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  1. PGTV, Solution is simple..wait till the other sailings to Roscoff are announced and take one of those.
  2. If I were in your shoes with an 8 p.m arrival in Roscoff ..it would mean an evening meal on the ferry, then a hotel in the town, shopping the next morning after a leisurely breakfast, and then the 2 or 3 hour journey to the house.
  3. Those of you across the seas sound a weeny bit critical of your political leaders. I keep this photo of ours by my bedside to remind me how lucky we are. Joke!
  4. ...and a no fees credit card from a reputable bank, which works seamlessly worldwide, and where you pay in arrears at the end of each month for the things you have bought, rather than handing money over to an unknown outfit in advance.
  5. Do these cards not allow you to withdraw funds from ATMs - whether you are in UK or in EU . Or have these cards died completely? Is Brittany Ferries doing nothing to help?
  6. I was doubtful too when I heard the Freeport at Plymouth announcement . " Import materials tax free, add value, export finished products " - and I thought how on earth will that work at Plymouth. The commercial shipping traffic coming in is so limited - largely petroleum products, animal feed and fertilisers for local distribution. Exports are even more limited too now that the fish trade has dried up. The commercial dock facilities for freight shipping are limited too and it seems pie in the sky that the MOD is going to give up Devonport dockyard to make way for a container port. Freepo
  7. Who sent the e mail please? Brittany Ferries or Railsbank or some other authority? Has Brittany Ferries made any public statement or put anything on their website?
  8. Mrs Merkel is quoted today as saying it's going to be many months before a decision is taken about opening EU borders to tourists.
  9. I am sorry at your predicament, but at the moment quarantine in a UK hotel is required for travellers returning to Uk who have been in Portugal for ten days before arrival. Can you spend ten days in Spain before travelling, or is that border closed? Edit. This duplicates DW's comments. He types mote quickly than I do .
  10. Hello Colin, neither you nor I would buy a train ticket from Cornwall to London right now in mid February to travel in May. We both know there might be engineering work on the line by then, or the Dawlish sea wall may be dodgy again - either of them resulting in buses from Plymouth to Tiverton Parkway with the railway closed once again - so we wait and and see if the trains are running and book tickets a few days in advance. For reasons I have never understood other people feel an inner compulsion to book and pay for ferries many months ahead. That must be a source of great comfort to
  11. Having toured Australia, NZ, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Bali, Sri Lanka, and India without booking I am never tempted that it's necessary to make reservations for destinations closer to home - but I do break that rule for first night after ferry arrivals in Roscoff and Ouistreham at 2100 .
  12. ,London has 9 million people. Hong Kong has 7 million - and that too is a world hub and trading centre. HongKong has had only 191 Covid deaths. Which of those two cities has handled the pandemic badly and which has handled it well?
  13. FW, I hope you have not been misinformed. The UK government website is saying that a pet passport issued in the EU is valid for for your travel from France to UK and back again, but that pet passports issued in the UK are not valid now.
  14. Book early and pay the high rate Flexi fare, or book at the last minute and pay the low rate economy fare?. I take some convincing that booking early is going to be cheapest.
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