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  1. Even got a friend who is very savvy with pcs and he cannot do it either even on his device so that 4 different device and 3 different networks and no joy.has any one got thevspanish helpline address please
  2. Still no joy at all,keeps saying invalid e mail.tried 2 different e mail it keeps saying invalid e mail.
  3. Yes it could be there website at fault ,I have plenty of time so I will give it try tomorrow,Ian I think it is trying tell me something,if it was not how much we have in credit I might of thought in staying here.
  4. Just done that but still keeps saying invalid e mail.about ready to put my head in the gas oven,lucky we have a electric oven.in any case thank you for the advice
  5. I must be jinxed,try to do our forms for Spain ,it keeps saying invalid e mail .i have only had it for over 20 years anyone else had the same problems?
  6. I have a lease car and have permission to take car into Europe ,in years gone by I have been told to get a copy of v5 registration documents,.now been told by lease company you do not need it,any advise please because am sure you need it.
  7. am a bit worried with this form.i have said before I have tried 3 different devices and nothing.then I have just tried on the wife's phone and I can get it on hers.you said you tried acweek before your trip but would not let.when you went individually it went through ok,so am correct you can register more than 2 days before travel?which way I understand it you can only apply 2 days before and with us travelling on the Monday it means filling form in on the Saturday.any advise please and no jokes about alfie please.it might hurt his feelings woof woof
  8. He has met a few over the years,another point what is the earliest you can register your travel form for Spain?
  9. I have tried numerous times and even used different networks on 3 different devices and no joy at all.
  10. Yes I understood that but what about the form you have to fill in before travel to Spain?stay safe
  11. Believe it or not the dog knocked my hand.honest.right I will start again what I was asking about is from 4 October the rules change.so does anyone know what the new rules are going to be,.i have looked on the goverments website the rules are as clear as smog.stay safe
  12. I thought the rules were changing? On gravel to Europe?
  13. Here's me thinking the goverment took the advice off this site,yes you are right the goverment site is the best way forward.
  14. Am double checking,we sail to bilbao on the 11 October,so we don't need any paper work for the outward leg of our trip?on the return trip don't need anything either?when getting back to the uk have to get 2 tests day 2 and day 8.do you have to pre order them of just wait until you get back to uk.so many conflicting stories off different people.so I thought the best place to ask is on this page.with a lot of people going back and forwards to France have the experience in what to do.stay safe
  15. I. Knew somebody was on my I pad .there drool all over it.hope he has not been on a dogs adult site.
  16. Funny enough I have just been talking to a vet.who said the same.he also said anyone who takes there pet into Europe on a regular basis .should get a new passport whilst on holiday in Europe . ie Eu passport and get there jabs done over there and this would save pet owners a lot of money.the price I was given £250 the first time then £180 everytime after that for ahc .so a big saving if pet owners did this, just glad I asked on this site and you and scarlton pointed me in the right direction.
  17. Got a reply off Steve at brittany ferries this morning.alfie does not require a ahc.again many thanks to the lads on this site and to Steve at brittany ferries
  18. Yes it is looking ok ,he was very prompt with his 1 st e mail in which he confirmed what people on this site told me.then 5/10 mins later he said if I wanted to send a photo copy of his passport.for him to verify it meets with the requirements.could not wish for a better service.cheers to all concerned.stay safe
  19. A big thank you to David Williams and scarlton.regarding ahc.i sent a e mail to brittany ferries who got back to me.they confirm that if our dog has a Eu passport and if he has had his rabies injection by. A British vet before brexit .he is ok to travel he then sent me a e mail saying if I want to to scan his passport and send it to him he can verify it is ok for travel.his rabies injection was given in the uk by a British vet on the 27/08/2020. And runs out 27/08/2023.so again thank you it has saved me £250.
  20. Yes but before brexit I upset them because I proved them wrong on a thing about pet psssports.mind you they should of forgotten that by now.it is worth a try .many thanks.
  21. We are due to travel next month to Spain.i telephoned the vet to arrange a ahc at a cost of £250.when I went see him he then told me our dog does not need a ahc due to him having a eu passport.i told him his last 2 rabies jabs were done in the uk and also his boosters have been done in the uk and thought this would invalidate his eu passport.in which he said no his passport is still valid.so in other words do we spend £250 on a ahc or take a risk?i have now contacted defra for advise.this -;::)y brexit thing.
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