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  1. Fine Whine

    What happened to Amorique ex Roscoff 23rd April?

    Hi Stu I think you’re confusing her afternonn departure with the usual Monday morning manœuvres that allow Cap Finisterre on the berth for her regular crew change, meaning Armorique has to pootle out in the bay for a couple of hours. I was on the sailing at 15h00 yesterday, régulation crossing, regulation course..... Chris
  2. Because Epsilon is an integral part of Dublin-Holyhead during the week Jonno; she only comes to Cherbourg on Sundays. Gareth did of course warn us months ago of the dangers of launching a new vessel mid-season..... Chris
  3. Fine Whine

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Me too Ed, otherwise someone will be slapping on a Pol tax Chris
  4. Fine Whine

    Onboard Menus

    Judging by the number of trailers loaded with the small square BF containers that I get stuck behind when on my way to work every Sunday morning I would suggest not hf_uk, but maybe you know otherwise..... As I’m sure you are aware there are large BF warehouses here in Roscoff and Ouistreham so it doesn’t make much sense to send supplies across the channel (although I’m sure the rates would be preferential) to load in the UK when it’s so much easier to lob everything on here in France - I don’t recall seeing a storage facility at Millbay docks either but could be wrong. Chris
  5. Fine Whine

    Onboard Menus

    I’ve been led to believe the Connemara will be receiving all provisions in Spain rather than Roscoff, another little wrinkle to get the unions agitated, so as Ed says the food offering may be different to the rest of the fleet. Chris
  6. Fine Whine

    Upside Down?

    Hi Tony, Here’s a blown up photo of the same vessel (credit Tony Weaver) with the red Ensign dressed correctly, so well spotted .. I’ll explain to the flagman where he’s gone wrong next Monday evening..... Chris
  7. Fine Whine

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    https://www.destinationhonfleur.com/en If you take a look at this link from Brittany Ferries dedicated to MV Honfleur it mentions keel laying as being around August of this year so I imagine there will be at least one further new build in the construction hall before she finally starts to take shape. Chris
  8. Fine Whine

    BF Refits 2017-18

    I agree Gareth but talking to Pat the other day it all happened in a storm, and with the bow thrusters going full throttle to push her off the berth the wash projecting back off the concrete jetty forced the ropes back underneath the stern and they were then sucked in from the starboard side, if that all makes sense! However unusual the circumstances it completely mullered the whole assembly and was put down to "one of those things". I think BF are hoping their insurance policy will cover the considerable costs incurred to date... Chris
  9. Fine Whine

    BF bear bothered by ban!

    So who fell for an April Fool today then....? Expecting to be opening this morning Fred my partner suggested I have a lie-in and he'd open instead.The joy was short lived when I got a text at 07h45 this morning to say a lovely Irish couple from Crosshaven we know very well had unexpectedly turned up on the way to their house on Lake Garda and could they stay the night. Of course I replied as they've done it before, even though there was a new young German Shepherd pup in the car, we have 2 dogs and 4 chickens and Mrs FW is in the UK until tomorrow. I should have twigged but rushed around making beds, cleaned the bathroom, tidied the previous night's supper, went to the bottle bank, on to Super U in Saint Pol to get lunch and then turn up to an empty shop with everyone creased up laughing at me... I have a dastardly plan for next year already....
  10. I can assure you Gareth the Irish will move heaven and earth not to miss a good breakfast, even if that means getting up at 5 in the morning! (ship's time)
  11. Well it's 15 minutes later than Ouistreham Gareth so they should think themselves lucky! - and going back quite a few years Ouistreham used to be a 06h30 morning arrival ..... But that's nothing compared to the 1990's when Stena Normandy was thrashing across to Cherbourg from Southampton doing 2 round trips a day. Leaving the UK at 23h59 (so they could charge night cabin rates) she arrived in Cherbourg at 05h00 French time and the jolly wake up music came on at 03h00 UK and ship's time. In theory she was back out to UK an hour later, to set sail for France again at 11h00. It was a completely unrealistic and unfair timetable to both crew and passengers alike, and I remember seeing her sailing past the Cherbourg breakwater 4 -5 hours behind schedule on busy holiday weekends. Chris
  12. Hi ccs 147, Thanks for the pics - muggins here will be opening at 06h30 tomorrow morning to welcome a few thirsty punters disembarking in Roscoff... I’ve just spotted you will be celebrating your 60th next year precisely 2 weeks before I do. Sláinte! Chris (24.04.59)
  13. Fine Whine

    Environmentally friendly???

    While I bow to your technical knowledge Jonno I am still thoroughly confused by this thread. This is an extract from the BF blog about Cap Finisterre and scrubbers. Chris If you've been following our blog then you'll already know that we've been carrying out an extensive programme of modifications to three of our ships this winter and spring... This work involves the installation of scrubbers - essentially gas filters - to Normandie, Cap Finistère, and Barfleur, allowing them to burn cost-effective heavy fuel oil, whilst still complying with new, stringent regulations applying to ships' emissions. Cap Finistère's funnelCap Finistère recently returned to operation following her refit, and whether you're standing on the shore, or travelling on board, you'll notice a number of modifications and improvements. And many of them you may not notice at all.
  14. Fine Whine

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Well we'll find out soon enough Ed......
  15. Fine Whine

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Hi SC, You obviously have some cast iron facts and sources and will probably turn out to be 100% correct. However I spent half an hour talking to the hotel manager from Normandie yesterday and his interpretation was the delayed new blades (with the ubiquitous "Made in China" stamped on them) would not be fitted until the next dry docking at the end of the year. As he pointed each one is extremely heavy; BF have a blog somewhere showing winter maintenance on one of the ships with a good photo of the thruster assembly, but it's something like this: I can't for the life of me envisage how even a team of divers could safely and securely attach these monsters, but only time will tell.... Chris