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  1. quarkie

    Things you miss from BF...

    Re: Things you miss from BF... I miss the old pla, best sleep I ever had.
  2. quarkie

    Abandon ship

    Re: Abandon ship where did this 30 degree roll come from ?, I think if she had done that there would have been much more damage .
  3. quarkie

    Spiked wheel nut covers

    Re: Spiked wheel nut covers just googled it and yes you can buy spiked wheel nut covers.:-/
  4. quarkie

    Barfleur overnight sailings

    Re: Barfleur overnight sailings should be on your ticket,have a good trip.
  5. quarkie

    Is there any future on the Channel?

    Re: are there any future on the channel so on Plymouth to roscoff bf could run on heavy fuel oil for most of the route ?
  6. Re: Why did Armorique stop outside Roscoff last night? Been on the Plymouth roscoff overnight ferry lots of times and it always seem to stop just off Plymouth.
  7. quarkie

    Bridge Visit Pont Aven

    Re: Bridge Visit Pont Aven new ship ?
  8. quarkie

    Future of Pride of Dover/ Calais

    Re: Future of Pride of Dover/ Calais looks like she is going into lyme bay, only doing 2 knots so is there a prob with the tug ? or is she just drifting.
  9. Re: BF and STX to develop 'Eco-ferry' sod lpg why not try thishttp://tech.spotcoolstuff.com/nuclear/news/hyperion-power-module