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  1. Under 'Funnel Emissions' on this page, it says Salamanca will replace Cap Finistere. I posted this on the Galicia inauguration thread. Okay, I accept it's hardly an official confirmation, but I'm sure it was mentioned elsewhere too. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/hola-galicia/technically-more-efficient
  2. Sorry Gareth, I should have used better words. Theory being a better word to use than suggestion. But I personally feel that PA replacement ‘theory’ has the strongest footing at this moment in time based on Galicia’s recent trials and the SOMABRET rumour from @jonno. These two factors weaken the case for the two other theories you have suggested. I apologise again for any confusion. I have simply restarted this discussion because I wanted to see others thoughts on: When we are likely to find out (thank you for answering Gareth) If she did replace PA, what changes would have resulted in this decision?
  3. Been mentioned once or twice in other topics but did not want to steer them more off-topic, I wonder when the route allocation for Santona will be revealed? Recent suggestions are certainly pointing towards a Pont-Aven replacement especially now there is proof that Santona will fit Plymouth and Roscoff. Whilst I am now inclined to agree, this surely cannot have been the original plan when ordered in 2018. Unless I am mistaken, until just before COVID, there were plans for a direct Bretagne replacement thereby implying PA would be staying on her current routes. It was therefore reasonable to assume that Santona would be a third vessel out of Portsmouth. So if Santona does indeed replace PA, why the change of plan? COVID reducing demand? The rail link plans? Something else? Regardless, replacing PA with Santona would be quite a significant change for regular PA passengers but would at least mean a consistent offering between the UK and Spain. I would be interested to hear others thoughts on what I have mentioned
  4. The online PDF leaflet for Galicia has finally been released: https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/sites/default/files/2020-12/Galicia Ship Guide_12-2020.pdf The deckplans are in the same style as shared on NI ferry site. However, the cabins are shown a bit more clearly and the pet cabin corridor is highlighted
  5. My interpretation of the deckplan provided on the NI ferry site is that the outside cabins on Deck 9 denoted in a different colour are not the pet cabins but the Commodore Club cabins. I would like to think the Pet cabins (of which there are both outside and inside types) are on the starboard side of Deck 7 close to the Pet Walk Area. However, I haven't booked so those who have cabin allocations with the aforementioned types might be able to shed more light.
  6. And she's docked bow in. So guessing bow in at Portsmouth and stern in at Santander will be the norm unless things change. If she's at PIP 4, does that not suggest that Galicia will be utilising two-level loading at the Portsmouth end? I know she's trialled on Berth 2 so maybe they'll wait until Santander has this facility?
  7. Stena Nordica was known Malo Seaways for a short period in 2015-16
  8. The deckplans answer a couple of cabin-related queries: Whilst most cabin numbers are three-digits long, there are four-digit long cabin numbers at the rear (like I assumed). The reason being that the numbering exceeds the allocation. (i.e. Deck 8 has 801-894 and 8101-8142) Freight-driver cabins explain why the windows to the rear of Deck 8 were so close together I am a little disappointed by the bar. Looks a small space next to the lifeboats with limited possibility of live entertainment. Personally, I would not have bothered with the C-Club lounge and instead put the bar here with the existing bar area used as a cafe, or a second bar (like the Cap Finistere bar amidships) and consequently moved the reclining seats to the reading lounge spaces behind it. But what do I know? Hopefully, it will work. I do wonder whether the inclusion of the C-Club lounge was a Stena influence or that it couldn't really be changed, since it is not a feature of any other vessel (albeit the Commodore lounge on PA but that's quite small).
  9. Agreed. The staircase takes up a lot of space too.
  10. The page also confirms that Salamanca will replace Cap Finistere. Of course, this was widely believed, but was it ever confirmed directly?
  11. I had noticed the different windows on Galicia but just assumed it was a BF thing so didn't bring it up! I was left wondering what would be different about Stena Embla given that you described her in your articles as 'slightly modified'. I was trying to dig through the archives to find out so thanks for clarifying that.
  12. It wasn't too long ago when deck plans didn't show the individual cabin numbers! I recall around the time I joined this site the amount of topics in Q&A requesting the location of cabins and there would always be members able to give directions from reception/major stairwell!
  13. This photo shows two styles of cabin number, so there is no error. My assumption is that the additional cabins at the rear have the four digit cabin number but could very much be wrong.
  14. How do they calculate number of trucks? Is it maximum number ignoring cars and all mezzanines not in use? On Stena Estrid and Edda, there is a separate deck for cars. Galicia doesn't have this and in this video, you can see at 4:07, it appears Galicia will have a mezzanine vehicle deck (Deck 6). Perhaps it is fixed in place thus bringing down the total truck space? Total guesswork though!
  15. Are you sure? I’m sure that Mont St Michel‘s month at Gdańsk was cancelled due to reasons and she was laid up at Cherbourg for her repaint instead.
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