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  1. Your passport is stamped when you land in theSchengen area but it is not stamped again in if you drive across a land border to another country in that area. . Many people take a ferry to Spain and come home from France- and many do it the other way round. If land borders are open one can drive across unchecked and unstamped. No one knows where in the Schengen area you have been .
  2. Who is going to count whether you stay the statutory ten days in France or not?
  3. Nevertheless there are visitors to southern France right now who are coming home via Spain to avoid quarantine at home when they get back.
  4. Won’t most visitors to Spain simply cross into France and come home from there if Spain goes on the red list?
  5. All arrivals from Red list countries have to reach UK at one of seven designated airports. If Spain went on to Red list it would mean storing vehicles in Spain and flying to one of those seven airports and then being met there and escorted to a quarantine hotel.
  6. Sadly it sounds as though the lady in France has not been vaccinated, otherwise she would be able to travel.
  7. Phone Tesco on 0800 917 7359 , plead hardship, forced imprisonment and imminent starvation and ask if you can have a priority delivery slot. It worked for us!
  8. Bob Crox, you will survive ! 18 litres of wine per person can be brought back, but no restrictions on bringing back French foods. And there’s always a Tesco delivery van in the neighbourhood while you are isolating.
  9. Those with a house in France can simply isolate there for ten days if they happen to test positive just before they return home. But those who are staying in hotels or gites or on campsites have a real problem to solve if it happens to them . Would a hotel let you stay for ten days if one had COVID-19? Can a booking at a gite be extended? Is ten days isolation on a campsite a feasible possibility? Or will your travel insurance repatriate you by air ambulance?
  10. Yes, I am afraid that I think you are being unreasonable. Could I get a voucher or a credit note if I changed my mind about taking the train to London? Sorry.
  11. Even more complicated when my son went back to Hong Kong . He could get tests done all over London, but Cathay Pacific would only let him board their plane if his test certificate said it was from a lab or health centre which was ISO 15189 accredited. Cost him more of course.
  12. It came as a surprise that there could be 60 dogs on Pont Aven . I had no idea there were so many. At £90 return fare - and all in kennels, so no dog cabins to deep clean, that seems a profitable part of the business.
  13. I thought French five year olds had to be vaccinated against all sorts of things before a school would admit them. How do antivax families get round that?
  14. Isn’t it the other way round? Those who have planned ahead and paid in advance have been scrambling around for the last 12 months swapping their refund vouchers for credit notes and re arranging their ferry for the umpteenth time, and changing route because the first one was cancelled. And now I am hearing of people who have booked and paid for Covid tests to go to France in August but now find they have wasted that money, but find they need to pay for two other tests and quarantine if they come back from France - but if they can switch to a ferry home from Spain instead of from France they can get home unnoticed. So try and change the booking again. And again. It seems to me a lot better to dump the planning, pay on the spot, and go when the chance arises.
  15. But passenger traffic to and from Spain might well increase, and if they have freight traffic from France those sailings will continue too.
  16. How old are the children? Children under 12 do not need testing or vaccinating.
  17. If you have proof of double vaccination completed 14 days before arrival in Spain, and no symptoms you can go to Spain from England without a test at all. Please read the UK government website.
  18. Ken, please don’t worry. Your two jabs will valid. You just need proof that they have been done, and the easiest way of getting that is to phone 119 and ask for them to send you that proof in writing. Do that three or four weeks before you travel. I hope this helps.
  19. French pharmacies will do an antigen test and provide the certificate you need for travel - the standard fee is 29 euros per person , though I have heard of two people being tested for 50 euros as a special offer.
  20. France not only stays amber …there is now no need for fully vaccinated people to quarantine at home for ten days on return.
  21. The B/F offer reduces the price of a pre departure test with Randox before going from UK to France from £48 to £45 . No big deal because DAM Health will do the required antigen test and issue a certificate for £29. Home testing and results within 24 hours unless you live near enough to one of their clinics. Details on line of course. For the homeward journey a French pharmacie will do the job on the spot for 29 euros. Back in UK the B/F offer is £90 for day 2 and day 8 tests. In fact day 8 tests are no longer requires so pay £69 to DAM Health.
  22. If I go to France (big place) I go by ferry and take a car. If I go to Jersey (9 miles x5 miles) I fly as I don’t need a car. So I don’t care whether the latest cat. rocks and rolls or not.
  23. And different government. They make the rules.
  24. Why do you say France won’t let us in? Please explain.
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