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  1. Anglesey voted to leave the EU. This is the outcome they voted for.
  2. All these direct ferry services from Ireland to France - whatever the company, the ship, or the ports involved - sound good news to me - they all mean fewer HGVs on UK roads using the land bridge option. Bring it all on.
  3. At the laboratory in Santander called Concha de la Fuente. Isn't Google clever !
  4. Thanks Paul, I never realised Normandie Express had been to visit us. But I do remember that great, grey, grim grain silo which marred the skyline until 2008, with demolition just starting in your Normandie Express photo.
  5. Mountain or molehill? Beats me why ferry travellers are so keen to take their own food with them. I have flown long haul to ten or twelve countries without taking groceries and always managed to get a meal when I got there.
  6. Try telling that to the people in Hong Kong, where everyone has worn masks outdoors for years - we have had 75,000 deaths. They have had 151 .
  7. Good news ..and a New Year's Day cruise all in one ! Etretat will arriving in Portsmouth in a few minutes time after a long absence, and will be offering a festive truckers cruise to Le Havre on 1st January in the morning. But there may be better news than that. Happy New Year to you all.
  8. Actually it will be the French government which will be the ones to make their mind up about the arrival of UK visitors.
  9. The man said to avoid travel anywhere in England and to stay close and stay local .... I understood.
  10. Thank you Gardian . I hope you have convinced the doubters more successfully than I did.
  11. Better than a few months. France has confirmed that UK driving licences will be valid there for the whole of 2021. See UK government website for confirmation.
  12. Uncertainty is over. Pet Passports are finished. Tear them up. TheEU is listing UK as a Part 2 country in their jargon. For 2021 you need an Animal Health Certificate instead - a ten page document issued and signed by a vet no more than ten days before travel, for a defined and stated point of entry into EU, and valid for just a single trip. Defra will tell you more.
  13. I have no plans, but when things look better I will buy economy tickets to Roscoff just two or three days in advance - but only if I can eat, drink and shop freely, and wander the markets and festivals unmasked. I don't know when that will be so I won't be making any bookings. Sorry B/F.
  14. I am glad you are looking after your dog so well and have organised its treatment well in advance . But have you made arrangements for Covid 19 vaccinations for yourself and your wife, and thought of delaying travel to until that is done? Dog OK, wife must take her chance. Are your priorities all wrong?
  15. Let's start again ! Regardless of whether it's compulsory or not it strikes me that it would be sensible for OAPs to wait in the UK for their vaccination before setting off for their long winter stay in Benidorm.
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