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  1. Where we live a lot of stories coming out about people who are jumping the queue.the stories we are getting to know is people doing the jabs are contacting family and friends to come and get the jab because what is left in the bottom of the vial is enough to give another person a jab.am all for not wasting any vaccines but you would of thought ,they would contact the more vulnerable people if they could come in short notice.just wondering if this is going on around the country?.stay safe
  2. It may be a good idea but has paully says what about our friends over the channel?we all know certain parts of France are not keen on us lot from plague island.stay safe
  3. Watching bbc news and they were talking about the financial trouble they have.they said before the pandemic it was making good profits and going the right way.
  4. Is it going to be that bigger of a issue?i think this will blow over after everything gets calmed down.yes there may be spot checks so be it.i think the main body of people it will effect will be the motor home fraternity.with there fridges and cool boxes stashed full with there favourite item.it will be interesting with comments about this when people start travelling again.stay safe
  5. Welcome to the forum.you bring up a very good point and it would be interesting to hear of anyone has firsthand experience on this matter.stay safe
  6. When we were younger we all thought nothing will happen to me( invincible)
  7. Welcome to the forum.you bring up a very good point and it would be interesting to hear of anyone has firsthand experience on this matter.stay safe
  8. Yes you are right,should of thought that.stay safe
  9. Funny enough my volvo which I bought 3 years ago came with gb logos on the reg plate.must of known we were leaving.stay safe
  10. Spains rate is going up very fast,some cities and towns are going into lock downs and bars etc are getting closed.just glad we amended our crossing until the autum.stay safe
  11. On watching sky new recently I find them rightly or wrongly very pro Tory and sticking up for boris.my wife hates politics but even she said yesterday .that lot must be Tories.i think all media TVs channels etc should be non part political because between them have and can sway which people vote at elections .
  12. Never heard of that one.i lived on Spain for 15 years.i had a English car with a gb on my number plate and have never been stopped.it is like a lot of things in Spain ,rules that nobody takes any notice of.stay safe
  13. Jonno not been Paraniod at all ,it was my yearly check up and I was not expecting the vaccine.in fact it never crossed my mind.it was the nurse who brought the subject up.like others on this site I will wait my turn but I do know a few friends who are a lot younger than me who have been invited to have the jab.the reason Why I do not know because I thought it was going to be the elderly,vulnerable people, NHS,care home staff 1st in line in which I agree with.stay safe
  14. Just what some people in the goverment are giving to there friends in providing ppe.stay safe
  15. You would of thought with all of the experience with covid so far.they knew and expected the green light was going to be given for these vaccines.so why was there not much forward planning done.i know people will say it is a massive project in which I accept.now what The goverment now are saying shortage of vaccines but manufacturers saying the opposite so who do they blame the poor logistical companies.same old stories and pass the buck further down the food line.not been political but since the pandemic started it has a total disaster for everyone and yes there is light at the end of the tun
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