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  1. The Economie ships Connemara and Etretat have digits and letters, 6A01 and 6B01 etc etc, the system seems to be able to cope with those ok. Bring on the Galicia deck plans BF, I can't cope with this tension, probably won't sleep tonight, need a drink....! Chris
  2. David's reply has potentially put our level of expertise at the lower end of the scale Ed.....🙃 Chris
  3. I can’t see those Ross but here’s one of mine I took on Tuesday - it does look a bit of a patch job I do agree... Chris
  4. 100% in agreement about Quiberon 2 Nick, the jury is still out about whether Prince of Fundy/Prince of Brittany/ Reine Mathilde/Beauport used the new berth specifically constructed for Normandie. I can very clearly recall DDN using it docked stern in early 2002, I’m now pretty sure RM did the same - let’s call it a 1-1 draw for now... Chris
  5. Well you could just be (grudgingly) right there Nick, maybe I misinterpreted RM for Qui but if I can pass on one little bit of advice gleaned over the years, Chris ...😂🤣
  6. Yep so that’s another port ticked off, but it does make me chuckle when I see comments like - ship A is heading to port B to see if she fits..? This is the 21st century, you don’t spend millions building a new vessel, then sail her half way around the world to find she’s 5 inches too long, although having said that please don’t quote me in a face to face meeting with Irish Ferries and Flensburger Shiffbau-Gesellschaft I would imagine each berthing trail involves choosing the appropriate mooring point to take into account of wind direction, tidal swell etc And much more importantly M
  7. Good job I don't bet for a living, she's heading outside Ushant.... And going back to tidal streams @seadogif you look carefully she was down to around 18 knots a couple of hours ago but with less than 5 hours until the next high tide in Dover look which way the arrows are now pointing around the Brittany coast.... Chris
  8. High water was at 9.43am in Dover this morning (Dover is always used to calculate tide streams so direction/speed at other ports) and she would definitely have benefitted from a slingshot effect coming out of Plymouth. By 13h local time it would be slack and after that coming against her. I would expect speed to dip significantly below 22 knots as she approaches the Breton coast... Chris
  9. Now up to 23.6 knots, but of course she’s heading south which is downhill... Chris
  10. Taken from the Port de Roscoff website Jonno...... Un quai d'accostage de 240 mètres spécifiquement réservé aux ferries et équipé d'une passerelle Roll-on Roll-off de 70 mètres de long, à double voie de circulation 240 metre long berth with 70 metre linkspan. She's only just over 10 metres longer than CF so it should be a doddle... Chris
  11. @jonno, not a clue, can't get your facts right, I could never go into business with you, you're fired......🤣 Chris
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