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  1. rileyman

    New Terminal for Santander

    I agree with Z. It will almost become just another Ferry terminal.
  2. rileyman

    Flybe up for sale

    I flew from Southend to Ostende in one of those before going on the, extremely cheap, overnight coach travel holidays to Switzerland organised by Swiss Travel. It would have been about 1967/8. No cars just 30 or so seats with windows in the fuselage. I think that it was Silver City Airways.
  3. rileyman

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    I, like Shefford, examine the hotels by Town or Village and so any change from the current arrangement would not be good news.
  4. rileyman

    Busiest ferry port in La Manche

    Thanks Roger. We will try for a visit next time we are nearby. Harry
  5. rileyman

    Busiest ferry port in La Manche

    Roger All the times that we have been to Bricquebec we have never found the 'Port' !!!! Harry
  6. rileyman

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    We experienced thecancellation when BF refused to be 'threatened' by the Union over wage demands. Sad to miss the Xmas cruise but we were handsomely compensated.
  7. rileyman

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    Xmas is booked with the cabin that we wanted - just ask and it will be done.
  8. rileyman

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    As I recall PA goes on the main cruise berth and the river cruise vessels go on the other side of the 'jetty'. The vessel in question on your list leaves on the 24th before PA wouild have arrived I think ?
  9. rileyman

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    LQ. We find Antwerp to be a great place to visit having been on this trip and at other times.
  10. rileyman

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    I usually travel in a 1962 Riley. How would this affect me and other Classic and older cars ?
  11. rileyman

    BF Refits 2017-18

    The stripy bit at the stern looks a little like Normandie used to ???
  12. rileyman

    Storage space on a tablet

    The wife had a similar problem. Our local Guru found that there were various Office programmes etc installed ????? which he removed.
  13. rileyman

    Favourite French films

    it must be, at least, years that saw Last Year at Marienbad - Alain Resnais. I recently saw it again and still do not know what was going on ?????
  14. rileyman

    Favourite French films

    Showing in Malvern soon is Tirez sur le Pianiste plus a concert Jacques Brel songs.
  15. rileyman

    Pont Aven 4 berth cabins

    Solo We were right forward on Deck 8 when it was very rough. Water, not spray, hitting the window/port hole is a little disconcerting but Deck 6 public areas and, I suppose the cabins, were not too bad relatively speaking.