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  1. No chance Gareth, BF have a team working flat out on the interior design of Honfleur whereas it would appear IF used one lonely soul, working in a poorly lit office on a grey day in deepest darkest Gdansk suffering from a heavy cold....👤 Chris
  2. The 3 photos are showing on my PC but not on the Ipad. here they are in a smaller format...and I haven't applied a grey filter, honest!
  3. Oh damn it of course Ed, I drank 8 pints of Brains bitter in Holyhead port before boarding and it was actually the Epsilon.....🤣 Yes I spotted the award, they must have been wearing blindfolds! Chris
  4. I know because we're now in Cherbourg! She arrived 3 hours late yesterday after a couple of roller-coaster crossings, hopefully the calmer weather this week will make things more comfortable. As promised I travelled to Dublin from Holyhead on her last weekend but have been too busy to post a comment... Well I'm sorry I.F. but what a disappointment - ok she replaces one of my favourite ferries the Oscar Wilde, a classy, well appointed ship with style and character, but the WB Yeats has none. My fear has always been that she would be an IKEA ship, IKEA would at least have provided some colour! I'm officially naming her "50 shades of grey without the smut". If you took a grey colour chart I'm sure every single option has been explored along with a smattering of beige and the odd splash of pale green and blue. Friends had travelled over from Dublin on her and their comment was Irish Ferries have played it safe, what an understatement. She has no soul, the A la Carte restaurant was closed but is much smaller and considerably more expensive than the old Bernavel, and the self-service was just awful. I can't bear thinking of life aboard once the summer season kicks in with over 1500 passengers aboard; what's more although she's cost a lot of money some of the fittings were looking tired or damaged after only a few weeks service. Customers we had in yesterday agreed with me, unless they spend money and put a bit of thought and flair into her first refit she will be no better than an enlarged Visentini; even the fireplace (not working on the crossing) is grey! And those grey plastic seats in the middle photo are backbreakers...😲 In contrast the Ulysses on the returning sailing on Sunday is now really smart following her refit with bright colours and a really good and large outside cabin, so they can get it right Chris
  5. It was the size 11 feet that gave you away Jonno...
  6. Absolutely Solo, I wasn't suggesting you were in drag ...
  7. It was great to meet you today Jonno, and Mrs Jonno too! And Mrs & Mrs Solo yesterday....!! Here’s a couple of my archive shots of Superfast X (ex Seafrance Molière) in Dublin Port 2 years ago, I knew they would come in useful one day...🤪 Chris
  8. I'm travelling on her next weekend for a wine tasting in Dublin so will report back. There was a big reception on her earlier this week for the Irish travel trade, I've had feedback from a couple of people present who were most impressed especially with the quality of the food in the A la Carte restaurant. The wine should be good too....😂 Chris
  9. If you look carefully at the wake someone on the bridge suddenly engaged reverse thrust so they couldn't all have been plastered - otherwise it would have been ten times worse! Chris
  10. I would imagine BF have blown the rebranding budget on the fleet....🤪 Maybe Pierre could go into drydock next winter !
  11. I’ll be there Solo, I can then let you know about our imminent plans for Cherbourg ...🤫 Maybe you could don the Pierre the Bear outfit so I recognise you...😂 Chris
  12. I’m not sure quite what you mean there Solo, but if you’re referring to the initial sign-up fee in year one that’s pretty standard practise for a lot of clubs. I’m a member of Langstone Sailing Club on Hayling Island (almost) where the initial one-off fée of £125 is added to a similar amount as a yearly subscription. So new members pay £250 in year one, half that amount subsequently. Returning to the question of a loyalty gift I think the offer of a 60 hour weekend trip on Pont-Aven to St-Malo out of season for a car and 2 would be a nice touch. To include a decent cabin with buffet dinner in the restaurant (drinks extra) on the outward leg, a bridge visit and breakfast on the return. It wouldn’t cost the company a huge amount but would generate considerably more goodwill than Michaelk considers he’s getting. Chris
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