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  1. It’s funny how time plays tricks but Gareth will hopefully agree with me here. When the Super Vikings first came into service they were the dogs tranklements (thanks so much Paully!), innovative, comfortable, the open bow foredeck with glass/plastic shielding when it got rough, and often did. And then the Le Havre twins were butchered, horrible and ugly from the outside, no different inside but those memories stuck. I loved the 2 Normandy Ferries, stylish to look at with proper lines, not big in terms of tonnage just nice ships. But that’s over 40 years ago now..... Of course my first ferry crossing was back in 1960 from Folkestone to Boulogne - well we won’t go there ! Chris
  2. Gareth we must meet! An informal arrangement of course, with a couple of Enthusiasts to judge how the blind date goes ...🤣 Chris
  3. Back on topic (sort of), my first paid employment was for a firm of ships chandlers based in Avonmouth back in 1978 but muggins was sent to look after their new Le Havre depot, so every weekend I was back and forth on either Dragon or Leopard, or TT’s Super Vikings. One of my abiding memories was the local French staff who at bang on midday took the keys to the bonded warehouse, selected a couple of the best bottles of whisky they could find, gave me a wink and said ( in French) you’ve seen nothing son, only the 2 bottles that fell off the shelf earlier. Who was I to argue? Rest assured very little work was done after lunch. Chris
  4. I think you’ve in the wrong thread old chap, been chased off course by Paully’s farter bummer....🤣 Certainly a good idea though, I will be doing my best to be on her maiden voyage if work permits, but an official unofficial BFE jolly would be fun - maybe you can start a new thread with that in mind. It would be great to put faces to names but hang on, I know you already....😳 Currently enjoying a superb sunset on Armorique having watched it come up in chilly Cherbourg this morning - my 6th ferry trip in 10 days, just Normandie to go tomorrow night then that’s it for another 2 weeks. Chris
  5. No July 14th - 10 seconds after taking this I was stung by a wasp, little Bastille!... Chris
  6. Spot on Gareth. I caught something similar in Roscoff a few years ago but early in the morning, hence the stunning colours... Chris
  7. Oh blast it, and I stood in the freezing cold just to get these this morning! She’s looking so much better though, amazing the difference a week makes with pot of paint and a brush, there’s a subtle new blue stripe down the back of the funnels. And totally off topic but I was treated to a stunning split sky coming out of Pompey on Monday afternoon... Chris
  8. A few more musings after my comments last night about Barfleur - I thought she was looking in excellent shape with lots of new carpet, seats recovered, cabins in great condition and the pillows are the best in the fleet! Ok there’s no longer an à la carte restaurant but on a 4 and a bit hour crossing that’s not really an issue and I had an excellent rack of lamb in the self service. Compared to Connemara or Etretat she is so much more friendly, comfortable, welcoming, even though she’s 15 years older, it was like walking into a comfortable lounge rather than a spartan school dormitory. All credit to BF for bringing both her and Normandie into the 21st century but that’s just my opinion. Tomorrow I’m heading up to Holyhead to catch my nemesis the WB Yeats to Dublin for a meeting with Irish Ferries, back on the Epsilon on Thursday...😳 Fingers crossed storm Brendan will have blown through by then Chris
  9. I’m not sure how these will turn out As it was almost dark but here’s further photos tonight of MSM taken from Barfleur. So the old logo has gone from the port side and they’ve finished painting the bow blue band. And what a pleasure to have Barfleur back, Visentinis are genuine economy, she most certainly isn’t... Chris
  10. She's looked better!
  11. Although I managed to miss Condor Liberation this afternoon I spotted work being carried out on MSM while here in Cherbourg. So her whole port side (which is tied up to the quayside) has been wiped clear of the old logo, and a couple of deckhands were hand painting the blue stripe around the bow windows. Not great quality pics I’m afraid as she is the opposite side of the inner harbour but you’ll see she’s in quite a mess...😳 Chris
  12. I’m sorry Brigitte but I failed miserably - there’s a big demonstration going on in the centre of Cherbourg and it’s gridlocked. Plus she left 20 minutes early anyway so would have missed her, will try again next time... Chris
  13. She is due in at 12h30 local French time, back out again at 15h20. I'll see if I can catch her on the way out... Chris
  14. Ah ok Smiler, thanks. I’ve just spotted on the freight website that it’s Bore Bay leaving at 21h15 on Sunday evening, delayed by 24 hours due to the rotten weather. I say -tranklements! An hour isn’t much in the greater scheme of things but a 22h45 disembarkation is realistically 00h30 in Emsworth and bed. As Mrs FW heads to work early the alarm will be set for 06h00 and the conversation usually goes along the lines of - Darling - Tea - NOW! Chris
  15. I’ll do my best Brigitte but am working tomorrow. What time is she due in Cherbourg? Thanks Chris
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