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  1. nodwad

    Help needed....

    Do you not understand why these countries put these rule up,it is to safeguard all of the people against this horrible virus.you should not of even have asked this question in the first place.stay safe
  2. nodwad

    Feline Stowaways

    So what action was taken Against the owners if any?
  3. Jim that was my thinking and I think after 31 December the French will turn a blind eye to all of the migrants launching there dingeys.to try and get to the uk then apply for political asylum .knowing full well that they will get bail and then disappear without trace.our border police are overwhelmed with the traffic now so god only knows what it is going to be like after this year.i don't know the answer to this chaos in which is going to happen to our shores.just glad I don't live on that part of the coast.stay safe
  4. What I mean is if we do not get a deal done with eu,that will mean we have no say at all with the French or anyother eu country.so they can just turn a blind eye to what's is starting to be a tusami of migrants to our shores and we will helpless to stop it.i think you will understand pro Europe or a brexiteer will know this.by you saying the date has nothing to do about this thread baffles me.no criticism ment .just one last point does anyone out there think if it was the other way round ie migrants wanting to get to France .we would try and stop them honestly?in other words that is exactly what the French French are doing.can I say I do not want to upset anyone in my views and if I do I apologise unreservedly.stay safe
  5. Does it not boil down to lack of security at the departing ports? Or is the lack of concern of the French security and border police come into it? Let's be honest it is in the papers and tv about the French coastguard neigh on escorting people over the channel .to me the French just want to get rid of the migrants off there shores and who can blame them?would you want hoards of people wandering around your towns and villages and all times of day and night?i can see if there is no agreement with the eec the flood gate will open after 31 December.remember they know if they get over to the uk and get arrested they then get bail(what a joke) and they can just disappear into the large towns and cities.stay safe
  6. Many thanks,stay safe
  7. What is that in English for us who don't know French please.stay safe
  8. Can I ask? Why are they blockading the port for?so before we all go on about the French unions causing hassle yet again.it could be a very good reason why they are doing this action for.i know it disrupts many people's plans for travelling over to France for holidays etc.i hope some person out there give us the real reason why they are doing this action.remember there is always two sides in industrial disputes.stay safe
  9. nodwad

    2021 Timetables

    I got booked this morning ,I had a bit of a problem with the website and was starting to get a bit agitated and all of a sudden it let me do the final part of the booking.so two people and one happy dog are relieved this morning.stay safe
  10. nodwad

    2021 Timetables

    I think it is going to be like a lottery tomorrow,nobody knows what the timetables or ferries are going to be involved.a complete shambles.yet what do you expect off brittany ferries?stay safe
  11. I live in England and I had to go to Scotland working and what strikes you How they the virus much more seriously then we do south of the border.to me well done scotland
  12. Just a query have you to book online or can you still call centre to book a crossing? A friend has told me to book online and not use the call centre number because you may not get through.any advice please.stay safe
  13. That was always my worry when I used to do pet transport,sitting in the port at bilbao/ Santander with 4 dogs in cages.for some reason with loading a lot of the times pets were just about the last one on board.yes you can let your engine run for the air con,but in 40c it does not take long to start overheating.just think of the poor animals in back of Luton vans etc with no air con .with owners thinking there pets were getting looked after.stay safe all of you
  14. nodwad

    2021 Timetables

    Regarding 2020/21 timetables ,I have said I know of people who have had a booking even before they have been released.a member said up to few years ago it was possible but no longer.yet is still goes on because last year and earlier this year I have spoken with people who have done this and still do.there must be someone out there who knows all about this guardly protected secret? If there is somebody in the know out there please let us mere mortals out here know.i think the vast majority out here would agree it is not right and should be stopped immediately if true.if it is true why has it been allowed to go on for so long? Stay safe
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