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  1. Thanks folks for your replies - guess I'll be contacting BF then! I just wondered if anybody had had any experience of this before so could advise. Thanks again.
  2. Do you have to, or are you able to prebook spa or beauty treatments on PA and CF - travelling to Spain in August and I have promised my wife a treatment in each direction - would hate to miss out because we didn't prebook when we should have! Thanks.
  3. Bretagne by far - classic design, nice layout and good seakeeping qualities (in my experience anyway!) - Barfleur second as she is our 'local' ship (I live in Poole!). Can't get on with the layout of Armorique - the public areas just felt too much like a ferry! I know that's a weird comment but feel a second restaurant option for more upmarket dining, as well as a quieter more restful bar would not go amiss for the longer crossings! Just my opinion. I do also rate MSM highly for her décor and facilities. Finally, I recently travelled on Normandie for the first time and again was very impressed, just a shame the fitting of the exhaust scrubbers have spoiled her overall appearance!
  4. A good report! Apart from Cap Finistere, I have travelled on all bf ships and have to say Bretagne has got to be my favourite! Just something about the layout, classic design and atmosphere. Sincerely hope she is in the fleet for some years to come,
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