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  1. Personally I think your journey on Pont Aven is secure, but if your difficulty is departing from Plymouth then you might be able to transfer to a Friday or Saturday sailing from Portsmouth on one of the other two ships - depending of course on availability, so talk to customer services if that would help you. Bon voyage.
  2. Well I jolly well hope B/F ships don't leak. Questions need to be asked. Is there to be an official statement?
  3. On our Thursday evening midsummer sailings from Plymouth to Roscoff we are usually on board at 1930 before our windowless economy cabin is ready - and a personal steward is not readily available in that part of the ship for the likes of us. So we go straight off to La Flora under our own steam, unbooked and unannounced, and are ushered straight in. As the crowd begins to gather and the restaurant fills up they start to lay more tables outside and tell the pianist to go away, so he shuts the keyboard lid and leaves. It's only the posh crowd , who have felt it necessary to dress for dinner, who arrive late and find a queue.
  4. Enjoy your Christmas cruise on Etretat in case Pont Aven goes sick again.
  5. And when the truck drivers are on strike? ..or the latest wave of demonstrators have blocked the road for the truck to come in? ...there will still be fuel? It's a daft way of re- fuelling a ship.
  6. So when there is a strike at Ouistreham will there be gas supplies at the ports she is diverted to?
  7. Armorique goes everywhere, but Honfleur is going to be far less versatile and tied to its gas supply trucked in to Ouistreham..
  8. So by the look of it there will be more cars, caravans and motorhomes parked on an open deck exposed to salt spray ...and more complaints on Trip Advisor to follow.
  9. I am amused to think of fruit and veg from mainland Europe being trucked and ferried to the UK then shipped back to Jersey / Guernsey by Morrisons, Waitrose etc in the way Jonno has described. I can think of a shorter supply line.
  10. I was tempted by a Guardian article recently which recommended www.auberge-puy-mary.com Not quite the area you are looking at but perhaps a possibility if you are touring. The article is still online with the heading Cantal in the Travel section on the Guardian web page .
  11. New Zealand tried a fast craft across the Cook Strait all the year round, that didn't work so they passed it on the Isle of Man. They can't use it all the year round either. B/F doesn't use Normandie Express all the year round either. Liberation all the year round hasn't been a howling success either and so Condor owners are bailing out. Penny has dropped.
  12. Dormitories? A step up ? That really is Economie. Count me out.
  13. Economie again do you suppose?
  14. wortley


    But it costs £352 .....
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