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  1. Do please tell us more about "offsetting" your footprint and what you intend to do.
  2. Stick to Greece Mr Bishop, or parts of Turkey, or further afield to Sri Lanka or Kerala. There are some amazing places.
  3. I think you are exaggerating but I will time it for you disembarking from Pont Aven in ten days time.
  4. Sometimes I plan far, far in advance and book a ferry crossing a whole 3 or 4 weeks ahead, but even then the posh cabins always seem to be gone.
  5. Like sailing from Ireland to France and sharing a ferry with wagons loaded with live cattle leaking urine and muck. High class transport?
  6. Thete is another thread running asking whether the ferry industry has an image problem. It sure does.
  7. I love long haul flying - especially in an Airbus A380 with one of the better airlines.
  8. Bigger clangers happen down here ! Locally we remember the day two years ago when a planeload of passengers from Spain landed at Cornwall Newquay airport and found no passport control officers on duty at all, so 200 people had to wait for 90 minutes while staff drove 80+ miles from Exeter to meet and greet them. Fast driving though.
  9. At least there were four officers on duty at Plymouth - on a Sunday at Roscoff there weren't. . We found it slower there than Plymouth.
  10. We come from that side too. The ferryport is well signposted from all the A38 exits, but being contrary I pick my way through Devonport instead - past the naval base and the dockyard and approach Millbay along Union Street. But if you don't know Plymouth well you might want to stick to the signed routes although they will take you though the city centre. Avoid the Plymouth Argyle ground on match days - and stay out of bus lanes which are a profitable money spinner for the city council.
  11. Ah, due to Aven again...I should have guessed. Thanks Solo.
  12. So today 5/9/2019 the 1600 Armorique sailing back from Roscoff is running 2.5 hours early - with more passengers inconvenienced trying to get there in time from further afield. I suppose it's a change from her running 2.5 hours late, but can anyone please explain what "berth unavailability" means this time ?
  13. My claim was reviewed - and refused again. Let's hope last night's delayed passengers fare better.
  14. They said that Pont Aven had been delayed by weather between Cork and Roscoff and was therefore running hours late. I was booked on Armorique which wasn't delayed by weather - she was delayed by Pont Aven's lateness and her inordinately slow unloading and reloading in Roscoff. Compensation refused. My next crossing on Armorique is overnight from Plymouth on 14 September - who will be ahead of us blocking the berth at Roscoff when we arrive on the morning of Sunday 15 September ? Pont Aven !
  15. Incoming Armorique passengers to Plymouth getting compensation? Well not on the evening of 11 August when we were three hours late into Plymouth. The reason? Armorique was held up at Roscoff because of Pont Aven once again. Compensation was refused.
  16. So once again Armorique and her passengers are kept waiting due to Pont Aven's problems. Those on Armorique who thought they were landing in Plymouth tonight at 2010 will be 2.5 hours later than that and driving home in the dark, and those waiting to sail on her at 2200 will still be checking in at midnight. Pont Aven has problems. Armorique suffers.
  17. I watched the video. It's only going to take 1 minute 43 seconds to re fuel Honfleur with gas tanks and take the empties away. Mmm.
  18. They don't have to drive all that way . RyanAir flies to Santiago di Compostela twice a day from Stansted with one way fares starting at £20 p.p
  19. Dinner on a summer evening on the terrace at the Manoir de la Regate on the edge of Nantes was well above anything we have experienced before. Might some of you be tempted ?
  20. wortley

    Hotel Kyriad

    Booking.com is showing me three Kyriad hotels ( Prestige, Centre Plage, and La Richardais). Which one are we talking about? They look very variable.
  21. Yes. We hurried to Roscoff on 11 August because Sailings Updates said ferry was running to schedule, but what did we find? A three hour delay. Did we get a text message while we were on the way telling us not to hurry? No. Was it stormy that day? No. Did we get compensation for the delay? No again. Communications are not this company's strong suit.
  22. Exeter Street Plymouth is open if heading towards the ferry, but closed for a few more weeks if heading out of town. So for the time being follow signs for A386 Tavistock after disembarkation. It is about 4 miles that way to the A38 dual carriageway so 90 minutes was exceptional. Was it because of the crowds attending the Natipnal fireworks championships ?
  23. Considering there are already vacancies from Portsmouth to Cherbourg for the rest of this month on Normandie Express the idea of running two rotations a day with Liberation on that route seems ambitious. And this is August when demand is high.
  24. Good idea. One can go from London to Antwerp by train in merely three hours and stay in a rathef nice hotel, or trundle up and down the channel in mid winter for a four day Christmas cruise on a ferry. I know what Pont Aven cabins are like and I know what hotel rooms are like. Decision made !
  25. That plan went well till we got to Roscoff port. The sailing news said Armorique was running to schedule and leaving on time at 1630 . Well no, that was optimistic ! Pont Aven, in from Ireland, was running seven hours late and hogging the berth, so little sister had to wait outside for ages, and then her unloading at Roscoff seemed to take for ever as cars crept past the slowest passport control I have ever seen. Does that man need a better computer or was he taking fingerprints? Plymouth arrival was really slick, but we were three hours late by then and it was well past midnight. However the Armorique team were on good form. The ship was packed, but clean and comfortable . Thank you.
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