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  1. She go at Africa Morroco Link for 5 years
  2. I have it, I live next to Calais
  3. They have 2 tug , Chambon Suroit & Chambon Noroit
  4. Pride of Canterbury this morning at Calais with Cyprus Flag and Limassol home port
  5. I'm really sorry , i was wrong You will have the Côte des Flandres ( ex Berlioz) Best Regard
  6. The Côte d'Albatre of DFDS collided with a cargo . The provisional toll is two dead, seventy-three injured and one missing. Fortunately it was just an exercise called SAR Calais 2019.. Some 500 people, including rescuers, 110 firefighters, emergency doctors or 260 extras, participated this Friday in a large-scale maritime rescue exercise off Calais. Few photo of the Côte d'Albâtre at Calais yesterday 😊
  7. In Dunkerque there is the drag Samuel de Champlain who arrived from St Nazaire for his conversion to LNG.. Here is a picture of the Seven Sisters
  8. Seven Sisters yesterday at Dunkerque . Only the '' WWW. '' & ''.com'' has been removed . You will never see it on DFDS livery because it belongs to the Seine Maritime region
  9. I had to embark on board yesterday but Malo seaways have a technical problem (propeller shafts) . We finally crossed on board the Calais Seaways
  10. Sherbatskiy ex Oleander, etc confirmed as beached 11/12/15.
  11. Côte des Dunes ( Rodin) & Côte des Flandres ( Berlioz) today in Dunkerque
  12. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates That stupidity .... MyFerryLink will still in 2015
  13. Re: Spirit of France holed But to answer your question, the Spirit of Britain had a technical problem during his walk back and had a big hole on the portside next to the back ... it is now back in service
  14. Re: Spirit of France holed It's Spirit of Britian and not Spirit of France
  15. Re: Can you identify this ferry? It's Spirit of Britain or Spirit of France
  16. Re: Can you identify this ferry? It's Berlioz :)
  17. Re: Transeuropa Ferries in trouble? Hi, it seems that TransEuropaFerries does more passengers but that truck. Is this true?
  18. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates Mdrrr P & O is managed by Dubai I remind you, so you the English you been misplaced to criticize (L)
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