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  1. Could be a new job for '' Sassnitz '' ? Currently at anchor off Gibraltar
  2. Regina Seaways this morning at Dunkerque
  3. On vessel Finder , Chormanorsk ETA August 19th
  4. Look like she is in service !
  5. Côte d'Opale at Dover last night
  6. First commercial service of Côte d'Opale is on August 4th , Calais - Dover 21h40 for the moment
  7. Berth 7 , 8 and 9 of the current port will stay open .. In the new port u will have A restaurant with free access (like the current one) with a terrace and a view of the quays
  8. Two photo of Côte d'Opale this morning for the maiden arrival and this afternoon leaving Calais for trial in the new port of Calais
  9. Honfleur could replace Epsilon or Irish Ferries could open a new route to Calais Ireland
  10. Cap Finistere' is going back into dry dock at Astander this afternoon at around 16:00 for some minor works, she will be there until May 23rd .
  11. DFDS will launch a passenger service on Dunkerque Rosslare but for the moment with the Covid this is not possible
  12. PRIDE OF YORK will be renamed GNV ARIES PRIDE OF BRUGES will be renamed GNV ANTARES
  13. She will come friday at Dunkerque according Dunkerque port website
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