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  1. Fine Whine

    Honfleur - The Launch

    That’s fascinating, thanks for posting Giloine Chris
  2. Fine Whine

    SAILING UPDATES: 2019 Latest News

    And the same from me...! Bonne Année Chris
  3. Fine Whine

    Brexit effect on BF

    Yes doing that as well! Going off topic but here are the vines on the estate we’re staying at; another long hard day at the office ahead ....🙄 Chris
  4. Fine Whine

    Brexit effect on BF

    From memory départ Poole 23h45, arrive Cherbourg 06h30. Leave 08h00 back in the UK 11h00. 12h30 out, arrive France 17h30. Leave 19h00, back in Poole at 22h15 Chris
  5. Fine Whine

    Brexit effect on BF

    FW currently enjoying a large G&T in Franschhoek, Western Cape where the temperature was 34 degrees today - sorry .... Since that post things have moved on considerably Ed, especially the comment about IF giving up their Roscoff slots. My rumour mill at the time was hinting at a possible IF Cork - France service but with the Oscar Wilde apparently now sold ( there was some very keen Mediterranean interest earlier this year) that would appear to be all hot air and IF now appear to have given up those slots. We will find out sooner or later where she’s gone but I can’t see BF taking her. Armorique, Barfleur and Etretat making one extra sailing per day makes sense and maybe a chartered Vicentini in a freight only role at Ouistreham to cater for these 19 supplementary round trips. But from halfway around the world it all seems like very last minute, crisis management.... Chris
  6. Fine Whine

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    All the rumours I’ve heard suggest the same. Pont-Aven has too many cabins for the St-Malo route so it will be cheaper to build a Bretagne 2 than Pont-Aven 2. Chris
  7. Fine Whine

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and gently boozy Christmas holiday break and let’s hope 2019 opens lots of new doors... Chris
  8. Fine Whine

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Stop giving them ideas Ed! It’s bad enough losing Irish services for the summer (no further news on that front yet); once they eventually get the linkspan repaired to accomadate all states of the tide then we’re back to normal again. Someone will have to sort out the link between the controls on the bridge and engine room though ...🙄
  9. I have a feeling you might be correct there Neil but we're still waiting for the full story to unravel... If that is the case the parent company ICG are very clever at buying and selling vessels and assuming they got a great offer for her there's nothing to stop them chartering something slightly smaller (and far less costly to operate) Chris
  10. Not good news for Roscoff that's for sure, in fact that's probably the understatement of the decade..... However we were all resigned to IF moving away from Rosslare; it's an ageing, rundown mess of a port that's been declining for years and suffered from serious lack of investment. I have no concrete news that the Oscar Wilde has been sold, and although we're delivering to her on Thurdsay I'm sure the crew wouldn't know either because the company are keeping things extremely close to their chests at the moment. I still can't see IF willingly give up 30 lucrative slots into Roscoff so if it's not from Rosslare we could think out of the box and consider another port(s). I have my own ideas on this but can't say anything just yet. Chris
  11. Fine Whine

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Can't be seen to be encouraging drink driving Gareth ....
  12. Fine Whine

    P&O major incident declared

    Police Scotland said it had been called out after reports of a "number of vehicles" having overturned on the ferry. "During a choppy sailing, there has been a movement of vehicles on the car deck and this has caused around six vehicles to tip over onto their side," it said in a statement. "Due to the movement on the deck, there are a number of passengers confined to vehicles. "We are able to confirm all 52 passengers and 56 crew on board are safe and well and no-one has any injuries." Must have been a frightening experience but the most important comment is the last one Chris
  13. Fine Whine

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Looking at the tide times I would guess either a midday departure or early evening, say 18h00. Chris ps you're always welcome to pop in for an invigorating coffee after so long at sea Paul!
  14. Which backs up the post I've just put on the Sailings update thread, or at least why I'm worried. Irish Ferries are committed to 30 sailings into Roscoff per season, and only a few weeks ago we heard through the harbour master here this had been added to which was great news. Last week he told us the extra sailings had just as quickly been pulled and nobody quite knows what's going on. It doesn't make any sense to me. Keeping Oscar Wilde for a short summer 3 month season can't make financial sense, Selling her and not finding a suitable replacement (please not another Vicentini) would open the door for another operator like Stena, that's the last thing Irish Ferries need. As I mentioned I've heard there is a significant corporate announcement coming from Dublin any day so it's watch and wait.... Chris