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  1. I'm certainly no twitcher but lucky enough to live just a few hundred metres from Chichester harbour where we walk often and those are geese, of either the Brent or Canada variety. And I have a very good friend who lives just along the coast at Sandymount overlooking Dublin Bay, they have them there too.. Chris
  2. Try geese Gareth.... Out of interest where should I have posted this? I can't find an Irish subsection under Other Ferry Operations, political or otherwise...😖 Chris
  3. Not the correct place to post this but apart from photos of Blue Star 1 arriving in Rosslare this morning, which I’m sure will appear soon, a chum sent me this great picture of WB Y leaving Dublin Port yesterday - no chimneys or foaming sewage in sight! Chris
  4. All sorted Colin, the dog passed her driving test last week and will be at the wheel. I’ll bark loudly, wag my tail and be very friendly if they’re of a pleasant disposition. If not I’ll bite them in the bum...😳 Chris
  5. Oui mais bien sur mon cher Colin, of course it is...😂
  6. Duh, Connemara still in the old colours..🤪 Actually it’s almost 17 Kms door to door, plus an extra one to nip down to the port for some ship spotting. I religiously download the attestation to my phone just in case. Not easy as you know Ed but as long as there’s a genuine reason to travel (and in my case to and from work) normally there’s no problem., I’ll be testing the U.K./EU system again on Tuesday morning at PIP, with an armful of paperwork and a brand new French pet passport for good measure, fingers crossed... 2 weeks ago it was an average of 3.5 Police or Border Force of
  7. So not only may the name Etretat bite the dust, so will this livery once she’s been to Gdańsk for a change of clothes. The last in the fleet to wear these colours? I managed to get closer this evening, the funnel is definitely a paint job... Chris
  8. Whoops, I may just have gone off topic...😂
  9. Agreed PGTV, and mirrored across the water in Calais, I mean for goodness sake how un-french is that countryside out of the port - surely all the inspiration Suzanne Collins needed to create District 12 in the Hunger Games...😩 And love it or hate it, another marmite moment, she’s not a singer as such but Jennifer Laurences voice is quite captivating... Chris
  10. Happy Easter everyone and I agree totally about Cork. Here are a few I took 4 years ago.... Chris
  11. A couple of contacts I have mentioned this was to be her new name (thanks to you both), click on the link and it appears under history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Etretat I wonder if the big white S will be applied here in Cherbourg or once she goes for dry docking.... Chris
  12. Definitely painted Ed, here’s the proof from this morning... Not great shots, as close as I could get Chris
  13. Luckily I’m leaving rather than arriving Colin, but it looks as though travel “with a very good reason” is still allowed. As you say Caves a Vins are quite definitely an essential service, whether they are frequented or not is a quite different matter .... But for FYI Roscoff locals are religiously sticking to their minimum 5 a day, and Irish freight drivers through Cherbourg are doing their utmost to support us Chris
  14. Thanks for posting Andy, great video. I’m on her again on the Monday night sailing ex Cherbourg. Pooch will have the luxury of a kennel for this one rather than staying in the car boot. She’ll post a voyage report in due course ....😂🐕‍🦺 Chris
  15. Out of interest would Libby fit on the lift? I'm not sure Brigitte - here's a link to the PNA (Ports Normands Associés) website which mentions 100M as being the maximum length and Liberation is 2M longer than that. I suppose only time will tell..... Chris http://www.pna-ports.fr/upload/editeur/plaquette-reparation-navale-FR.pdf
  16. Can’t you bring it forward by 24 hours - or contact them and ask nicely... I’m one of the lucky ones who’s been allowed to travel legitimately during the last 6 months but it hasn’t been hassle free, far from it. Whenever I’ve hit that proverbial brick wall I have to say BF telephone staff have been amazing and really gone the extra mile or three... Chris
  17. Brigitte was asking a few days ago why NeX was in Cherbourg. Here she is this morning, high and dry on the ramp having her 5 year inspection as had been suggested. Unfortunately someone’s parked a knackered old trawler right in front of her that’s spoiling the view - apologies for that... Chris
  18. I like this one, sorry the quality isn’t brilliant... Chris
  19. Seriously though I’ll pop down before work tomorrow morning to see what’s going on - Egg McMuffin, sunny side up or sunny side down...?
  20. Actually it’s my fault, I ordered a takeaway from McDonalds Le Havre and it’s just been delivered....😂 Chris
  21. Not remotely interested in my 4 legged passenger, just me and as usual asked where I was heading and for what reason. It helps to show them a utility bill with your name and address to back up the story... Chris
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