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  1. Hi fairy89, we live in Torquay and have a holiday home in the Vendee. The journey from St Malo takes us about 3 hours, from Roscoff about four and a half, also consider Poole to Cherbourg, the driving time is about the same as Roscoff and Poole is not as far as Portsmouth. All three have good roads all the way. By comparing the three routes including your fuel costs you should be able to find something at a reasonable price.
  2. Gencoff

    Plymouth Ferryport Underused ?

    Re: Plymouth Ferryport Underused ? From a personal point of view, we have a mobile home in the Vendee, so it makes little difference to us which BF french port we use. Although we live in Torquay, I am quite happy to drive to Poole to catch a ferry. When Barfleur operated 2 sailings a day,we used this route regularly as the timings suited us better than from Plymouth. However, a lot of people from Devon & Cornwall have holiday homes in Brittany, especially in the Roscoff area, to keep driving distances to a minimum. For these people to drive to Poole, or even Portsmouth and then have to drive across to Brittany, makes for a very long journey, which may well stop them from traveling, much more of an inconvenience than someone having to travel from Poole to Portsmouth and then having to drive from Caen up into the Cotentin peninsular. Even for those not living in the south west, the drive across to the Roscoff area is a long one. What I was suggesting is that it would be better to offer a wider choice of destinations. Before we left Siblu and moved to a decent site, I used to travel out every October to close the mobile home for the winter and try to maintain the pitch. The crossings from Plymouth were always quite busy, even in October. I never traveled on a Friday night (which is the busiest) and I usually avoided the half term holidays, but still the loadings were good. Also, the schedule is cut to 2 sailings a week from 7th September, but September is still a popular month for holidays due to the lower prices, so this seems exceptionally early.
  3. Gencoff

    Plymouth Ferryport Underused ?

    Re: Plymouth Ferryport Underused ? I don't think anyone is suggesting that Plymouth is preferable to Portsmouth, but to only have 2 sailings a week from Plymouth from such an early date is very dissapointing. Poole is not that far away from Portsmouth, unlke Plymouth to Poole/Portsmouth, and BF have claimed that this route is not profitable, so if the problem is a shortage of ferries due to the conversions, would it not be better to operate Barfleur from Plymouth for a couple of months to give a better choice of options?
  4. Gencoff

    Plymouth Ferryport Underused ?

    Re: Plymouth Ferryport Underused ? Roscoff is fine for anybody wishing to holiday in Brittany, but for anywhere south of Rennes, which is a large part of the French coast, St.Malo is a much better starting point. Armorique spends an awful lot of time sat idle in port so it would easily be possible to change a couple of Roscoff crossings to Plymouth/St.Malo. The longer crossing time would give opportunities for increased onboard spend, and a slightly higher ticket price would be acceptable given the fuel & driving time savings for those wishing to travel south. This could also make the ferry option rather than flying more appealing to potential extra customers, who then may become regulars once they find out how much more relaxing ferry travel can be.
  5. Gencoff

    Problem with NEX

    Re: Problem with NEX HT, I can assure you that Stena definitely did two return sailings each day throughout the summer months, we used the route quite regularly. I think the two sailings started from around mid May each year.
  6. Gencoff

    Plymouth Roscoff

    Re: Plymouth Roscoff I can't see Plymouth Roscoff getting a two ship service, but with the amount of time Armorique spends tied up it might be possible to amend the schedule to include a couple of extra overnight returns, especially at weekends when Pont Aven joins the route. Personally, Plymouth St.Malo is a great option so a second ship could add a few St.Malo sailings as well as helping out at Roscoff, but that's just wishful thinking.