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  1. This agreement baffles me a bit,we are still in the eu has of now.so if we allow people from France to come onto the uk without any quarantine surely this must applied to all European nations?or an I missing some thing?
  2. On a lighter note Alfie our giant schnauzer is looking forward to a trip down to Spain on a new ferry early part of next year.it will be his 29 th crossing.another point has anyone any idea how many pet friendly cabins there will on board.i will miss the cap because out of all the ferries I have sailed to Spain,she was the best by far in heavy seas.
  3. Do they not change the flu jab every year depending on the strain it is?so if a vaccine does come out for corona 19 .i would of thought the scientific people would be looking into the different strains just like the flu jabs.in anycase lets all hope a vaccine comes out sooner than later.you all look after yourselves put there.
  4. I know it is highly not likely to happen but just but if this situation went on for many months and bf do go belly up.what happens to them worthless pieces of paper?if I was offered a voucher I would also refuse it and ask for a refund which Iam entitled to.it looks bf are making a right mess of things with no help off anyone but themselves just like the fiasco of the new website .good luck to you all
  5. Panic buying believe this or not,I was down at the local homebase for compost and they were saying there is a mad rush in buying compost and vegetable seeds.what a sad state we are in.it is dog eat dog out of there.with goverment giving conflicting statements you can understand why.just which common sense will win in the end.
  6. Neil very surprised you say that,was the papers you have read a couple of weeks old?this is just the start of things Iam afraid to say,I wish what you say is correct but only time will tell.
  7. I agree and it is going to get a lot worse,just wonder how long it is going to last for.they say when the weather warms up in the uk it will get better,cannot understand this the weather is already warming up in spain and yet there infection rates are going through the roof and where does that leave is all in the uk with the worst to come yet.stay safe all of you out there.
  8. Bad news for travellers so much uncertainty on what is going to happen in the weeks/months ahead.just hope boris is right and the rest of the countries are wrong.some how I think we will find out the next month or so.so good luck to you all who are booked on ferries crossings.
  9. Interesting to see if it get a lot worse what impact it is going to have on brittany ferries?when you read about these cruise ferries get stopped on docking and other ships in quarantine,looking at the news new cases are springing up at a alarming rate it makes you wonder how long before it effect travelling on any form of transport in large numbers.i know people are saying more people die with the flu and if that is the case,why is the world health organisation getting worried about this virus?did not want to spoil anyone's plans to go on holiday but to me it looks like it could End up with a lockdown Ie planes,ferries,buses .just hope Iam wrong on all of this.
  10. Colin could not agree more than what you said.
  11. Jonno I hope you are right ,fingers crossed.
  12. If anyone is watching sky news about the virus.top doctors are saying if there is a surge it could tip the NHS past the breaking point.so it should worry us all.
  13. Watching mr hunt on tv saying nhs is ready for any increase in new case of this virus.yet the other day hospitals were saying they running at 95 percent full.so let's all pray it does not get any worse.
  14. Sorry do not agree with what you say,most of the time there are just telling people what might and could happen if we do not do the basics like washing our hand.on a much stronger point imagine if it ends up a pandemic then things get a lot more serious and with only a small percentage of deaths could mean millions of people around the world dying. the uk is highly populated and this virus could could cause major problems to us all..just hope for all our sakes I hope not.just hope it does not get any worse but watching tv ,it looks like it is going to get a lot worse.
  15. Just imagine what it will be like on a bank holiday weekend trying to find a charging point.i see queues to fill up on the motorways and that only takes 5/10 minutes from start to finish.so 50 minutes to charge it will be a nightmare for everyone.to me it is to much of a dash to electric cars and manufacturers will rubbing there hands in glee thinking of the big profits they are going to make.at the moment the cost is very steep and will the price comedown is anyone's guess it is the interests of manufacturers to keep the price high.
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