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  1. All this new business is great news for Rosslare and the area in general. However increased pressure tends to result in increased stresses and strains. I’m thinking here of Rosslare dock workers who’ve enjoyed a relatively quiet last few years, and suddenly they are expected to be on call on an almost 24/7 - 24h/24h basis. Does anyone here no whether they are publicly or privately employed, and if so have you heard of any potential rumblings about pay and conditions...? Just à thought.... Chris
  2. Most of our regular Irish truckers have either come up from Spain or Italy on long haul runs, or Parisien wholesale markets at the beginning of the week, plus still a few shellfish boys delivering to the west coast of France. Out of interest I had 4 in this afternoon who tipped in Paris early yesterday morning, then straight up to Zeebrugge to load for the return trip. They still preferred to drive up to Cherbourg today and use CF rather than Dunkerque because (a) it gets them into Rosslare earlier tomorrow and (b) BR are charging €450 less per freight unit than DFDS. It's easily forgotten tha
  3. Yes Cherbourg really is the flavour of the month ex Ireland at the moment and long may it continue. I've seen so many new faces since Christmas who would normally take the Landbridge route back home, with most of them saying as long as Stena, IF and now BF put on decent vessels as theyre currently doing then it will stay that way. It will be interesting to see how DFDS develop Dunkerque but judging by the amount of trucks they leave behind at the moment it's looking promising. Ex UK not looking quite so hot though, Cotentin doesn't seem particularly busy to/from Poole and the Galicia arri
  4. Disastrous news but only to be expected, in the greater scheme of things we all have a « BBE »....😩. So for all you young guns on here, a short history lesson.... Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s car holidays to la Belle France involved a reasonably boring trip with either Townsend Thoreson/Sealink/P&O/Normandy Ferries/Hoverspeed and probably a few other forgotten contenders - Gareth you enjoyed the same memories, let me know which ones I’ve missed. And then on the 6th June 1986 BF challenged the established routes with a brand new option from Caen/Ouistreham to Portsmo
  5. The answer is actually very simple Gareth - They fire up Connemara's main engines at 23h00 but can only release her once the tannoy announcement has finished - at least 1 minute long and without hesitation, deviation or repetition ....... Chris
  6. Thanks SG and yep I agree, both inside and out and they're quiet too. I'm just hoping after months (even years) of dithering Stena finally see the light and put an E-Flexer on the route full time. It needs one for many reasons, and the DFDS options to Dunkerque are far from being a universal success judging by comments from freight drivers I've spoken to recently... Chris
  7. And here she is arriving bang on time in Cherbourg this afternoon and absolutely rammed with freight, the same on the return sailing this evening. WB Yeats also packed to the gunwhales, so is Epsilon tomorrow.... I love the one of the old chap fishing, totally uninterested by a brand spanking new ferry sailing past his rod and line..... Chris
  8. And a very merry Christmas from Mrs FW and myself. Let’s hope 2021 is a better vintage than the current one.... Chris
  9. Having said that CB ( and you may be correct) I don’t quite understand why they insist on showing the 10 minute promotional video on board, starting with the early days of Kerisnel. The clip of PA shows her ploughing through some pretty significant waves at what appears to be full speed and bouncing around all over the place. If anyone with shaky sea legs watches that, and you can’t really miss it, it’s bound to put them off going anywhere near the Bay or PA ever again. Chris
  10. Roger it has to be this little fellow in disguise- obviously fooled you...😂 Chris
  11. Actually a very effective, if simple idea. Given the confines of the area it means customers are able to eat a reasonably hot breakfast rather than watching it go cold and soggy while waiting to pay. It’s similar to the arrangement in the à la la carte option where you get a hand written ticket and pay at the end, shows they are are listening to complaints and offering a practical solution to avoid queuing. Chris
  12. Thanks for all the concern, made it back into Portsmouth this morning and Mrs FW’s wine stocks have been duly replenished so she’s doubly happy. Not particularly bothered about getting back although aiming for around the 4th January. So my thoughts on Galicia - firstly it’s her sheer size that impresses with massive car decks and more pertinently, wide lanes made for 21st century cars. Last night she was well loaded with freight (for obvious reasons) but not full. The weather in Cherbourg was filthy all day and it was equally miserable as we left the port. She is a modern ferry, diffe
  13. Galicia sailing tonight back to Portsmouth, just checked with Cherbourg terminal. Mrs FW mightily relieved.... Chris
  14. Sad face because I’m still hoping to be driving home for Christmas on Galicia tomorrow night, but in the current climate who knows? 6 on Xmas day has been culled to just 2, Mrs FW won’t be happy if I don’t make it - understatement of the century- and with the garage empty of wine it could be a dry old party. It’s strange but when things go wrong they tend to go very wrong...😳 Chris
  15. No David, that was Brigitte taking photos while standing on her head after a double shot of BF caffeine ..😂 Joking aside the ability to charge a mobile device while in a cabin seems as obvious as having a shower that provides hot water... Chris
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