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  1. Announcement today says Taskforce Report will now be 5th April
  2. And another one where I didn't proceed to paying sat in my list of bookings and I got a mail saying would be cancelled if I didn't pay deposit by midnight following day.
  3. Booking a few days ago I got a ticket before payment page and a new version after I paid.
  4. I agree. So much better on hotel / train booking sites where route / location show and can be changed without having to reinput everything.
  5. I may have missed something in your story but are you saying that the authorities are accepting travel to / from a second home?
  6. Strange arrangement in the self service where a member of staff writes a ticket with what you have on your tray and you oay after eating at remote till. I also experienced very slow unloading at Portsmouth and Border Force remarked that this is routinely the case.
  7. Yorky

    2021 Timetables

    That would suit me better than a seat on a night crossing
  8. I've just had a cancellation email for Barfleur on October 30th. Etretat is sailing Portsmouth - Cherbourg on what appears to be same pattern as Connemara currently.
  9. Leaving the country is a listed reason for ending self-isolation before 14 days
  10. The early departure from cabin in the past was to enable crew to strip beds. If passengers are stripping their own beds, the justification for this would seem no longer to ge there.
  11. I used the Manage My Booking feature yesterday and last week. Yesterday i had to click on the option to manage passenger details before it would show the button to amend journey details.
  12. Has anyone heard anything definitive about whether NEX is going to be runing at all?
  13. I see that Normandie crossings now removed from timetable until July 13th
  14. I did a night crossing this week Newhaven - Dieppe with DFDS. The middle seat of lounge banks of three are out of use but other than that, no palava. People were able to sleep in the bar on the floor or in seats. Can't help thinking that BF insistence on cabins is about maximising yield per passenger given reduced loadings (as with footies and bikes).
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