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  1. Let's face up to it,it is not going to get better in the short term or long term ,it is quicker in Dover because they do the checks in France,Plymouth has alway been very poor getting out of the port through border control.is this not down to less passenger ferries coming in so less border control staff?has for priorityboarding / embarkation cannot seeing that will work the only benefit will be for the few who will payextra for that service but it will only be few limited numbers so back to square one.lets face up to it just sit there and simmer like the rest of us.
  2. If and when they enforce it,the Brits will be the first to get there collar felt by the police in France.i know people will stick up for the French but I have driven around Europe for many years now and without doubt France is the worst country for Brits to be pulled by the French police.if you are in a British reg vehicle it is like having a huge flashing light on top saying pull me Iam a brit.sorry about going a bit off topic but be rest assured Iam right.
  3. So it makes you wonder ,who was the person who made the decision to go live with this so called booking site?also does he/ she still have there job.
  4. Well what can one say,( sour grapes) so we are told the three monkies comes to mind.it did turn nasty but who was to blame for that?i know it has been said but I ask why in the first place did bf ask us for comments on the new web site on the first place?a pr stunt that has gone belly up.so very sad.
  5. Yup just like Ryan air,straightfeed if you work for bf and are linked with the new web site,you would not be working for us.what a load of sour grapes just because people have complained about new web site.gareth is also right we did not ask to be involved with the new web site .some faceless person asked,again talk about shooting yourselves in the foot comes to mind.
  6. So why ask in the first place ?,just a pr stunt by bf to make people think they were involved in creating a new web site.but intend not to take any notice of us loyal customers.reminds you a bit like Ryan air attitude i.e. If you don't like get stuffed,
  7. I read what people are saying about the new beta web site,it makes you wonder how a company like bf lets a new booking site go live,when they know it is not working in which Way it should, would like to know why they asked members about the new web site then did not take one blind bit of notice of all the comments.in words bf said we know best so sod off.
  8. Hope you have health insurance and car breakdown insurance because your last comments both of you and the car was ready for the knackers yard.hope it all goes well with your trip.
  9. I have bought this subject many times regarding deposits,before the new deposit scheme came in.i was ranting about pet owners who booked pet friendly cabins. Just in case they decided to travel with there pets but near the time of paying for crossing changed there minds and cancelled.so to me it is a much better idea of paying a large deposit and it stops the time wasters from abusing the system.so to me it is good riddence to these time wasters.
  10. That a plus for bf just hope it applies to the rest of the fleet because it is normal for everyone to go to there cabins instead of watching the entertainment on bf ferries
  11. I do this trip very often uk to Spain ,Alfie our giant schnauzer has done 18 crossings and is doing another one later this month.what I have against the kennels is on the pont aven many times dogs have been let out by drunks and kids who think it is great fun.on the cap I find the kennels very small and stuffy and not at all please tell.Remember it is more than 24 hours trip to Spain and can be up to 33 hours on some ferries ,so that is why a lot of us prefer pet friendly cabins.dont know where you get pet cabins are not very good,I find them up to scratch(pun)and have no problems with them at all.
  12. Yes I agree and pet are not allowed into public areas of the ferries and have there own areas for exercise and only go into lifts when boarding or embarking.as the hygiene goes i Agree again owners should not allow pets onto beds.yet if you go anywhere in Europe pets are allowed into hotels most of the time.i think some members think pets have the run of the ferry which they don't.all of the years have been on ferries,I have never been confronted by anyone the is anti pet but on this site there does look like there is one or Two who dislike the idea of pets been on board.hygine i Agee with everyone but this applies pets and also people on board as well.does it not?
  13. Don't know what all of the fuss is about,pets smell yes but humans can smell a lot worse than pets.just stand beside a heavy smoker who has been on deck for a smoke then come back and stand by you and they smell worse than any pet.than there is the heavy drinkers who belch from one end and fart from the other end and you say pets smell come on live in the real world,us humans create a lot more smell than our furry friends.i understand it is wrong letting pets going onto beds and owners should know this but again I will come to some humans who leave the beds in a worse mess.pets are only allowed into cabins that are adapted for pet use i.e. No carpets in cabins and in hall ways,pets have there own exercise areas and hoses and bags are provided to clean any mess up.some people should put a new thread up saying we hate pets on board,get a life comes to mind.
  14. How very sad when mans best friend gets gets slated has if they are all flea bitten vermin? Just look around onboard and see who makes the most mess ,if you don't know it is us HUMANS that create the most mess by far.99.9 of pets are very well behaved nobody can say the about us can they? I know a lot of people are against dogs and cat but no need go on if they all germ infested remember dogs have treated with injections ,tablets flea and tick treatments,pity it cannot be applies to humans.
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