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  1. Just layup , She will return later to Dieppe allowing the Côte d'Albâtre to go to Odense for the installation of scrubber
  2. Seven Sisters at Dunkerque this afternoon
  3. https://www.shippax.com/en/news/temporary-return-of-pride-of-bruges-on-zeebrugge-hull-route.aspx
  4. Pride of Bruges is back in service on August 9 (freight only) to cover the Norsky which will go for repairs. When the Norsky returns, Pride of Bruges will leave zeebrugge for Europoort.
  5. Calais Seaways ( 2 sailing per day ) and Kent are in freight only
  6. Good evening, I just wanted to share some photos of the Stena Adventurer in Dunkerque this afternoon. She was going to dry dock
  7. Could go on Irish ferries for replace Isle of Inishmore ?
  8. The Maltese cross has been removed from the funnel of the Calais Seaways and has been replaced by the '' DFDS ''
  9. Calais Seaways & Côte d'Albâtre this afternoon at Dunkerque
  10. I have found this one last month on the shipyard website http://wh-shipyard.com/wenzhang.asp?id=895&fbclid=IwAR1Y7PP9hkY8M_zDKTZbwg0dRwLnMs5Zgfu48jdzoNQzoFYhN12nv84XeQo
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