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  1. rileyman

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    I usually travel in a 1962 Riley. How would this affect me and other Classic and older cars ?
  2. rileyman

    BF Refits 2017-18

    The stripy bit at the stern looks a little like Normandie used to ???
  3. rileyman

    Storage space on a tablet

    The wife had a similar problem. Our local Guru found that there were various Office programmes etc installed ????? which he removed.
  4. rileyman

    Favourite French films

    it must be, at least, years that saw Last Year at Marienbad - Alain Resnais. I recently saw it again and still do not know what was going on ?????
  5. rileyman

    Favourite French films

    Showing in Malvern soon is Tirez sur le Pianiste plus a concert Jacques Brel songs.
  6. rileyman

    Pont Aven 4 berth cabins

    Solo We were right forward on Deck 8 when it was very rough. Water, not spray, hitting the window/port hole is a little disconcerting but Deck 6 public areas and, I suppose the cabins, were not too bad relatively speaking.
  7. rileyman

    Pont Aven 4 berth cabins

    in my opinion a 4 berth is not suitable for 3 adults who all would like to sleep. That means two cabins I am afraid. Deck 6 is best - we always request particular outside cabins, 6226, 6228 or 6297, 6297 on Pont Aven, near to the Reception I.e. near the centre of the ship/boat, and have always been successful.
  8. Be careful with the Ralfort if it Coleman's. It can bring serious tears to ones eyes if you put too much on the beef.
  9. We buy Brisket or Topside i.e cheaper cuts and do them in the slow cooker. They give, to us, much more flavour than the more expensive cuts done in the oven.
  10. rileyman

    St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I forgot to add this: We have never had to claim as, whenever there has been a problem, we have had full or very substantial compensation without having to ask. I wonder if these people had insurance ??????
  11. rileyman

    St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Wortley We are "old" i.e 72 and 77yrs and pay just under £300 for 12 month travel insurance. It is so high because of declared diagnoses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes , cholesterol, pacemaker etc. It is annoying that these afflictions affect the premium as they are under full control. That is expensive for one holiday per year. We pay because we enjoy going to France.
  12. rileyman

    Height of BF Ships

    We have deliberately been on the top deck of PA at Xmas when it goes the up the Seine and it always looked as though it cannot get under the two bridges. In the end there was 'plenty' of clearance.
  13. rileyman

    Toll Road Petrol

    No GPS as Riley is positive earth and I don't feel the need, particularly, to change. As we do not cruise at 80+ mph, or are we able to, I think that we will probably stay on the lesser roads and enjoy the scenery. I will have a look at autoroute-eco.
  14. rileyman

    Toll Road Petrol

    Thanks or the replies. I use the prix-carburants site for info on petrol stations in town, usually supermarkets. The reason I ask is that the Riley only has 7gall tank which limits us to about 200 miles max. Any more info will gratefully received.
  15. rileyman

    Toll Road Petrol

    I think that I know the answer but- Are their any petrol stations on the Toll Roads ?