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  1. wortley

    Winter timetable

    There is too much uncertainty around to persuade me to book early - no travel insurance will reimburse me if I am unable to travel because I catch Covid-19, nor if I am locked down at home if a hotspot develops, nor if the test and trace people tell me to isolate because I have brushed past someone in a pub. I will wait.
  2. wortley

    Winter timetable

    Without knowing the outcome of impending Brexit travel restrictions or future Covid epidemics what on earth is the urgency to book now? Is it just for dog cabins?
  3. You're a lady, I'm a man - and the new normal is that I'm never going to a hairdresser again. Never. My wife has learned to wield electric shears very efficiently and doesn't ask the inane questions that all hairdressers have been taught to ask. And it's free.
  4. MJT, you were very wise not to pay good money in advance on to that card - especially because it cannot be used where you need it at automated fuel stations or at autoroute toll booths - and to add insult to injury which charges 1.5% to withdraw your own money from an ATM. , and charges even even more to cancel the card and get your own money back. There are several debit cards which don't ask you to pay in advance, but simply let you pay as you go, fee free, from a home bank account, and even better there are credit cards which let you pay a month or more in arrears, and are also fee free. Enjoy Wales.
  5. Now you will be able to pay for your next crossing with cash instead of using a credit note.
  6. Can anyone please confirm whether Barfleur really is returning to service on the Poole -Cherbourg route in September as the timetable says - or is that a part of the time table which is still awaiting amendment? Thanks for clarification.
  7. Somewhere in southern England. No wonder B/F is getting lots of bookings to France.
  8. What's the demographic of passengers to Spain? Younger people fly and pensioners take the ferry? Is that it? And the old folk don't seem time conscious. If it takes two nights on Cap Finistere via Roscoff that doesn't put them off.
  9. Hi Daniele, take train or plane to Spain....rent bike....take care.
  10. The Starling card which DW has mentioned is certainly top of the Martin Lewis recommendations for debit cards with overseas use, and his top pick for credit cards used overseas is the Barclaycard Rewards card. His comments on those cards and others are on MoneySavingExpert.com
  11. Which ferries are you waiting for? Ferries from Dunkerque, Calais and Dieppe have been running all the time and Eurotunnel has never stopped.
  12. Two ships from 13 July onwards when Normandie has been scrubbed up
  13. I have been happy enough right here.
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