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  1. Côte des Dunes on annual refit this morning at Dunkerque
  2. Côte des Dunes on annual refit this morning at Dunkerque We can see the maltese cross is gone , replaced by a '' DFDS ''
  3. Shouldn't the blue stripe be on the bridge above? See her : https://www.brittany-ferries.fr/navires/ferries-croisiere/mont-st-michel
  4. ST Faith leave Dunkerque now ..
  5. Sirena Seaways returns to DFDS in April and from the 14th of April she will sail between Klaipeda and Karlshamn.
  6. St Faith this afternoon at Dunkerque 😃
  7. The black logo on the funnel is only temporary cover, for protection.
  8. St Faith at Dunkerque this afternoon
  9. Normandie Express with new livery this afternoon at Dunkerque
  10. YB Yeats this afternoon ready to leave Dunkerque tonight
  11. It's the design of the futur P&O for Dover Calais
  12. A little after .. Because at 7 am I was in Calais for Caroline Russ. 😃
  13. No it's just the entrance for the pilot. There are no traces of the fire on the outside
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