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  1. Everything has gone quiet since she entered service. Has anyone been on her or planning to go on her in the not too distant future?. Was expecting a flurry of pictures, reviews online but seen nothing. Guessing it is the time of the year...
  2. I have the same problem as Khaines. I haven't voted but it doesn't let me vote. What Khaines sees is all I can see.
  3. georgem7

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    Thanks. Didn't know they published the cabin quantities for Honfleur!
  4. georgem7

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    On the new site, I can't seem to find the page showing a comparison of facilities across ships and quantity of each cabin type per ship. Of course, this is trivial information, which I'm guessing was deemed unnecessary and/or the page on the old site was used by few customers.
  5. georgem7

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    Yeah the new livery suits her well
  6. georgem7

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    I would suggest, if you want to be on the safe side, booking a sailing which still exists on the revised schedule (for example, Friday night sailing ex. Portsmouth)
  7. georgem7

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Surprisingly, Normandie doesn't look too bad! Of course, I liked the original scheme she had worn since she was built, but unlike Bretagne's new design, this works well. I'd say Armorique and Normandie have come out best so far. I'm guessing Cap Finistere will follow suit, and lose one deck stripe. The scheme seems to include striping around the bow and stern so I'm guessing that too.
  8. georgem7

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    I really don't understand what's wrong with the self-service restaurant. In my eyes, it caters for more tastes, (i.e. the average family) at a reasonable price and I almost always enjoy my meal. Does the average person really choose Pont-Aven over Armorique due to too much plastic?!? Certainly wouldn't influence my decision. Also, I'd like to mention that all ships bar NEX, Pont-Aven and Bretagne have open deck parking. Overall, despite the fact they are very different, I like both Armorique and Bretagne a lot. I would happily choose to sail on both of them. But maybe I just enjoy travelling on ferries in general?
  9. georgem7

    Brexit effect on BF

    At least the new Le Havre timetable only affects two sailings in each direction. (Monday and Saturday overnights outbound, and Monday and Saturdays 17:00 sailings return). As Normandie operates such services to Caen, it should be easy enough for customers to just change their booking to Caen should they want to keep those same timings.
  10. georgem7

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    Epsilon is branded as an economy service, and was even before Brittany Ferries took on Etretat. So they may have took inspiration from Irish Ferries?
  11. georgem7

    New Look Revealed

    On Bretagne, surely it would have made sense to extend the blue line to where the windows end? I know Pont-Aven's blue line stops but Armorique's blue line extends to the end.
  12. georgem7

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    It's good that the double-deck linkspan can finally be used again, when was the last time it saw regular use?
  13. georgem7

    Government charter

    They can fill in additional sailings where the respective ship sits in port all day as that doesn't affect existing sailings. (Pont-Aven on Fridays in Roscoff, Baie de Seine on Fridays in Le Havre, Etretat/Normandie on Thursdays in Le Havre). Unfortunately, that's only 3 extra return sailings. Another thought though, much less freight is carried during the summer holidays, so does the contract apply to this period?
  14. georgem7

    Brexit effect on BF

    I could be wrong but my best guess... Roscoff - returns to 3 sailings a day (prior to 2013/14). Pont-Aven rotates on Fridays when she normally sits in Roscoff. 4 extra sailings than today's off peak schedule. I don't feel this will be popular as I feel today's timetable is designed around what IS popular (overnights outbound, teatime returns) Le Havre - if Normandie and Etretat ran a daily sailing opposite each other (similar to Harwich-Hook timetable), that's 7 extra sailings. Will only work after Honfleur arrives. Etretat is too slow an unloader for them to be able to do 3 sailings a day each. Baie de Seine crew changes in Cherbourg. (still an extra sailing) Barfleur tries to do 2 return sailings a day like she did in the past. That's 7 extra sailings. That gives you 19. EDIT- hhv, funny timing, I didn't see your post but it looks as we have come to similar conclusions!
  15. georgem7

    New Look Revealed

    Recent discussion has been aimed at the logo and livery application to Bretagne rather than the logo itself. I know Bretagne divides opinion, some love her, and some think she's old and tired, but when I conducted a poll a few years ago, Bretagne was quite significantly the favourite BF ship on here. Bretagne has a place in many people's hearts and seeing her in the new livery has not done her justice. As other people have said, it shows her age and makes her look worse. So this suggests why there has been numerous emotive comments in response. A little OTT maybe, but perhaps you can see why?