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  1. I read the posts and I come to a understanding that none of us know what is going to happen in the coming weeks apart from hoping that there will be a green light in the not to distant future on holidays and short visits to Europe and vice verse.stay safe
  2. What I have been told off friends,don't think a bag or two will have full force of the French customs on your back.
  3. There was also a route from Newcastle to Norway that was very popular.my father and friends used to go over to see friends they had in Norway.all of them met during the ww2 .stay safe
  4. Thanks for that,just thought I have seen that before.maybe when I used to drive up the west coast a few years back.stay safe
  5. Can you see that when leaving roscof travelling to Spain.?stay safe
  6. I have read all the comments about balconies but I have come to the conclusion it is not about balconies.it is about how spacious the cabins are.yes it may be nice to have a balcony leaving certain ports and sombody else has said(cv bishop)not much use on the sea of biscay.the times I have walked dogs on her and the wind blowing or should I say howling.is not very pleasant. Never had the chance of having a commodore cabin due to travelling with pets.i suppose everyone to his own.why this thread is about balconies show we have nothing else more interesting to say.roll on till we get back to any
  7. Ah but we are talking about balconies are we not?it makes no difference to me how people want to travel.jusr wanted to know what was so special about balconies.stay safe
  8. Is that what it means? So it is just the have and have nots.very surprising answer I must say.stay safe
  9. May I ask what is so special about a balcony on the pont ,most of the time it will be to cold and windy to sit outside for to long.stay safe
  10. It all got sorted but I have to hold my hands up and say it was down to me I should of called them instead of booking online.i had paid 50% as a deposit for my crossing in October returning December .so what they have done is cleared what i owe on my final payment on this crossing and given me a credit voucher to be used within 2 years.that is fine with me I caused the confusion by doing the way I thought would help them but was wrong on this point.the person who helped was very helpful so a well done to bf staff.stay safe
  11. Having a bit of a problem with rebooking.our crossings were cancelled due to the covid cancellations,we rebooked but could not book return crossing until ne crossings came out this week.we did this but booking did not take my credit off.on calling them I was told I should of added this crossing onto my existing crossing.i did not know this and told bf this.i have been told I could lose my credit because I did not add this crossing to my prior booking surely this is not right.awaiting a phone call off bf about this but finding it hard to believe it is causing a problem.to me just add my new cro
  12. About getting a e mail about release of winter crossings via email we have had that problem many times and the same this year.i would not of known about release time and day if it was not for members on this site.many thanks.oopps stay safe
  13. Many thanks for that,I will give it go later on.stay safe
  14. I got booked at 8-15 this morning,like all of us (most of us)got a credit note and we rebooked for October but could not book for return trip until crossings were released this morning.so as I said before rebooked this morning but they never took the outstanding credit we have left.decided to give them a day or two before giving them a call about this ,I have no doubt they could be snowed in with calls today.just hope this the start of better times for everyone.stay safe
  15. Yes you could be right about that,but I don't think anyone would try and smuggle dogs out that way.border controls are a lot tighter since brexit.
  16. We all know British vet charges are way more than Spanish vets.our dog has Europe passport but when we are due to travel am still going to get ahc.the price I don't know yet but rip off comes to mind.stay safe
  17. Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel and the covid rate is dropping,yet what bothers me is when everything is open and everyone is mingling outside and in bars etc.what will happen to the covid rates?fingers crossed the rates will not go through the roof and there is only a slight rise in rates.if not is it back to square one?stay safe
  18. My wife who has dvt had her vaccine 2 weeks ago.she had no problems with the dvt but other side effects.like constant head ache,shivers,fatigue,brain fog to etc.the doctor is going to do a telephone appointment on Wednesday morning for a chat.she is thinking she may have long covid because all the symptoms she has got point that way.as I said before she say her condition with the dvt is no worse.stay safe
  19. I agree with this,we are miles in front of our European friends and we should be thankful.by mid summer a lot of people should be able to travel.yet on the other hand it all depends on how the virus rates are by then and what the rates are in the holiday destinations ie France /Spain.fingers crossed.stay safe
  20. I would love to make comments on the new website .am going to keep my gob shut this time.
  21. It has always been a pain booking pet friendly cabins or kennels.you have to go through the entire booking then at the end.it tells you no pet friendly cabins or kennels available for that crossing.so you have to go though the whole thing again.i was asked to try the new system out but for some reason it was keep crashing.i had it on since but did not go through everything.stay safe
  22. You missed a few pints or glasses of wine,before retreating to the cabin.stay safe
  23. Still unable to open just keeps reloading,I will charge my other tablet and see if it works on that.stay safe
  24. I could not open the new website ,it just kept crashing and reloading.so I give up and decided to try again today.stay safe
  25. What am reading on Spanish forum sites a lot of Brits are trying to get back to the uk.the reason is so they can get there jabs over here and not wait there turn in Spain.which I understand is going very slowly and if you know the spaniish not on all areas) the Brits will be the last to get them .so it is no wonder they want to come over for a quick trip and get the vaccine.
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