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  1. You are obviously very capable as well as patient, Colin, but I am afraid I have neither of those admirable qualities. I will just phone 119 and ask them to post me a letter proving my vaccination status.
  2. Go for it . If it's a family visit and if the 5 day quarantine in Italy is in a family home like the 10 day quarantine in England - then it's no great hardship. And if the children are under 11 then testing and isolation in UK is not even required.
  3. MJT, bad choice I am afraid. The Covid infection rate in Cornwall has rocketed up since the G7 circus was here, but is falling in most of France.
  4. Colin, I agree that your traditional routine of regular visits to your house in France would incur regular testing - at considerable expense which puts it out of reach. But two retired friends who also have houses over there in “safe” areas have taken a different approach. As soon as the border opened they went across at once. Both say they will stay for the permitted 90 days and will see how things stand when their time is up in mid September - and that if they have to quarantine and pay for tests when that time comes to return then so be it.
  5. Normandie is not currently sailing to Caen but Mont St Michel is. A phone call to the reservations desk is the best way to make a booking.
  6. Phone in for a replacement and ask what they can offer you. Pont Aven from Plymouth on the following day may be possible or you might have to use Portsmouth to Caen. But phone.
  7. Because you have to stay at home for ten days after your return and can’t go out to an NHS testing site, so you have to use a company which will send tests to your home address on day 2 and day 8 when you are back in England - and verify the results.
  8. UK test prices are coming down. Boots the Chemists are more competitive than the prices previously quoted. And there is news today that France will soon be offering a free test to let you out of France and get back on a ferry to come home. At least there’s no hotel quarantine when you get back. Our son is locked on a 25 th storey room in Hong Kong right now having been over here to see us. Here is his view for 12 more days.
  9. Why not ask Google? It will tell you all about North Devon Travel Clinic in Barnstaple as well.
  10. You could stay overnight, Ken. Booking.com is listing 19 places to stay close to the new memorial at Ver sur mer - the ratings range from superb to exceptional.
  11. 7 days is a trivial matter for those who have a house in France to go to, although more of a problem for would be campers, and nothing compared with the situation for my number 2 son who is flying back to his own home in Hong Kong next week and has to pay £2000+ to be locked in a hotel room on arrival over there for 21 days. That's how they stop the virus coming in.
  12. And aren’t those questions just the same as UK Border Force will be asking of people arriving here ?
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