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  1. I’ve been looking at the shipping forecast for days and could see the Bilbao to Portsmouth was going to be delayed. First notification from BF was a text message 5 hours before check in telling us of an hour delay. Second was an announcement onboard telling us of a further 7 hour delay. Some better comms and I could have had another few hours in bed.
  2. Looking at the weather, I’m still not convinced we will be departing at 10pm tonight. Will be rather annoyed if we arrive at midnight or later.
  3. 09Jan ... Bilbao to Portsmouth is delayed for 8 hours due to weather. Looks like dinner will be served with the lovely views of the dock. Shame we now arrive in Portsmouth at 10:30pm tomorrow and have to drive to Manchester.
  4. Wonderful .... I'm hoping I will miss most of that as the CF should dock in Santander about 3pm local time.
  5. Going back 'on topic' 🙂. I don't believe the regs really considered you having to go to another country to get your ferry. I do think it is very tight of BF not to stump up the French Tolls, limit the contribution toward to hotel to €80 (especially when they cancel it 2 days before you are due to go) and only provide £50 a person 'onwards travel allowance' which only just covered the petrol. I can only imagine the chaos if we had left the EU end of March with no deal and required International Driving Permits. I actually bought both (as France and Spain are on 2 different treaties)... but I wonder how many people who travelled UK to Spain would have bothered with the French one?
  6. True. But I hate Ryanair. That is one of the reasons I rarely fly from Manchester.
  7. Maybe someone will decide to cut the Club Voyage fee next year as compensation / good will. But in the modern accountant driven world, I doubt it. It it is a shame you cannot get a modern equivalent of motor rail from Northern France to the Spanish border at a decent price. That would be some proper competition.
  8. Cheers. But the problem with section 6 is that it assumes the vessel still departs from the same port ... not that the vessel is unavailable and you have to go elsewhere. I really am usually a champion on BFs customer service but I think they are hurting themselves over this mess.
  9. Having been affected with the ongoing issues with the Pont-Aven which resulted in an additional 700km drove to Normandy on a alternative ferry back to Portsmouth, I’m interested if anyone understands Brittany Ferries obligations under the Maritime passenger rights (EU Regulation 1177/2010)? So far, I’ve had £50 per person 'onwards travel allowance', the difference between the fare and I’m just been promised a check of £160 towards hotels I enquired about the additional toll road charges and was told to claim on my holiday insurance. For a company whose customer service I’ve championed, this seems rather pants. It seems with the continued problems with the PA and the ten of thousands of disrupted passengers ... Brittany Ferries has gone into financial protection mode I'm I alone having issues?
  10. I’m going to be delayed returning to the uk SMS We are sorry to advise that due to bad weather, your sailing from Santander tomorrow has been delayed. Embarkation will still be on Wednesday but now between 18:00 and 20:00 after which the ship's door will close. Departure is on Thursday morning at 11:00, arriving in Portsmouth on Friday 5th January at 12:30. If this amended sailing time is not suitable, please call 0044 648637 for advice and alternatives. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
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