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  1. Is Guenrsey near Jesrey close to Aldenrey ?.....just joshing.....glad you enjoyed your Condor Moment!
  2. Nice Pics....apart from the one you got with me in it!
  3. I also was on the vessel today, and can only totally agree with your comments. Quiet,comfortable,stable..... hardly noticed the speed until as you say you looked at the waterjets!
  4. Why all the talk about what cover there is?...how many lines / routes have another vessel around to cover. Whilst I appreciate that some operators have the ability to switch and cover not all have a vessel "hanging" around just in case.
  5. Get ready to follow her progress!! http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/details/ships/shipid:373387/mmsi:311037300/imo:9551363/vessel:AUSTAL_HULL_270
  6. Portman

    Today I...

    Today I.......logged back into here after being away for a week or so...and thought.....YUK!!.....suppose i'll get used to the lay out though!
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