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  1. To answer my own question... I suggested she gets a test before she comes here. She has booked that in London and if it 's negative she will come to see us, unless London is locked down by then. A pity that tests are so hard to get in other places.
  2. Our favourite granddaughter, aged 22 and no longer a student, has just moved into a different shared house in London with four or five others the same age - "all our friends came round to see it and stayed quite late, there was quite a crowd but it wasn't really a party" . She wants to come to Cornwall next weekend to see her grandparents who are well past 80. What should we say to her?
  3. I can't get Grimbergen beer here in UK - do Ocado have it? But I can't get Ocado here either.
  4. You ask why I would not book a Flexi ticket now for summer 2021. Three reasons. If I have to cancel (for age or infirmity) I would lose 25% of the money spent. But if I wait till a few days before travel I can safely book one of the cheaper economy tickets which is priced £50 less than a Flexi ticket for a Plymouth- Roscoff round trip. And choice of cabins is immaterial for us on that route, especially on daytime crossings.
  5. I book Plymouth to London on the train a few days before I'm ready to travel. I do the same for Plymouth to Roscoff by ship. I wouldn't dream of booking either in July for next April.
  6. After the vets have given the injections to the dentists, they could change places and the dentists could jab the vets.
  7. Thanks to all for replies - it really does seem to repatriation in an emergency which is the main concern.
  8. Provided my annual motor insurance and breakdown/recovery policies are still valid, and that my household contents policy still covers my belongings up to £3000 while I am away - and I must check all those . What risks am I running if I go to France if I now cannot get travel insurance and rely on an EHIC card for medical costs ? I can think of a few things - that EHIC does not cover full French medical costs, and that I might have to pay my own way back to UK in an emergency, but what else am I forgetting? Is tne absence of travel insurance a deal breaker ?
  9. A friend spotted this last week when he was transferred from CF to Bilbao on to PA to Santander on a different day. He is asking what the current regime is on PA - is everything normal on board now apart from the closure of La Flora restaurant?
  10. With so many changes from lorry to train to ferry just to get to Poole - and then onward from there, this strikes me as a tortuous plan by B/F. A quick google search will reveal the direct freight train service already up and running by the DB Cargo UK company with their Spanish partner Transfesa Logistics - which carries goods directly from Valencia in Spain via the channel tunnel to Barking in London - with some containers for fresh produce refrigerated all the way.
  11. It's nothing new. Migrants have been coming across the channel for the last two thousand years - Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans...and Queen Victoria and her husband too.
  12. Seven came across from Roscoff on Armorique last night without paying the fare or doing proper social distancing. Both are wrong, so all seven of them were hoicked out of a truck at Millbay this morning.
  13. Ramsgate is looking for ferries as well as Le Havre. Is that a possible business opportunity for the ill fated Seaborne freight company, or for Mr Eiamunk who entertained persuasively for many months back in 2014. - a Belgian entrepreneur as a I recall. So I propose a service from Ramsgate to Le Havre and Chris Grayling could mastermind it perhaps.
  14. Would you really want to arrive in Roscoff at 3.30 a.m. If she sailed at normal speed ?
  15. Casino at Roscoff is open on Sundays from 0900 -1230 - but note their two hour lunch break closure Mondays to Fridays
  16. My understanding is that Intermarche stores are individually owned but buy their produce through the central organisation.. So you get some stores where owners have invested heavily in the buildings, but others who haven't. Isn't the Spar group the same ? No idea how Casino works but we used to use the gloomy Roscoff branch straight off the overnight ferry, back in the days when it was the only supermarket in the area open on a Sunday morning. That has all changed now of course and we go straight down the top road to Super U.
  17. wortley

    2021 Timetables

    So do I, especially the 1315 departure from Plymouth to Roscoff on Fridays. I won't have to pay for an overnight cabin.😀
  18. The man has got a new slogan, "Get Covid done".
  19. Thank you David, your reply is very helpful. A 25% loss if I decide to cancel. That in a nutshell is why I will wait and buy a ticket when I know I will be going somewhere - and if that is within a few days of departure it can be one of the cheaper range of non Flexi tickets.
  20. wortley

    2021 Timetables

    I have been moderately interested to read of the new timetables. I looked at the B/F website but nothing seems to have changed. Where are these timetables please?
  21. Hi Bob, I thought I was the only one !
  22. wortley

    2021 Timetables

    There is too much uncertainty around to persuade me to book early - no travel insurance will reimburse me if I am unable to travel because I catch Covid-19, nor if I am locked down at home if a hotspot develops, nor if the test and trace people tell me to isolate because I have brushed past someone in a pub. I will wait.
  23. wortley

    2021 Timetables

    Without knowing the outcome of impending Brexit travel restrictions or future Covid epidemics what on earth is the urgency to book now? Is it just for dog cabins?
  24. You're a lady, I'm a man - and the new normal is that I'm never going to a hairdresser again. Never. My wife has learned to wield electric shears very efficiently and doesn't ask the inane questions that all hairdressers have been taught to ask. And it's free.
  25. MJT, you were very wise not to pay good money in advance on to that card - especially because it cannot be used where you need it at automated fuel stations or at autoroute toll booths - and to add insult to injury which charges 1.5% to withdraw your own money from an ATM. , and charges even even more to cancel the card and get your own money back. There are several debit cards which don't ask you to pay in advance, but simply let you pay as you go, fee free, from a home bank account, and even better there are credit cards which let you pay a month or more in arrears, and are also fe
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