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  1. Well I have lost nearly £50,000 so far..and yet some people on here are agitated about B/f carrying forward the cost of a ferry ticket they have paid for.
  2. Bob the Bunker, In that case I hope you can sort it out with the ferry company. I am not a member of staff and cannot issue refunds. But the FAQs on the website are clear enough to me - vouchers for cancelled crossings are valid for two years, and crossings not yet cancelled can be extended on line to a future date. Good wishes
  3. There are FAQs on the B/F website explaining that vouchers for sailings which have been cancelled are valid for two years.
  4. My daughter happened to see this and wished she could go to St Helena once again if only RMS St Helena was still sailing from Falmouth into the south Atlantic. She has always been nostalgic about the trip she made to the island 25 years ago - I suspect she was very close to one of the officers but I never pry.
  5. D2frs, Your voucher isn't worthless. The way it can be used has been explained, so has its period of validity, and so has the way it can be eventually cashed in case it isn't used. So it's not worthless at all. Please don't throw it away.
  6. I know not what the French government has said to B/F as a French company, but Grant Shapps, the UK Transport Sectetary made fresh arrangements with UK travel companies ahout two weeks ago. Allow me to paraphrase loosely. He suspended the requirement for travel companies to give immediate cash refunds to customers, allowed two year vouchers to be given instead, if they were used all well and good, but if they were not used in two years gave customers the right to request their cash back from the travel company at that point, and that the UK government would honour the vouchers if the travel company had gone bust by that time. But what the requirement is for a French travel company may be another matter
  7. Or one of you could buy Leander G and cruise worldwide if you have a spare €45 million - and take a crew of 28 on to your payroll. Millbay being unusually empty when she turned up from Gibraltar today she eased in and moored up to Trinity pier, so not blocking the ferry berth.
  8. OK you youngsters ! Here's your next Christmas cruise. When you have worked out where we went. Enjoy your planning.
  9. I daren't tell you my exact age, but I have been travelling overseas for 65 years since I was a teenager. I think I clocked up 20 countries - but travel insurance was getting prohibitive in the last year or two, and now my passport has lapsed. Will I bother to renew it or is this the end of the road ? It might well be, but it was certainly good while it lasted.
  10. Paully , if all you lose is £200 you will have come out of this catastrophe very well. My son, in the restaurant and hospitality business in Hong Kong, is about £100,000 down and may yet go bankrupt.
  11. How differently things have been handled elsewhere.. my son in Hong Kong reports that the virus appeared there very early at least three months ago, but they have had strict testing and monitoring of people's temperatures, efficient tracing contacts of infected people, everyone has worn face masks from the very start, everyone has carried hand sanitiser for door handles and supermarket trolleys etc., schools were quicky closed, the border with mainland China was quickly closed - and as a result of all the precautions taken in a crowded city of 7 million people they have only had 7 deaths caused by this virus in the last three months. The New York Times published an article a few days ago spelling out how Hong Kong has done it - and gives detail about Singapore too.
  12. Westy , I'm afraid your trip is off. Claim back costs from GNV, or credit card company,or travel insurance. You don't need advice from Boris. Stay well.
  13. People in Hong Kong are not used to doing as they are told - witness the wave of protests against the government over the last year. But my son Robert who is there in HK with two young children whose school has been closed for weeks tells me of the detailed precautions against the virus that people there are willingly taking. He says none of them go far without face masks, and they even sanitise buttons on a lift before they use it. He thinks it's laughable that I could walk unchecked into my GP surgery today , sit in a waiting room with 28 other sick people. none of them wearing masks, none of them wiping the door handle as they go in, all of them speaking to the receptionist at close range, and that the doctor himself is meeting all those people one by one and again with no mask and no sanitiser while he examines me. Hong Kong has got the virus under control - as has Singapore. Europe and UK hasn't.
  14. I hope B/F paid the shipyard with a credit card - if the product isn't delivered they can reclaim from the bank. 🙂
  15. Whatever the advice is now it will be different by the time of your April date. Things will be better by then, or worse.
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