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  1. Sirena Seaways returns to DFDS in April and from the 14th of April she will sail between Klaipeda and Karlshamn.
  2. St Faith this afternoon at Dunkerque 😃
  3. The black logo on the funnel is only temporary cover, for protection.
  4. St Faith at Dunkerque this afternoon
  5. Normandie Express with new livery this afternoon at Dunkerque
  6. YB Yeats this afternoon ready to leave Dunkerque tonight
  7. It's the design of the futur P&O for Dover Calais
  8. A little after .. Because at 7 am I was in Calais for Caroline Russ. 😃
  9. No it's just the entrance for the pilot. There are no traces of the fire on the outside
  10. Last night? I was in Dunkerque yesterday morning!
  11. The arrival time at Calais is at 11am ( read in French press ) .. Can this give an idea of Tilbury's departure ?
  12. P & O reported having an unaccompanied freight vessel '' Ready and Revised ''
  13. At Calais we have two ramps. One on which the Pride of Kent made an accident. and another next to the former Seacat berth. It would be useful with the arrival by unaccompanied trailer train
  14. She go at Africa Morroco Link for 5 years
  15. I have it, I live next to Calais
  16. They have 2 tug , Chambon Suroit & Chambon Noroit
  17. Pride of Canterbury this morning at Calais with Cyprus Flag and Limassol home port
  18. I'm really sorry , i was wrong You will have the Côte des Flandres ( ex Berlioz) Best Regard
  19. The Côte d'Albatre of DFDS collided with a cargo . The provisional toll is two dead, seventy-three injured and one missing. Fortunately it was just an exercise called SAR Calais 2019.. Some 500 people, including rescuers, 110 firefighters, emergency doctors or 260 extras, participated this Friday in a large-scale maritime rescue exercise off Calais. Few photo of the Côte d'Albâtre at Calais yesterday 😊
  20. In Dunkerque there is the drag Samuel de Champlain who arrived from St Nazaire for his conversion to LNG.. Here is a picture of the Seven Sisters
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