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  1. I never did take much to big Eds....🥴 Chris
  2. After which I may be feeling a litlle flaky...
  3. It seems a perfect time to raise a glass of shampoo and toast the day ahead!
  4. The advantage of being an hour in front of the UK is you and I can waffle on Ed and nobody else takes any notice, especially Neil and his pronounced Scottish beurre...😂 Chris
  5. Dough! This thread will go pain-demic if we’re not careful...🤣 Chris
  6. I think you’ll find it’s normally 19.5 hours Wortley, leaving Plymouth at 15h45 local time, arriving Santander at 12h15 local time. Chris
  7. Well she’s not due in to Plymouth until 07h30 tomorrow morning so no wonder she’s in no hurry...., then out again heading south at 18h00. I think BF are heaving a huge sigh of relief she’s back in service at all 🙃 Chris
  8. Watching this video, I get the impression that it's quite a difficult process Nah Ed, easy peasy - it only takes just over 12 minutes .... Chris
  9. Oscar Wilde is now leaving British and Irish waters for the last time in the forseeable future, on her way to warmer climes in the Med and specifically Genoa - she'll be passing Lands End shortly and looking at AIS she said farewell to Rosslare by slowing down on her way past last night. She is a lovely old lady with style and class which is more than can be said of her replacement, and is already sorely missed by crew and passengers alike…. Chris
  10. Hi Tony,

    I've just posted an apology on the site but it's been taken down aleady. Please can I reiterate I hadn't even thought of you when I posted what was supposed to be a humerous reply to Eds comment; it was not intended to offend you personally in any way, shape or form. Even Gareth interpretted it in the way it was intended so I'm sorry it's been misunderstood.

    Please keep up all your sterling work and valuable information. Out of interest I was in Cherbourg port yesterday looking at NX and she's still sporting the old logo, if you're working this weekend when she arrives a picture or 2 would be enlightening!

    Regards and apologies once again


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    2. Fine Whine

      Fine Whine

      Hi Tony,

      I was on a lightly loaded NeX this morning and didn’t spot anyone looking like your photos so kept myself to myself. Do let me know the next time you are travelling, it will be good to have a chat.



    3. TonyMWeaver


      Hi Chris, I cancelled my sailing yesterday due to ill health and other personal reasons. I didn't want to take the chance of being ill over there today. Looking at going again when it warms up a bit more.

    4. Fine Whine

      Fine Whine

      Ok Tony, that makes sense.

      The vomit comet lived up to her name this morning !

      I do hope your health improves, if you do make it over and fancy a coffee in the new shop we’re on the left hand side as you approach Auchan, just before the Jardiland roundabout.



      Chris Bullimore

      WBS Cherbourg - Roscoff

      RN 13, Les Rouges Terres, 50470 La Glacerie

  11. I’m on Normandie at the moment, main engines have been grumbling away for the last half an hour and I still have a great view of - Ouistreham! I’ll see if there’s anyone on board I know who might shed some light on the problem Chris
  12. Nice report Andy and good photos as usual - so she's classic Visentini then, basic but functional and gets you from A to B (or C to R in your case!) You wouldn't want to be on board with 5 coach loads of school kids though…. Chris
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