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  1. Not getting at Plymouth on the whole once you get away from ferry port.just my experience it is a ferry port area where you don't feel that safe walking around .in the dark.
  2. That what puts us off that horror drive down to Plymouth and spending so much time in traffic getting to the port.one other point I have been there at night and it not the most pleasant place to wander around by the port.we even had yobs throwing stones at us and because they are high up on the port walls no way in catching even if you wanted to.i will stick with portsmouth.
  3. It is my wife favourite crossing but not for me,the early arrival and having a dog makes it nigh inpossible to have breakfast at the normal pace.yet again we are booked on the cap early January for the two nighter.
  4. The planet bar ,you would of thought after all the years of that terrible vibrating ceiling panels they would of tried to cut that noise down a bit.
  5. Every bit helps but when you see the increase of coal burning power stations in china,USA,India ,Russia etc what we do is a very very tiny drop in the ocean.a few countries are reducing there carbon footprint but the biggest culprits are increasing there carbon footprint. Far out stripping the rest who trying to reduce there carbon footprint.until these countries change there direction I fear it is going to get worse instead of better.i will stop now because I could go on and on about this subject.sorry I went off topic
  6. Don't know for sure but I have parked up many times at the check in kiosks for a few hours before staff came.if it does open 9/10 am it a very long day and I don't think bf would want to pay there staff for doing nothing.why not e mail customer service and ask them for any info or approximate time staff open check in.
  7. Has far as I know you can go through security at port gates,then go to check in kiosks and park up but there will be no staff until later that day.you may have a problem if you want to wander around santander because you have to have your cabin bar code card to go through the wicket gate what we have done in the past is park up outside there is car park right out side so no problems at all.hope that helps
  8. I have sailed on many ferries across the channel and mostly on uk to Spain routes.i was never sea sick until a few years ago on the point aven and it was flat calm.never been sea sick since,some of my navy friends say the same you can go years then the green look comes to your face and you spend a lot of time with you head down the toilet.wonderful memories (I THINK NOT)
  9. on all the ferries I have been on,I find the cap the best out of the lot in heavy seas.enjoy your trip and take your camera .
  10. Don't know what Iam missing,I thought when the new build was announced it was going to be for the Spanish run.now it seems to be just for the channel crossings.can anyone enlighten me.many thanks
  11. That is the problem with ferries and car parking lanes,the vast majority open there doors with care but some people show no care at all opening there doors that hit the car alongside them and think it is nothing.then you get people walking between cars with bags slung over there shoulder hitting cars and causing scrapes to cars.again no thought ar all for people's cars and any cost in getting repaired.i suppose it is the world we live in at this moment in time,I am suppose Iam getting a bit long in the tooth but a few years ago people were much more careful when doing things that could damage other people's cars.i don't miss the old times apart from in them days people cared for each other but now it is survival of the fittest comes to mind.
  12. Many thanks all sorted,told I was doing nothing wrong just a different way bf are doing things to safeguard passwords.
  13. Will do,just thought I was doing something wrong and did not want to bother them.many thanks
  14. Today I tried to log into my account to change my debit card details.it keeps saying incorrect password.so I have tried several times to change to password but it keeps coming up it is case sensitive and requires a least one upper case and at least one number ,which I have but no joy.anyone out there has had same problem or any advice would be welcome.many thanks
  15. I can remember when it first opened and I think most people were not very happy about it.the ground floor is a big void .you would of thought the bar and main facilities would be on the ground floor.even when you go upstairs it is mostly empty because people don't want to pay the prices what costa coffee charge ,as for the bar you very rarely see anyone there and has for food I cannot remember seeing anyone eating a meal.i agree what someone else says it is a very poor design .which should of been a lot better but the one major point I like is the toilets which are first class.it says a lot when the bog is the best point of the building.
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