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  1. Thank you Ed. I got as far with it as "today's travellers..are looking for authenticity, emotion and human interaction ". Personally I would skip the emotion bit and go for comfort, reliability and affordability.
  2. I just can't see fruit and veg being trucked across the Spanish plateau from the Costa del Polythene around Almeria to Hendaye. then a rail freight journey to Cherbourg, then a ferry to Poole , and then another truck to the big depot at Ashford . Cherbourg may have its dreams of revival but the Channel tunnel will win.
  3. With CoolRail already running three trains a week carrying refrigerated containers of fresh fruit and veg direct from Valencia to Rotterdam - and with plans to extend that service through tne tunnel to the UK - I don't think transhipping produce on to ferries from Cherbourg to Poole will come into the equation.
  4. I don't go into la Flora for gastrofood - I just like the ambiance, tne style and the attentive staff. They let me practise my French ready for the journey ahead and on Thursday nights out of Plymouth before they go ashore in the morning they tell me how their week on board has gone - " lundi il y avait une tempete" etc. Style matters for me. I utterly dislike the queue with a wobbly tray at the canteen cash desk.
  5. Book a cabin overnight to Ouistreham? What ... to be woken up at 5am. UK time ? Get on !
  6. I was also thinking of the number of passengers who might well look at a ferry service getting slower and slower - taking 28 hours, and more if there is a crew change on the way - and deciding to drive down from Ouistreham to Spain instead. What's that - about ten hours?
  7. I hadn't realised these new ships were going to be slow. Is there an estimate of how long the Portsmouth -Spain voyage will take please.
  8. It's not rocket science, is it? There are already freight trains from China to 15 European cities - including to London - with break of railway gauge being carried out along the way. The trains carry containers without the road trailer so I am surprised at the film showing it being done with the trailer hoisted on as well.
  9. Add up the cost with a cabin and meals all the way and let us know please.
  10. Cheer up guys. You haven't had to get off a bus at the Malaysia / Singapore border and walk down the tunnel between snarling caged sniffer dogs - with posters saying things about the death penalty being enforced if the dogs take a dislike to you.
  11. Breakfast in La Flora coming back from Roscoff last September was amusing. The waiter asked if we wanted Full English - they call it Vitalite - then realised the chef hadn't turned up and no one was cooking. So he and his mate went behind the counter and started frying up bacon and eggs, bustling them out on to the pass calling for other food runners to help. After we were served two chefs arrived, adjusting their toques, and looking very grand and smart.
  12. Looks to me like a train from St Malo to Rennes and then a bus.
  13. News from Iraq seems to show that drones are more accurate and more deadly. If a drone can target a single car then an enemy one could hardly miss an aircraft carrier. Are there two aircraft carriers white elephants - and out of date before they even go into service?
  14. The Kiwis tried a 96 metre cat. across the Cook Strait. Didn't do well. Was sold. Still not doing well.
  15. Thanks Jonno - helpful. i realise you and many on here prefer a ferry, but money talks. I live near Plymouth and find that I can fly from Bristol to Dublin with RyanAir for £20 return - but the train fare from here to Liverpool is £100 return - and I never even looked at the add on ferry costs to Dublin from there. I fear I am not such a ferry enthusiasts as many others on here.😞
  16. I like the sound of of a couple of days in Dublin - I'm starting to look up RyanAir prices 😀
  17. Flights are so cheap. I mentioned £70 return from Exeter to Jersey with Flybe, but with EasyJet from any of their ring of airports around London it's only £35 return to Jersey. It takes an hour. Why would any of the ten million people in that area want to trundle down to Poole on a train and wait for a ferry ?
  18. Nick, my nearest airport is Exeter. I can fly from there with Flybe to Jersey in June for £70 return. The flight wil take 45 minutes . Or I can take a train from Exeter to Poole taking over four hours, with two changes. Then an overnight stay in a hotel and six hours on tne morning service on the new ship that you hope will be introduced. Guess which !
  19. Nick, are the numbers arriving by air increasing to off set the decline in passengers coming to you by sea? My children, for instance, have flown recently from UK to Brest, Nantes and La Rochelle . They would never think to use Brittany Ferries and I am sure they would never use Condor either. They fly - that's what younger people do. A change of ship on the Channel Islands service wouldn't tempt them back. Perhaps your older visitors who came by sea are dying out, and the younger generation are travelling differently ? What do you think?
  20. Pesonally I would sail overnight to St Malo on Bretagne, spend a few days in the area, then an hour to Jersey on the Rapide.
  21. If bookings have stalled it may be because the cancellation charges are too steep. I can book hotels in France using Booking.com, giving them a credit card number but can cancel without losing money up to a few days before arrival. But with B/F I can amend, but stand to lose a lot of money if I cancel - so I certainly don't book in January for a holiday in June - and it sounds as though a lot of others are following that path.
  22. I'm surprised how many of you are interested in tne style and colour of a ship's exterior paintwork and why you call it "livery". I'm only interested in the interior of the ship - the quality of the cabins, the facilities for passengers, the service offered, the cleanliness, the restaurant menu, the efficiency of loading and unloading, and so on. Whether there is a blue stripe outside, and where it goes seems trivial.
  23. I dug a bit deeper and there is no such DEFRA restriction. It seems to be just a B/F restriction. Stena is happy to take foot passengers with dogs in their on board kennels from Harwich to the Hook - and a plus point is that there are still trains to and from those two ports - unlike at Newhaven and Dieppe which had them long ago.
  24. Thank you Jim. Do any of the cross channel ferry services accept foot passengers with dogs, or do they always have to be in a car ?
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