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  1. georgem7

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    That reminds me of a question I've been wanting to ask. MSM does her present timetable (including the Friday night Portsmouth to Caen sailing) because she is the larger vessel. Do we assume that Honfleur will take on MSM's schedule with MSM taking up Normandie's schedule? MSM will still have a bigger passenger and car capacity despite Honfleur's bigger physical dimensions.
  2. georgem7

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    It also a possibility that this new vessel may replace the Cap Finistère, besides they have also mentioned her for replacement. They may be waiting to see how Honfleur turns out and then order a PA replacement at that point. Otherwise, we will be seeing a decrease in capacity. Further to this, the article talks about Portsmouth, which to me again suggests a CF replacement.
  3. georgem7

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    No stripes at all!!
  4. I am led to believe she won't be doing the Holyhead route until September. She will be just doing France runs over the summer season.
  5. georgem7

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I think BF WILL build another cruise ferry, either as a replacement for Bretagne, or for Pont-Aven (which is a while yet!) when her time is up. As has been highlighted in another thread, the St Malo doesn't carry a lot of freight so won't need the large vehicle decks that other routes need.
  6. georgem7

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    The E-Flexer is a bit of a drop in capacity from Pont-Aven (2400->900 (I have read)). However perhaps the extra cabins may boost the passenger capacity?
  7. Do they really need a fastcraft at all if they have ordered another ship which is set to be huge? Newbuild, Ulysses and Westpac might be a bit overkill?
  8. georgem7

    St Malo Weekender

    How funny, we were in St Malo at the same time! Also had wondered why Pont-Aven had gone out to sea halfway through the day, now makes sense.
  9. georgem7

    Mont St Michel & Bretagne Trip

    Haha good spot. I meant to have said 'she never disappoints'.
  10. Just returned from a weekend trip in St Malo. Outbound Outbound, we travelled Friday overnight on the Mont St Michel to Caen, departing at 22:00. We wanted to try a new ship and dad was happy to drive down the following morning. We arrived in Portsmouth relatively early, and had to wait for check in. It was funny seeing the number of cars for the Pont-Aven to St Malo turning up last minute. By the time we had gone through security, Pont-Aven had departed. The crossing was as expected, rather busy being a Friday night and Etretat delayed from dry dock. Thus, there was a good number of Lorries waiting to board. We were parked on the mezzanine platform Deck 6. We had a bite to eat in the Self-Service, and had a quick explore before heading to bed. By the time we had booked the crossing, all 2 berths had been booked out so we had to book a 4 berth inside. However, this was better as we were on Deck 9 rather than Deck 7. We had a very comfortable quiet night sleep and at times, it didn’t feel like we were on a boat! Arrival was early, but this was a sacrifice we made. After a quick croissant (we didn’t use the new order night before service), we were soon off the boat and on the road. We contemplated having a look around locally, however it was dark and early, so we decided to hit the road. Return We enjoyed a nice day in St Malo on the Saturday having a walk around and a bite to eat in the Intra-Muros. Popped into E.Leclerc for some bits. We returned on the 10:30 day crossing on the Bretagne. We woke up early on Sunday morning to see her arrive. I thought the crossing was going to be quiet, but there was good number of cars waiting. In fact, Deck 5 was almost full. After some breakfast, we went for a sleep in our 2 berth inside cabin on Deck 8. Had a wander on the outside decks and sat in the bar. For dinner, I wanted the lasagne which was on the menu but unfortunately they didn’t have any left. However, the ‘plat du jour’ was Beef Bourguignon which I had enjoyed previously. I even treated myself to one of the desserts. Arriving in Portsmouth, the front deck was closed off, so we stood towards the front of the starboard side of Deck 9, just below the bridge. Disembarkation was swift, and we were soon off onto the M275 home. Thoughts We were very impressed with the Mont St Michel. The ship is modern, comfortable and as I said, it didn’t feel like we were on a boat. The cabin was quiet but then we were on deck 9! The ship is well laid out and nicely furnished. We would certainly travel on her again. I also really enjoyed the crossing on Bretagne, I always do, she never fails to disappoint! Noticed some new carpet in places and some new panelling around the ship including new panels to indicate what was on each deck. It was nice to see she is still being cared for.
  11. georgem7

    Ships nicknames

    How do you pronounce it? And how does one pronounce 'Bretagne'? I say 'Bre-tang' although its probably wrong!
  12. georgem7

    Disappointed Pont Aven

    My parents said that their cabin wasn't very clean on their recent trip. They also returned on Bretagne and made similar comments to the OP. PA's larger number of cabins may be a factor, especially during the summer when she runs nearly full
  13. georgem7

    St Nazaire to Gijon

    http://www.passengership.info/news/view,baleria-orders-two-new-gasfuelled-ferries-in-200-million-deal_46349.htm I think these are the new ships for Balearia. I'm led to believe they are being built at the same yard as, but they are different than the normal visentini ship.
  14. georgem7

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    I was hoping to find the exact photo on twitter. Under #bfrefits Anyway, it was discussed in this thread, and I remember clearly seeing a photo of a proper ramp between Decks 3 and 5 on Normandie.
  15. georgem7

    Old Bretagne Picture, stairs in main shop

    Hiya. I asked this same question a few years ago. Here is a link to the thread...