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  1. A little bird told me that things are stirring so watch this space...... Chris
  2. No Gareth, and her name doesn’t end in itch either...🤣 (as in Ivanavic, I just realised that could be interpreted as the B word) Chris But of course that’s going off topic - silly me...😳
  3. Although I somehow think this story hasn’t yet run it’s full course hf_uk, crisis management comes to mind.... Chris
  4. We get on very well now Dave, more a brother/sister relationship especially as she only lives 15 miles down the road and enjoys her wine, but honeymoon photos would be asking too much.... And the answer would most likely end in ....off! Chris
  5. Hi Dave, Without spending hours delving into cyberspace here is a starter for ten with some information and a few photos. Having spent the first 26 years of my life using Townsend/Thoreson/P&O European Ferries for our annual family holidays in Europe (rather like Gareth), I was tempted by the BF offering from Plymouth to Roscoff for the start of honeymoon number 1 back in June 1986. I've probably a few photos somewhere but most of them were lost in the revolution (divorce), I remember her as being pleasant rather than spectacular - that's Tregastel and not my first wife by the way....🤣. The return trip from Ouistreham was quite different, we adored the Duc de Normandie, such a breath of fresh air compared to the Super Vikings and so very French. One day I would love to head down to southern Spain for a trip down memory lane and take one last crossing on her in the current guise as Vrondskiy but I doubt it will happen. You might also take a look at hhvferry's website, a mine of information that's both useful and useless at the same time, unless of course you're a ferry nutcase! Hope this helps, Chris https://brittany-seas-ships.jimdofree.com/brittany-ferries-past-fleet/tregastel/
  6. I knew Cary Grant was from Bristol as that's where I'm from originally, and living now near Portsmouth (if and when we can get back there!!!) the Charles Dickens question was good, but cheated to find the Archie Leach link.. Chris
  7. Well done Ed but I turned it into a saturday morning quiz. Having done one of these recently I don't think some folk realise quite how much time these take to compile so thanks once again for all your efforts. I managed 33 points but on further research it looks as though Stephen Fry was born in Hampstead, London and brought up in Norwich so I might go for 34.... Chris
  8. I love the ingenuity involved. This is how one of our French customers evaded the « keep of the roads » order recently....🤣 Chris
  9. If reincarnation does exist, I’m not coming back as an anglerfish...🤪 Chris
  10. Whatever it is I suggest it shouldn’t be tampered with, not even with melted butter, garlic and fresh mayonnaise! Take it back to Waitrose and your Dad should qualify for a years supply of free prawns 🦐 Chris
  11. Blimey - thar wouldn’t be allowed today Gareth. What is scary is I spent my first 2 years of gainful employment working in Le Havre for a firm of ships chandlers, out every Sunday night to France and back Friday afternoon. That would be 1978 and 1979, my life could have been in the hands of a spotty teenager and future BFE moderator....🤣 That’s assuming you had a go with the steering wheel... Chris
  12. Was that captain Chris J Clark who was the Master of Europic ferry during the battle of San Carlos water during the Falklands war Gareth? That would make his usual Portsmouth - Cherbourg run seem quite a doddle. I well remember his tannoy announcements prior to sailing on either Pride of Winchester or Pride of Cherbourg... Chris
  13. Are you quite sure you paid for that pool Ed or did you sneak out under curfew and just nick it? I would cover it up for now just in case the helicopter spots it..🤣 Chris
  14. Tesco? Never heard of them...
  15. Absolutely spot on Neil. Blanc de Noirs (white wine made with red skinned grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier) tends not to change colour much when aged in tank whereas Blanc de Blancs made from Chardonnay grapes will go a straw/yellow colour with age. Remember that Champagne can be made with wines from different vintages so it becomes still wine first, then stuck in a tank for several years before being bottled, more yeast added and the secondary fermentation starts creating those fine bubbles. A visit to a Champagne house is well worth it if you're in that part of France but are some of the top names worth the staggering prices they ask? In my humble opinion, after over 30 years tasting and spitting out the stuff - no!!! Completely useless information, but I always thought Dom Perignon Champagne should be the dogs whatsits, currently priced at around 150€ per bottle, but when I found out they now produce over 2 million bottles of the stuff. no way José... Chris
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