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  1. What I said was out of order and did not mean to upset anyone.if I did I apologise unreservedly.
  2. New web site ? It as been out a while now and we were all told there was a few problem but it will be sorted out soon.by the rate it is going it will be time for a new web site due out before they fix the problem with this sham of a website.
  3. Woof woof Alfie is going on his 28 crossing Portsmouth to bilbao.he know his way to the cabins and exercise area without a leader.you can say he is a OLD SEA DOG.good luck for your trips
  4. Nothing surprises me with bf timetables,over the years you get used to it,my advise is to check every few hours a few days before they say the release date , more so if the dates you want are important.
  5. I renewed my car insurance and was told if there is no deal I have to inform them and they will issue green card or a printable version.they said there is no problems expected in travelling in Europe after brexit.
  6. Has much as people living and travelling to the west ie Portugal and western Spain wanting this route.i cannot say any sense in this route at all,you have just to have a look at the forecasts for vehicles using this route and it tells you it is a non starter.
  7. I agree 100% .cannot understand people who are against Proper security wherever it is needed.terrorism has no boundry.live in the real world ,yes it is quiet at the moment but do you think they have given up there aim?cannot believe they don't think it is going to happen again ,it is only through our brave security services who are preventing a attack happening and I praise them for the service they provide.
  8. If you read what I said earlier,I was not defending security staff at Portsmouth.i was stating they were not paid very well and we should have state funded staff on duty at ports.which would be properly trained on all aspects of safety at our ports.i think we had a bit of a mix up about this.
  9. Eh.?come on you must be joking,it is in on the TVs and newspapers all of the times about lack of border controls checks and patrols.iam a bit confused here are you saying security is not what we want .if this is the case why is everyone shouting for extra police and border control staff.cannot see what people have against properly trained staff on patrol at ports etc..have we forgot already about the terror attacks all over the world.if you only to pop over the channel and you will security that is done in a proper manner and to me a many others I have spoke to thinks it should be like this coming into and leaving our ports.just my opinion.
  10. Not try to scare anyone,but it is the world we live in at the present time.these nutters are trying everything to beat the security measures in place.so they will be looking at soft targets with maximum news effect.i don't want people to be terrified of travelling on any mode of transport.to me seeing large numbers of propley trained people on duty and looking the part would not put me off .in fact I would feel a lot safer.
  11. You are looking at the worse possible thing that could happen,do you really think rest of eu would class us has a unlisted third country..?regarding household pets going and coming from Europe.it is the best interest of all to keep this agreement going.there is a lot of scare mongering going on about brexit in which I agree but the next few weeks will tell us all where we are heading.
  12. Lets face up to it,they are paid a very low wage and when you think they do a fair job.yet should it be portsmouth paying for it.to me with the world in a state it is security anywhere in the uk should better than first class and that includes Portsmouth.it is time we got our heads out of the sand and start shouting security is not good enought at these ports and the state should be providing proper security,even if costs the people using the ferries .i for one would not mind if it helps to safeguard everyone's life.this applies to people arriving at our ports ,which lets face it a complete shambles long tail backs not because cars are getting checked but due to lack of manpower.more security just maybe will foil one attack and every penny spent would be worthwhile .there is no other way if we want strong security the cost has to come from somewhere has it not.just to mention Spain police all over the place and France the same and with this I feel a lot safer.end my gripe now.
  13. Nobody has said anything about what you say,third world country ,don't know about that .we are still in Europe since I looked at the atlas.i have seen Russian dogs and other people on holiday with there dogs Norway,Switzerland to name two others.so I don't think we have to worry about this.mind you may be right because the eu must be sick and tired what is going on in our once great country.they may have plans to set us adrift.
  14. This has been around for many years now and in Spain most dogs now get a jab for that,our dogs were done straight away when the injection came available in Spain.you are right it is spreading in every direction and it would be a good idea for pet owners to be advised about this.we came back to the uk a couple of years ago and when we were going back for a few months I asked local vets about it and none knew anything about.the only thing I was told was to get it done when you get to your destination.very surprised British vets (robbing b------s)have not thought this is another money making thing to jump onto ,when evidence came out it is spreading towards us.as for the processionary catapillers it is already in the uk.3 years ago I was in a beers garden right beside the port and talking to the landlord he showed me a candy floors type stuff.i knew what it was and told him to report straight away to the local council.over the years I must of burned thousands of them.
  15. Them dogs do a very good jobs in stopping drugs or if I must say it bombs ,in which I think ferries are a very height risk of attack.(don't want to scare anyone)
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