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  1. Just wonder why it is taking so long to publish the deck plans?i know it is not a very important issue but a lot of us would like to see where the cabins are.stay safe
  2. I have asked twice on this forum but nobody knows when. When I spoke to bf about my crossing a number of weeks ago I asked her the same question and the answer was very shortly.stay safe
  3. A good point but they can be pre recorded can they not.in any case the French would never allow this to happen.you got to give them there due.solidarity comes to mind.stay safe
  4. I agree with you,yet do you think the French would accept it , i said before if the boot was on the other foot?for some reason I don't think they would accept it at all.stay safe
  5. One easy answer to this,if there no brexit deal then say all ferries using. British ports as there main ports.should have a percentage of British seafarers employed .just a thought because if the boot was on the other foot the French would be demanding french seafarers should be employed.stay safe
  6. That brings a thought,which ferry has the largest cabins ie 4 berth outside
  7. Wondering why my last two replies were edited out? There was nothing wrong with either of them.one was a fun one and the other one was one word ie bravo.which must of upset some person with the power to edit it.i have noticed recently that certain people can nigh on say anything yet others cannot why is this please.i don't want to get into any slanging or argument match or try and upset anyone.yet I find what has happened to me a bit much .when nothing offensive was said at all.very sad if it has come to this.stay safe
  8. I know we were all told the deck plan of the Galicia would be released very soon.so has anyone any idea when this will happen.?one other point on brittany ferries website when you log onto Galicia you can do a 3 d tour but I only get the area where it starts from or is this the only bit of the tour you get?or am I doing something wrong?many thanks.stay safe
  9. Contacted bf about confusion over pet friendly cabins this morning.i asked why our pet friendly cabin was 760 going out and 766 return trip.the reason I asked was on bf website say the pet friendly cabins are on deck 9.the answer I got was deck 7 pet friendly cabins are outside 4 berth premium cabins.so mind rested ,she also said deck plan will be getting released soon.stay safe
  10. Getting a bit more confused about pet friendly cabins on the Galicia.looking on websites and it says dog exercise area is on deck10 and owners will have a set of stairs go up from pet friendly cabins on deck 9 .yet our bookings are cabin 740 outwards and 766 on return trip( pet friendly)I suppose they will get it right before we sail in January. stay safe
  11. Yes that has me thinking we just had our amended tickets for the Galicia ,with cabin number 740 and 766 for return trip.it says on website there is two types of pet friendly cabins but does not tell me which of the two we have.with no deck plans you cannot work it out for yourself so going have to try and contact them to find out.stay safe
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