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  1. No blockade is visale on the webcam.
  2. Her AIS must not be working at the moment as there are plenty of pictures of her arriving in Santander. And normally Cap, Pont, BDS and MN Pelican are in range midway through the bay.
  3. Sunday's sailing is now showing as cancelled on the sailing updates page..UK one.
  4. Connemara's destination is now set to Gibraltar. Would be for bunkers i suspect.
  5. Normandie was on berth 3 this morning.
  6. I think you might of spoken too soon....
  7. The weather seems to be affecting Barfleur as well, taking shelter in Pool bay now after what looks like an aborted arrival.
  8. Maybe one day she might be included in it...i doubt it though.
  9. Forgetting one ship again.......MN Pelican sails from Pool this afternoon.
  10. Not forgetting MN Pelican, won't be having a 'christmas shutdown' until boxing day.
  11. As you said last year MSM went over to Le Havre. From a geographical point of view it makes more sense & the business Le Havre has seen this winter, i would be surprised if Le Havre is not the port of choice this Christmas & New year.
  12. Normandie or Mont St Michel will have brief stop in Le Havre?
  13. Etretat is just coming through the harbour entrance now.
  14. Pilot is on board Armorique now, but i guess that will not make it any clearer to if she is heading for the outer harbour or the lock system as i highly doubt Armorique's captain is pilot exempt for Le Havre.
  15. Pride of Kent went from Calais to Dunkerque on one engine.
  16. The Pride of Kent has made heavy contact with a structure in Calais, Two tugs currently in attendance.
  17. Armorique has one in between the N & Y of Brittany.
  18. The Strike in St Malo is back on, Condor Rapid Cancelled this evening and tomorrow morning, nothing on the sailing updates about Pont's sailing tonight.....yet.
  19. 2 and a half days more like, it took her 61 hours and 3 minutes to make the journey.
  20. Etretat sailings are now cancelled until / including 20th of November.
  21. Etretat sailings are now cancelled until / including 20th of November.
  22. surely it would be better to leave the Caen ships where they are and use Armorique as she's off for refit on Monday, but as it's not high season i suspect most of the Le Havre traffic if not all is being picked up by MSM & Normandie.
  23. Might have nothing to do with the tech issue but i see Bretagne originally birth on linkspan 3 then changed over to linkspan 4. I know this can be normal practice on a layover day but today is not a layover day.
  24. I may be wrong but Portsmouth has higher port fees than Cherbourg hence the stop over in Cherbourg.
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