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  1. Having been on holiday in Sri Lanka while the civil war with the Tamil Tigers was in full swing and soldiers in Colombo were hunkered down behind sandbag barriers....and having driven across southern Thailand when separists who knew how to plant roadside bombs were in hostile mood against police and government troops ...I will take my chances in France this year.
  2. It all depends on the outcome of the next meaningful vote...and the one after that... and the one after that ... There will in the end be a deal, or a transition period, or a pause for reflection...I think ..
  3. Eurotunnel's court case was not pursued because the government gave in. How long before Stena, P&O or a freight shipping company picks it up and puts in a claim of their own ? Monday ?
  4. As you were... The government has given Eurotunnel a slice of the cake too. Another £33 million we taxpayers are stumping up.
  5. I see that the court case brought by Eurotunnel against the Department for Transport is starting today - 1st March- alleging that the awards of contracts to B/F and DFDS was done in an irregular way without proper tendering procedures, and that if the case is successful those contracts might yet be overturned.
  6. According to local news outlets the cruise ships booked to dock at Millbay this year are Ocean Nova (1 May), Hebridean Sky (9 May) , Sea Spirit (20-23 May) and Serenissima (23 September) . Other bigger ships will anchor in the Sound and unload and re load there.
  7. Ooh, after 20 years as a passenger GWR might invite me to sit by the train driver !
  8. I never expect one single booking engine to meet all my needs. I use this new Beta website to book Ferries - just that and nothing else. Then I use other booking engines for hotels, holiday houses, campsites, travel insurance and all the rest. There is far more choice that way than trying to do everything via Brittany Ferries. Perhaps this new Beta site is trying to do too much? I do like simplicity.
  9. Thank you for your reassurance Gareth. A return crossing from Plymouth to Santander and back with car and caravan in June is coming up as £1230 - hard to believe, but there it is. The original 25% deposit would have been over £300, but the Caravan Club is offering to match that fare and is only asking for a £75 deposit if I make the booking with them. No wonder B/F is currently reducing its deposits to 10% - still higher, but a step in the right direction. But with this Brexit thing happening I shall wait and see whether I still have a valid EHIC card when the debacle ends. Health insurance at my age might yet beat me. Best regards.
  10. Oh dear, I might be one of your time wasters. My health might not be good enough for me to travel, the uproar in Paris may have started up again and put me off going there, my old car may not pass its MOT, travel insurance for someone my age may prove out of the question, my wife's knee replacement may be brought forward. I do admire those of you whose only problem is having a cabin for a dog.
  11. Was the idea of asking for 25% deposit on bookings a bad mistake? Is the company admitting that this plus Brexit has sliced the number of summer tourist bookings? A e mail last night from B/F says in effect Do please book and you now only need pay 10% deposit .
  12. I'm not voting - just sitting back and expecting air freight to continue to grow and grow.
  13. As I was going to sleep last night BBC radio news was telling me that Arklow had been the main backer of Seabourne with 60% stake .
  14. wortley

    Mercure Roscoff

    Helpful, Neil. Thank you.
  15. wortley

    Mercure Roscoff

    Will the Metcure Roscoff have adequate free car parking - or can someone please tell me one of the Roscoff hotels which do ? We have failed to park on the street at the Ibis, then tried the Hotel Residence des Artistes and found the huge paying parking in the square packed full because of a festival ( fete des onions or mussels, or artichokes - I forget !) So which Roscoff hotel with free parking please.
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