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  1. And you can even pre-programme the heating or cooling to get the car to the right temperature before you leave home which, while something of an unessential luxury, might actually prove its worth over time..... if it’s that clever Ed then maybe there’s a programme for a « Full English », piping hot, bacon perfectly cooked, soft eggs etc - you might even get BF interested ...🤣 Now that would be an essential luxury Chris
  2. “Confusing how to do the right thing” You’ve never spoken truer words Nodwad, hopefully by October the world will be a different place ....🤞 I don’t have much faith in politicians of any persuasion, let alone ex prime ministers but this clip made an awful lot of sense to me... Chris
  3. Steady on Bob, that would be asking too much! To be fair BF were very understanding and waived the amendment fee the next day, didn’t charge the extra for the following am sailing and honoured my free CV cabin as well. When good customer service works it’s one of life’s pleasures - it doesn’t always though..... Chris
  4. Going back on topic, I’ve been travelling back and forth between Cherbourg and Portsmouth all winter, but to say it’s been a minefield (and costly) is an understatement. I’ve used Boots for all my tests ex U.K., the PCR test started life at £120, it’s now down to £99 and apart from the very first one which was late and they immediately refunded the money, results have been back in around 24 hours. The acceptance now of an test Antigen is good, I had one 10 days ago again at Boots costing £59.99 with the result emailed in under 30 minutes so you can do it on your way to the ferry. The
  5. The journey, which began when the ferry left Millbay at 4:45pm on Sunday, June 6, saw a total of 807 passengers, 180 crew members and 421 vehicles make the crossing over the Atlantic" If she was crossing the Atlantic then New York would be a more likely destination .... Try English Channel/Celtic Sea/Bay of Biscay - never believe what you read in the press....😂 Chris
  6. Excellent photos Brigitte,.....👌 My eye was caught by the vessel just behind her - not a regular sight in Poole so I did a little digging and came across this.. https://www.yachtsinternational.com/yachts/the-art-of-elandess Now that’s one heck of a toy/houseboat/motorcruiser Chris
  7. Arrived back into U.K. yesterday morning from work. Currently self isolating in Emsworth until at least the test to release kicks in, was supposed to be heading back to work next Thursday, double Pfizer vaccination, been tested more times than you can shake a stick at but feeling more and more like a leper with Smallpox....😳 Chris
  8. A couple of photos of Voyager, she’s still in Cherbourg and looks very good in her new colours ( taken from a departing Galicia just now) Chris
  9. I'm not just here for the quality of my jokes! That's good to hear Ed, otherwise you would have been banned years ago ... Chris
  10. Gareth I've seen real croissants being made prior to baking and as Colin says you start with butter, add a little flour then more butter and flour and even more butter - ad infinitum I too really cannot understand why BF cannot procure a decent English Breakfast. Javea do you mean procure or produce? The problem here is all about timing - BF could probably procure Bert's best bangers if they wanted to, but to cook a proper English breakfast you need time. Imagine the indignation if -God forbid- the eggs were slightly overcooked, sausages not brown enough, bacon with no crispy skin...
  11. I feel sorry for the crew in these sort of conditions, whatever the company or route. Having just endured over 24 hours corkscrewing in all directions, 3 hours later they turn round to do it all again in the opposite direction..... Chris
  12. À bit breezy indeed. Estrid gave up trying to dock in Rosslare and headed up to Dublin Port instead. The WB Yeats was having a terrible time yesterday - the last big wave on this clip slightly rearranged the shop (big time) IMG_0206.mov apparently....😳 Chris
  13. Now that looks like fun...😁 Chris
  14. That depends on the fraction you’re referring to Ed. I’m aiming to get back to Emsworth a week tonight on Galicia, I’ve just done a trial booking with a bike against car - £40/ £119 plus the cost of accommodation. On the basis à bike limits your cheddar cheese/Branston Pickle/Marmite options on the return journey I could just have torpedoed your financial argument theory...😂 Chris
  15. I’ve just bought the Day 2/8 package from them this morning, aiming to get back to U.K. a week tonight and paid £98.90 for the privilege. Which is not an inconsiderable sum of money but much better than the £210 hit I got last time. Chris
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