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  1. I am with Gareth on this. We have had two problems over the years with Bf and have treated in an exemplary fashion far beyond ones expectations. One should approach BF first and only go on social media if the matter is not resolved in good time.
  2. I have parked against the fence for several hours after having arrived early with no problem. It was, however, in an A40 Farina which isn't very big.
  3. We have been to Rouen several times on PA. The trip up the river Seine is magical.
  4. Good idea but what about the passengers that do not fly ? A train journey would be nice !!!!
  5. What a brilliant report and trip. To say one is envious is an understatement.
  6. The crossing is timed so that the journey up river is during the morning and early afternoon.
  7. The trip up the Seine is magic and not to be missed.
  8. When making a complaint I always make, hopefully, a positive suggestion to solve the problem. In one area the use of better equipment i.e Henry.
  9. On the Xmas trip there were at least 4 on-board cleaners who I took to be BF people ??. One of whom asked to vacate the cabin just as the call for Deck 3 car drivers was made when we arrived in PIP.
  10. rileyman

    Mercure Roscoff

    The turn off to the hotel can be a little tightt. As I recall it is best to come over the viaduct leaving Dinan and turn around at the roundabout to reach the turn off. There are several restaurants on the other side of the river for café style lunch/dinner. The breakfast was extensive, everything one could think of and more. The carpark is quite large but spread out.
  11. rileyman

    Mercure Roscoff

    We have stayed in the one in Dinan which was truly excellent. We will be very interested in how this one turns out. A return visit to Roscoff would be very welcome. Perhaps FW might update us sometime.
  12. Any bits and pieces of rubbish we put in the bins in the cabin and the shower/toilet pod. Some people, it appears, just do not seem to do that. We have done around 30 trips with BF and do not recall having found anything in the cabins except for, one or twice, a little dust on the window cill.
  13. PA was relatively slow, for some, loading for the Xmas trip. I suspect that they loaded some cars and then paused whilst the passengers unloaded luggage and go to their cabins before loading another batch, Also 20-30 cars with flashing lights boarded, are these people with movement problems ? In which case they would need to be aligned with the appropriate deck exit doors etc.
  14. My wife and I missed you on the Xmas trip.
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