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  1. P.S. This was last week I drafted it forgot to post it
  2. Just enjoyed a couple of days in Santander with the family, using the Plymouth to Santander crossing both ways. Upon arrival in Plymouth, we went to the Hoe to watch the Pont-Aven arrive, then headed for the port a little later than we usually would, and probably not the best decisions. Our check-in queue didn’t seem to move as fast as the others. Once finally through check-in we had an even longer wait before security. Most people were onboard already. We eventually boarded as one of the last cars to board, frustrating when we weren’t particularly late to check in. We were parked between the stairwells on Deck 3 underneath the funnel on top of the ramp to Deck 2. However, once docked, our late boarding was rewarded with one of the first cars to disembark. They don’t lie when they say your patience might be rewarded The sailing was full, surprising for September and we were running at least 30 minutes behind schedule so I’m surprised the departure time wasn’t pushed back to 16:15 like it is in the summer months. So due to this delay, as soon as the last car was boarded, the doors were quickly closed and engine began roaring into action. Then there was a queue for the stairs, so we had completely missed departure. And if that was bad enough, an orchestra of car alarms commenced to keep us entertained! The sailing itself was pleasant. I slept well, partially thanks to our fairly central location on deck 6, away from car alarms and thanks to a relatively calm sea state. The return was delayed by around 2-3 hours. This was due to the weather and an apparent technical problem. However, we decided to get to the port for around 17:00 so we could check-in early and then walk into the city for a bite to eat. Brittany Ferries had given us vouchers for a bottle of water, a hot drink and a bar of chocolate which was a nice gesture. There was a slight wait to board but we eventually did. We noticed that the queue was stopped behind us. I think it was hoped we would all squeeze onto the port side Deck 4. However there was no more room for us and another car so, as starboard side Deck 4 wasn’t ready, we were sent down Deck 3 right behind the stern doors. What a result! We off and out relatively quickly at Plymouth, a big advantage given the notorious nature of Plymouth’s customs! The sea was a lot rougher on this crossing. Thankfully, we had a similar cabin location to the outbound so we didn’t feel so much movement. However the rest of the party were more forward on Deck 6 and they could feel the up and down motion a lot more. Whilst arrival was scheduled for 19:30, we arrived just after 7 but the announcements didn’t sync up because the ‘vacate your cabin’ announcement occurred five minutes before docking. Overall, a nice trip. The outbound trip was fantastic aside from loading, and what has been echoed recently, nicely timed as well. Return not so great but hey, it is pot luck with regard to the weather! My opinions of the Pont tend to change but I appreciated her more this time. The family liked her too. Their only complaint was the positioning of the stage in the bar.
  3. georgem7

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    I agree with you there
  4. georgem7

    Routing to Spain

    I have given it some thought and I believe the best solution for Spain post-2021 is: Galicia and Salamanca would dedicate themselves to Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao respectively. Will they be fast enough to fit three rotations each? Pont-Aven would introduce a second rotation between Plymouth and Santander in lieu to Cork. She would return to Plymouth Friday morning and leave for Santander at 15:45, leaving Santander at around 17:00 Saturday to be back in time for the 15:45 Sunday crossing. Cap Finistere would become dedicated Irish ship (with maybe two Cork Roscoff sailings to compensate and maybe 1 Cork Santander sailing?) Result: extra Portsmouth sailing, extra Plymouth sailing, Ireland maintained. Wouldn't need Pelican, Etretat or BDS.
  5. georgem7

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    It will be interesting where they do put them. The website says 12 cabins and there blocks of 12/13 on Deck 5, which are out the way. However, they'll need to have access to an exercise area so it is difficult to say right now.
  6. georgem7

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    Yes that's correct. I mentioned before that this could potentially be the case. I may have confused with the 2020 comment (someone mentioned it might be a 'bedding in' move). I personally think keeping MSM on friday nights is logical.
  7. georgem7

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/fleet/cruise-ferries/honfleur/accommodation I don't how long this page has been up but I thought it would be relevant here. It does appear to have 2 berth cabins - although the image used is shown to be a 4 berth. It would be interesting to see if they are like the 2 berth insides on the rest of the fleet.
  8. georgem7

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    Oh I see I clearly missed that thanks. Hmm I wonder what the logic in that idea is?
  9. georgem7

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    Was interested to see if that would be the case! But the real truth will be in 2020 timetables (whether they swap or not) So is Spain going to be down two sailings next season? I wonder if BF are trying to organise a temporary replacement for BDS or an charter extension? I'm guessing using Etretat might be too risky given the knock on effect should Honfleur be delayed? Interesting times...
  10. georgem7

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    That reminds me of a question I've been wanting to ask. MSM does her present timetable (including the Friday night Portsmouth to Caen sailing) because she is the larger vessel. Do we assume that Honfleur will take on MSM's schedule with MSM taking up Normandie's schedule? MSM will still have a bigger passenger and car capacity despite Honfleur's bigger physical dimensions.
  11. georgem7

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    It also a possibility that this new vessel may replace the Cap Finistère, besides they have also mentioned her for replacement. They may be waiting to see how Honfleur turns out and then order a PA replacement at that point. Otherwise, we will be seeing a decrease in capacity. Further to this, the article talks about Portsmouth, which to me again suggests a CF replacement.
  12. georgem7

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    No stripes at all!!
  13. I am led to believe she won't be doing the Holyhead route until September. She will be just doing France runs over the summer season.
  14. georgem7

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I think BF WILL build another cruise ferry, either as a replacement for Bretagne, or for Pont-Aven (which is a while yet!) when her time is up. As has been highlighted in another thread, the St Malo doesn't carry a lot of freight so won't need the large vehicle decks that other routes need.
  15. georgem7

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    The E-Flexer is a bit of a drop in capacity from Pont-Aven (2400->900 (I have read)). However perhaps the extra cabins may boost the passenger capacity?