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  1. I think that another 10m on the bow would give it a much sleeker look.
  2. Thanks for that info Gareth. I shall look on Google and see if I can see it we approach the city.
  3. Could prove diificult in Antwerp - no linkspan. Even if they could extract it.
  4. Come and go as you please subject to times etc. I think on Xmas Day one must be back on-board by 11.00pm and on Boxing Day 6.00pm as it sails at 8.300pm. It is upto you to be back on-time with obvious consequences if your are not back. As said above entertainment on all the time.
  5. A very good summary Jonno of that company
  6. One year we were the first on to PA and unquestionably the last off. Mainly because we had been parked in a corner and we were 'forgotten'. We drove around until we found a downward ramp and were greeted with surprised looks from the crew.
  7. I am 100% with you on this one.
  8. I am with Gareth on this. We have had two problems over the years with Bf and have treated in an exemplary fashion far beyond ones expectations. One should approach BF first and only go on social media if the matter is not resolved in good time.
  9. I have parked against the fence for several hours after having arrived early with no problem. It was, however, in an A40 Farina which isn't very big.
  10. We have been to Rouen several times on PA. The trip up the river Seine is magical.
  11. Good idea but what about the passengers that do not fly ? A train journey would be nice !!!!
  12. What a brilliant report and trip. To say one is envious is an understatement.
  13. The crossing is timed so that the journey up river is during the morning and early afternoon.
  14. The trip up the Seine is magic and not to be missed.
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