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  1. This is a very sore point to me,last Monday morning we waited and waited then we had to go through the lottery of security check.the guy said what is that in the back(dog barking at him)I said a dog ,he then said is he friendly and I said no but I would get him out if he wanted to have a look.he then said in future have him on a lead and I said he is in the back of my estate car so does not need a leader on.he than asked what was in the back and I again said a dog and below him was a spare tyre.this did not go to well with him,he then said I want to x ray a case ,no problems I thought but putting case through x ray machine he said it twice more about the dog in that time I was getting hot under the collar,I know they have job to do,he the asked where I came from I said the uk but he was not satisfied with that .he asked where in the uk so I asked him where he came from and he said Bulgaria so in common curtisy a I told him.after further checks he then reminded me to have the dog on a leader next time.WHAT JOBS WORTH HE WAS?mind you when waved through we were guided to our lane but were waved straight through onto ferry.this the first time it has have ever happened in my 50/60 crossings over the years.bit off topic but has sombody has said it is a complete farce when it come to loading,so be prepared to wait a very long time but you never know you may be lucky.have a good trip
  2. It is not free but you supposed to have a hefty discount and remember you are also paying every year to be a member of club voyage.mind you I don't object to this because if you only do one crossing a year it is still a saving.
  3. I think we are just putting it down has a mistake because it was very busy .dont want to get anyone in trouble.
  4. I agree with that I prefer the Spanish way of living and the medical services are 1 st class.maybe 20 years ago it was poor but now it is top of the league.
  5. We were on the cap portsmouth to bilbao on Monday morning,so did not have breakfast on that day.yet on tuesday morning we had breakfast in the restaurant and with our club voyage discount it still cost £8pounds.at the time I thought it was a bit steep and after reading this it looks like we were done either by accident or other reasons.
  6. Just one other point no mention of these delays on brittany ferries website.
  7. Our ferry due to leave Sunday night has been delayed until Monday morning,that means a 3 night stay in hotel for us,we arranged this because we have had to go to a funeral in London on Saturday morning.not to worry it is better it just been delayed then that drive through France.i also see the santander to portsmouth is delayed has well.the joys of travelling in the winter months.
  8. Yes easy targets,that is why you see a fleet of ships to guard the USA carriers.
  9. Many thanks for the info.
  10. Are the aircraft carriers still docked in Portsmouth,we sail out of Portsmouth Sunday and have not seen them yet.
  11. It is like a large coloured bar code,a load of rubbish and at a cost.
  12. nodwad

    Sky tv

    Thx tony that was only what I was asking about,the last time I was on the cap was 9 months ago and it did not have sky and on my many crossing before the same.iam on the cap for the the two nighters on the 12 Jan .jonno said with sky go you can watch it on phone/ pc which I did not know ,so thanks to him also.
  13. nodwad

    Sky tv

    Well ,what have I done wrong? I have seen this many times that people have been told to stay on subject or open a a new one regarding what they are posting about.did not mean to stand on any bodies toes at all ,
  14. nodwad

    Sky tv

    Just a point I thought this thread was about sky tv?
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