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  1. Hi, I was on the same crossing I think, Friday pm from Ouistreham? Spotted the same group of chaps that you did. Was put off by the number of school groups on the crossing, don't think I've ever seen so many! As to the armed police, certainly didn't make me feel any safer..
  2. I disagree with your comment that the routes "don't attract that type of traffic" especially so in the case of Fishguard. On a recent off season trip to Ireland there were around 50 foot passengers in each direction, which given the time of year is pretty good. Yes Holyhead to Dublin is more popular but it does depend where in Ireland you want to go. That's like saying that a flight to Paris is more realistic when in fact I want to go to Toulouse!
  3. Interestingly, the train times to / from Fishguard Harbour after the 22nd May haven't been changed. This means that if you're travelling from London to connect with the overnight crossing, you need to leave at 16:45 compared to 20:15 now, which isn't very convenient at all. I agree with Jim's comment - who on earth wants to disembark at 04:00 in Rosslare? For anyone using public transport, they will have a long wait for a connecting bus or train!
  4. So, I've now added the BF Brochures from 1991, 1992 (including the Cork - Roscoff supplement) and the Truckline (Poole to Cherbourg) brochure from 1993. Scanning / uploading does take a lot of time so I'm wondering if it would be best to upload those items of particular interest first? What I have in my collection, still to upload, is: BF Brochures / Ferry guides from 1993 to 2000 inclusive BF Ferry guides for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 Various ship guides / deckplans from the mid 1990's including; Bretagne (1993) Bretagne (in French language)kl Duc De Normandie (in French language) Duc De Normandie (1991) Val De Loire Normandie (1992) Duchesse Anne (in French langusge) Quiberon (1993) Some miscellaneous items including; Drinks menu from the Quiberon bar Drinks menu from the Barfleur bar Christmas Mini Cruise to Amsterdam programme from 1994 (Val de Loire) BF City Cruises brochure from 1994 including Rouen and Amsterdam I'll gladly upload anything on request, otherwise I'll work through them the best I can but will take a month or so to complete them all..
  5. Interesting how some of the ship appears to be relatively untouched - look at the picture of the Gym (in the original link) for example?
  6. When I travelled overnight on Tuesday, I went outside and the signs don't appear to be lit as such. There's a light underneath but that's to light the deck below it seems and not the sign itself
  7. Ok, I've made a start on this but it's taking a little while as lots of pages to add! So I'm not taking up valuable space on the forum, I'll be adding them to a Google Drive folder which can be found here So far I've added the Truckline Brochure from 1991.. As some of the brochures etc have lots of pages, I'll only include those which I think will be of most interest, eg timetables and prices in the main
  8. There is indeed a bus which runs from the station, so handy for the shopping centre and 'that' :-) American restaurant, to the ferry port. Details: http://zephirbus.mobi/upload/h_hiver..._2015-2016.pdf
  9. Charred_Fish

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    New name but still the same underneath ;-)
  10. If I go to France, the last place I want to be is in McDonalds!
  11. Greetings from Cherbourg, after a very bumpy cross on the Barfleur! I just wondered if anyone knew why the much promoted "shuttle" bus from the Ferry Terminal to the "Town" doesn't actually go to the, erm..., town? Instead it drops you off by the access rode to the Cite de la Mer meaning you still need to walk a little way to get to the centre. Just seems a bit of an odd thing? Why not run it to the town centre or, even better, the railway station?
  12. Hi all, I've been going through my files at home and am surprised at how much BF paraphernalia I have amassed over the years, including things such as the Truckline Brochure for when Barfleur very first entered service etc. I was wondering whether members might like me to post some images that may be of interest?
  13. One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post.... The ability for BF to finally learn how to do a decent cooked breakfast! The current offering is simply vile and I always try and eat before boarding on AM sailings, even if it means a Maccy D's breakfast!
  14. Here's my tuppence worth of what I'd like to see - Priority Boarding for Commodore passengers ( both for foot pax and cars ) - Commodore cabin passengers allowed to remain in cabin right up until arrival time - Room service in Commodore cabins, not just at Breakfast - Ability to ore book meals, and a small discount for doing so ( like P&O on North Sea ) - Cash machine onboard - Proper casino - More French beers available - Spa bath in Commodore cabins
  15. Looked at the AIS track this morning for last nights sailing from Cherbourg and see she moved barely a mile outside the port and basically sat there for a couple of hours before heading North. Interestingly at one point, according to the tracker, she actually sailed backwards for a little while?
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