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  1. Sorry I don't agree with what you say,the first chance France get They Will withdraw from the currant agreement.this will put all the burden onto the uk shoulders and this will lead to massive trouble at the British side of the channel.mind you only time will tell if. Iam right.
  2. If there is no deal,the French will tell uk border control to hop it back over the channel.then the flood gates will open because the French will relax there border policing and leave it to British to deal with it when they land in the uk.so in other words is this the tip of the iceberg in what may happen?
  3. You miss my You miss my point, paully was given a date of 15 October when the summer crossings were Going to be released. my point was don't hold that as gospel .dates for crossings can be very important for people and if they are looking for dog friendly cabins timing is a must.just trying to help and only passed my experience on.
  4. Sorry but dont be Surprised the info you were giving could be wrong.i have been led down the same path a year ago.so still check yourself.one other point Iam still waiting for the e mail telling me the winter crossings are on. When it comes to dates for release of bf crossing it is a farce.
  5. Is this slag the Brits off site?i have being around in my life and there is drunks in every country.germans,French,Spanish,aussies ,Scots,Welsh etc etc the worst out of the lot are the aussies with a chip on there shoulders.i lived in Germany and Spain and there drunks are no better than us brits.so let's lay off ourselves because we are no worse than other country.just wonder why we always put ourselves down.
  6. At the moment but we will See in the next 24hours.
  7. I only wish there was a Route north east down to Spain,the times I have driven down to Dover,Portsmouth,Plymouth and at times a. Nightmare.so afraid it is pie in the sky for us north eastern people to wish for
  8. Yes the cap is better but the bds is fine and I don't mind sailing on her.the only thing I don't like is the length of the crossing on her.cheers
  9. I agree and most of the thread is off topic.it started about voyage club breakfast on the cap route to Spain. But has been hijacked byfrench bread munches.get back to topic or just close the bread opps I mean thread
  10. The only problem is the 2nd breakfast on the Tuesday morning you have very little time to eat it,if you are a pet owner it is a bit of a dash and on top of that they are wanting you to vacate the cabin early.
  11. Thought. This thread was about winter crossings?but in any case it is nice to read about what is going on.
  12. You may be right but cannot see that being the reason,more like a problem in the system .that we all know is not fit for purpose.it would be good if any of the bf knows the reason why.
  13. If this is right it is going to make summer crossing booking a complete farce for pet owners.you cannot trust the e mail info off bf,I booked a pet friendly cabin on cf this morning for Jan but. Up to now stil no e mail off bf to inform people winter bookings are being taking.as you say pet friendly cabins are the first to go and with demand far outstripping available cabins it is going to be a nightmare for pet owners.i. Dare bet they will blame. Brexit instead of themselves.in any case good luck.
  14. On my booking states stopping off at roscoff for approx one hour like all of the other times. We have sailed on her.
  15. Just one other thing cannot log into my club voyage account .tried changing password but no joy.putting this down to the failings of the web site yet again.
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