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  1. I was told today that website problems of inability to modify old bookings or book beyond CV expiry will be fixed at end of month.
  2. Call centre told me today that 10% additional reduction does not apply to modifications to crossings, only completely new bookings.
  3. Thanks. I don't remember this ever happening pre-Covid but at least I know now
  4. I see that December crossings by Normandie are shown as "Sailing Full" - does that mean that there is no cover for the refits does anyone know, please?
  5. So long as the bark code is there you're OK..
  6. Whilst advice on what tests are required is best left to gov.uk I can say as a generalisation that whatever they are must be booked before setting off for UK as you can't complete passenger locator form without the code
  7. I have 2 bookings which it says can't be modified because they have been changed by call centre but it'snot true. They haven't been. presume it'sjust because they date from old website.
  8. I got the impression that all extensions were to November but I may be wrong. Responses on Twitter have been good but not necessarily rapid.
  9. Interesting that you mention that. I was about to ask whether anyone knew what the policy was on wheelchair cabins. Is anyone allowed to book one? I would feel guilty doing so but they are much cheaper. If you're suggesting that BF would relocate you if necessary then maybe there's no reason not to.
  10. Brilliant. Would not have thought of that. (I'm not sticking a sticker on my paintwork.)
  11. Ours were done by a nurse and issued as European test certificates headed with French state logos. Done through the system as French overseas residents get free tests.
  12. Same for my wife's French passport and ID but she has British passport as well and that's what she uses travelling in to UK.
  13. I don't know whether this has already been covered in another thread, though I haven't seen it. The French state has decided that all Covid vaccination and test certificates must be issued in the birth surname. This name appears on French IDs and Passports but for anyone travelling to UK on a UK passport who has a different surname from that at birth there will be a difference. UK.gov says the names must match. This caused a moment of panic for my wife travelling back yesterday after getting her Antigen test certificate. I rang Ouistreham who said it is not a problem, so long as the date of birth is and forenames are correct. However, I did note that if both surnames have been given, then if you are sent a link to download a copy of a test certificate the page preceding download shows both surnames and lists tests that have been received. We screen shotted this and printed it to staple to the certificate (belt and braces). I hear that many airilnes insist on a marriage certificate and some will not accept a mis-match at all. Incidentally, it appears that HMG has completely outsourced the checking of documentation and at Portsmouth they only want to see passports as they can see on their system that all Covid status has been checked. At Cherbourg last night the process was extremely lengthy. Despite 1.5 hour checkin, they were still checking in up to departure time and many cars were parked up with drivers in the terminal trying to get their documentation in order.
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