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  1. We were borne in Hull so we {Wife 1] used the voyage from the start in an A40Farina. There were about 8 cabins above deck and the rest were beneath the car deck. I occasionally wondered if the ships were single skinned as one could here the lapping of the water against the hull.
  2. Very interesting. The first two pictures brought to mind the bar and dance floor of Pont Aven !!!!
  3. Millsy. You could not have put it better
  4. Apparently the bombers put it on the wrong lorry which did not leave the lorry park in Lurgan according to the Times. A paper that is, usually, more accurate than some.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I will stick with Jim's suggestion. In fact the current offer falls just right for my 80th birthday.
  6. If I wished to have short break on the Island which Ferry company should I use or should I not bother ? We would travel from the Midlands.
  7. Are any of these starting at PIP or are they all just calling ?
  8. Great video. Answers all the questions about how they do the lengthening of a ship.
  9. That trip would certainly be of interest to us if it ever happens.
  10. We dined twice in Le Flora [Pont Aven] on the Xmas Trip with excellent food and service etc. Main courses of Duck and Pulled lamb in a rice concoction. I had a rack of lamb in the Self Service with which I was very happy. The wife had a disappointing roast chicken.
  11. 600 at Xmas and 1000 at NY. We find no problem with a standard cabin for 3 nights as we are only in the cabin to sleep except for, perhaps, a pre dinner snooze for we oldies who cannot keep up..
  12. Thanks for that. Very informative. I hope BF might produce a similar video.
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