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  1. Abbotsman, Thankyou for your report. Can you give me an idea of what it costs to go over for a day like that - return fare + car + cabins each way. I can't find an all in price but I'm guessing £100 - is that about right please?
  2. If Armorique left Plymouth as usual at 10 pm. and went straight across she could easily be in Roscoff and unloading at 4 am - just don't count on me booking .
  3. The French bakery chain Paul is our standby for sustenance at many French autoroute service stations, but alas they don't appear to have established themselves on tne Cherbourg to Carnac route.
  4. If use use the ViaMichelin website it will give you a map with two alternative routes - with distances and approximate timings for each.
  5. Gareth, Long drives like that are a thing of the past for many people. Despite Ms Greta Thunberg's strictures the easy way from Scotland to the Vendee is a quick flight from Edinburgh to Nantes with a well known cheap airline, and a hire car on arrival .
  6. Elaine, Wake up music on the overnight sailing to Ouistreham at 5 am UK time is a big no, no for me, so your suggestion of the St Malo crossing sounds an altogether better plan and I am sure you will get some breakfast . Do you have far to go when you land in France?
  7. So does this timetable change stand - or is it back to plan A?
  8. Pop into McDonalds. Buy a coffee. Use their loo. Ask for the wi fI code.
  9. Yes, some people like early arrivals from overnight sailings - for day trips as Eddies has said, and for those who have a long drive ahead of them them. But my own favourite overnight crossing is from Plymouth on a Saturday night which goes even more slowly than the Le Havre ship, taking a full twelve hours not eleven and doesn't arrive in Roscoff until10 am. It's the only crossing where I get to eat my free breakfast in a leisurely way.
  10. I can print my own timetables at home - the new website even has a Print this page tab - but as the timetables tend to change it's a risky game to print them
  11. Gareth. I am using a very old i-pad. Here is a screen shot of the timetable which the website is showing me for November. If I tap the word December across the top it shows me that month instead. And so on for all the other months if I simply tap the words.
  12. No proper timetables? I click Routes and Ports , choose a route, and the website offers me a timetable for that route for the whole season . Really no problem.
  13. I admit I have simple demands - no need for a posh cabin and no need for a dog cabin - any cabin with two ground level beds will do. I don't even need a cabin with a window while I am asleep. So I wait for the rush to subside before making a booking. Nor do I try to book outward and return sailings at the same time - even if if I booked a Flexi return ticket there would still be a £20 fee to amend the homeward sailing at a late stage. So I will book the outward sailing one day and the return as a separate transaction the next day - two separate transactions and both with Flexi tickets so both can later be amended up to four hours before sailing without any further fee. But I am sorry some of you are struggling.
  14. But look ! It says three dormitories.
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