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  1. Come on. It’s not a seven day Caribbean cruise, It’s a ferry. That’s all.
  2. We use Booking.com to find hotels, chambres d’hotes and the like, and only choose those with high review scores. But if we were going back to Nantes we wouldn’t need to look - it would be Hotel de la Regate once again. But your arrival might be too late for them, that hotel might be out of your price range , and I know nothing about their policy with dogs - so that choice may be no help to you at all. The chain hotels at motorway junctions on the other hand are cheap and cheerful, often unstaffed at night but have automated credit card entrance at all hours, and don’t mind you taking dogs in.
  3. But you have to get them online, Nodwad. Sorry.
  4. Best place to ask is not on here but on UK government website.
  5. Hasn’t Covid spread around the world by travel? Some countries checked it by ruthless testing and quarantining of incomers .But UK approached it a half hearted way from the start - and in it came. And now we are to cut back testing even further. Hello, welcome, how nice to see you. There will be trouble ahead.
  6. He can park in the long stay car park at the port . £13 per day or £91 for a week. But who knows about security. Can your friend leave his car at home and go toPortsmouth by train?
  7. I am sorry to read of these problems but can only suggest what I have said before. Book when you are ready to travel - or a week before if you want to be well prepared.
  8. Try living in Hong Kong as number 2 son has done with full residency status for 25 years. Buying his way back in to that country after a visit to UK involved him spending £2000 for a fortnight’s lock up in an hotel room. The British system of simply a day2 jab would have delighted him.
  9. One pays for a Day 2 test on return from overseas just to be allowed to get on the ferry. So just choose a cheapie. The cheapest cheapie you can find. I don’t think it matters whether they are efficient or not, or whether they give you the right result. They just let you come home. A travel tax if you like. But f you really want a test result at any time just do your own. My kids do that whenever they visit grandparents - just in case.
  10. Colin, your two questions. 1. You can order and pay for a day 2 test now if you think that test will still be required when you return. 2, Yes.
  11. You come ashore in England on your return and you can take an English PCR test as soon as you land - it can be day 0 or day 1 or day2 - then you can go anywhere. There are no checks at the Welsh border.
  12. Ed knows better than I do, though I would think the same “pass sanitaire” your uncle already has to go shopping in France, an antigen test at a pharmacie in the 72 hours before departure, and a pre booked Day 2 test in UK with details entered on a UK locator form. The new normal.
  13. Earlier this year Derriford had a strict no visiting rule but about 3 months ago changed that to one visitor for one hour for one patient in a bay of six beds. With the number of cases of Covid in Devon and Cornwall being currently so high they may be forced to tighten their rules once again.
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