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  1. But my forum friends on here have explained to me that the E- flexers are too big for Plymouth, so not much progress in that sort of swapping around.
  2. So she arrived in Santander today after taking 21 hours 40 minutes from Plymouth on three engines. Is it normally 20 hours with all four engines running ?
  3. As the timetable is for now.... Sail from Plymouth on a Sunday, arrive Santander on Monday. Two nights in a hotel. Sail from Santander on a Wednesday, arrive Plymouth on Thursday.
  4. Thanks to those who thought they knew the answer to this earlier enquiry of mine. I thought I knew the answer too. But no! The company is now telling people P/A might resume operations at Portsmouth in June. Or might not . It's under review.
  5. Thank you. So there is to be a sailing from Plymouth to Santander every Tuesday evening for the next six months, which people in the West Country might like to book, but it isn't on the Plymouth timetable so they don't know it exists. A secret service.
  6. But from mid June onwards the on line timetable shows Pont Aven running from Portsmouth once again. Is that correct?
  7. Hi Khaines, I just googled Buy Elleste Duet and there are several on line pharmacies saying they can supply it here in the UK. Some indeed say out of stock, but others claim to have it, and some will mail it to you from overseas.
  8. You can't have Armorique ! Some of us are going on her from Plymouth to Roscoff then.
  9. My memory is telling me something similar - of using an exit from Millbay by the old west gate into Artillery Street near the Artillery Arms pub. But I'm not a true Plymothian - where are the real Janners when needed for a question like this?
  10. I am surprised that marine insurance covers a passenger ship running with one engine missing. Imagine that for a plane.
  11. What about caramelised sugar on a swizzle stick for coffee? Has that gone too? Oh dear.
  12. I was premature. It's in the news today. P&O are now suing the government because they didn't get a slice of the cake.
  13. If you are driving inside the Paris peripherique you will need a Crit Air sticker. Google that phrase and it will tell you how to get one, but you are correct in saying you do not need an IDP or green card at the moment.
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