a bit daft flying the ET flag though !
  14. Re: My Ferry Link Updates Didn't somebody like LD run that until a year or so ago ?
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