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  1. I wouldn't think an extra rotation to Roscoff would be necessary beings Armorique now has quite a relaxed schedule. But your point about spending more time in Santander is a good one which I clearly missed
  2. I can't. Pont transferring to St Malo will leave the Spanish routes short of a lot of capacity. The E-flexers hold about 1000 passengers each. Even if the Cap replaces Pont-Aven, it is still an overall drop in capacity, not to mention a massive drop for Cork-Roscoff. Then you'd need to find a replacement for Connemara. I know you would like to see Bretagne replaced sooner rather than later but a separate replacement is in the pipeline, a suitable yard just needs to be found. Re. the last point, if Pont-Aven returns to Plymouth full time that will leave Pont-Aven spending a lot of time not doing anything. Of course, they could slow her sailing times down. Personally, I do hope though that something is done about Pont-Aven's day off in Roscoff though because I feel it is a waste. But the only way I see that being solved is by dropping the Cork run with an additional Spanish sailing instead (it fits quite nicely, albeit Roscoff-Plymouth on a Friday) but I feel that ain't going to happen.
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone on the site and of course a happy new year! It has been the first year since 2010 I have not used Brittany Ferries, hopefully next year something can be fit in!
  4. So they did lower the stripe by one deck like the suggested by the photoshopped image. But why go to the hassle and expense? Perhaps they wanted to switch up the look. Can’t say I like it I think she now looks rather unusual. I see they’ve also painted the bridge white (unlike Normandie and Bretagne where it’s still blue) . Just MSM to go now!
  5. Would be interesting to see the ship layout. Or is her time in the fleet going to be so short there won't be any worth going to the trouble of making a ship guide pdf?
  6. Any hint on what's next for Stena Superfast X? Stena have already publicly announced that Stena Lagan and Stena Mersey are being lengthened following replacement yet nothing seems to have been announced. You would have thought something would have been known since replacement is imminent.
  7. georgem7

    New Look Revealed

    Well it appears photoshopped versions of MSM, Barfleur and Normandie Express (who have yet to be officially reliveried) have appeared on the website See https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ships/cruise-ferries/mont-st-michel https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ships/cruise-ferries/barfleur https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ships/high-speed-ferry/normandie-express Would be interesting if they turn out exactly as planned in the photos. I am particularly intrigued why they've decided to effectively move Barfleur's stripe one deck down. What's the point?!? It already exists in one-stripe livery!
  8. Confirming a late-2020 delivery which fits nicely in with the end of charter for Kerry and return of Connemara to Cork
  9. Wow! She's looking great especially in BF livery. Particularly the application of blue on the funnel and stern area. It's quite blurry but do I read Portsmouth as the port of registry? If so, certainly a first for the company and a confirmation she won't be serving France at all (not that it was expected anyway) If she is this far advanced, I struggle to believe the late 2021 delivery suggested by Jonno up thread.
  10. The return will be likely to be rammed too. We came back about this time 7 years ago and it was full. Will be a nuisance to all those customers having to get to Cherbourg.
  11. Interestingly if you look at the ferrysite, Bore Bay used to have massive infrastructure plonked on the top of her. This was under UECC. This has now been removed and the funnel looks very odd! http://www.ferry-site.dk/ferry.php?id=9122007&lang=en Etretat will be serving predominantly Le Havre throughout the winter season until the arrival of Honfleur, so I'd say it is unlikely. In fact, Le Havre will be a two-ship service come January! As bbcone says, Connemara will be appearing at Poole to refit cover Barfleur.
  12. This is what me and Cabin Boy suggested a couple of months ago where the query was raised then - albeit I suggested a two-nighter return. With Roscoff and Le Havre a no fit (Jonno made this very clear), and Portsmouth to Cherbourg not worth running a regular non-fast craft service to, at most if they required a French port change, it would have to be Cherbourg en route. A regular daily service at a set time would be attractive to haulers and passengers . As you say though, which of these run to Santander and which to Bilbao is another question. Perhaps they could alternate?
  13. On the seemingly odd occasion which happened to be coincidentally the two times I went on Bretagne on a Sunday night ever, she has been on Berth 3 and Cap Finistere has been on Berth 4. I guessing that when it happened, Mont St Michel would have been on Berth 3 and Etretat on Berth 2.
  14. As I suggested up thread, I feel like it will be a two-ship service to Le Havre next year. It makes no sense to have two sailings per day in Jan/Feb and then only a daily (roughly) daily service the rest of the year.
  15. Some initial obsevations/interesting deployments : Connemara will cover Barfleur's refit in December Cap Finistere will be serving Le Havre twice a week in Nov/Dec. Etretat and Connemara will both operate to Le Havre in Jan/Feb before Connemara replaces BDS. Perhaps the plan will be that once Honfleur arrives, both Normandie and Etretat will operate together to Le Havre? Bretagne coming back in January to cover Pont-Aven's engine replacement Armorique to cover Mont St Michel as expected
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