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  1. Went on Lib last year. In sea state 2-3 it was quite fidgety but in flat calm on the return was fab, so in 2 minds about her. Interesting to note that Champion Jet 1 formerly Condor Vitesse has been pottering between Tilbury and Gravesend according to ais today.
  2. I am sure the reliability will get sorted out fairly soon. For me the biggest issue is still the movement whilst I'm sure its safe im not sure my three under five kids wont find it frightening
  3. A small point but Express, Vitesse and Rapide have used these harbours for many years and as far as I know haven't been holed by the fenders. So if they aren't suitable for fast craft why is it only now an issue. The old vessels and the new are aluminium so no differences there. Didn't someone say Rapide docked with ease at the same time Lib crashed into the fenders? May be wrong though on the last bit.
  4. Condor could do worse than looking on lageryachts brokerage. There is a cracking 98m 2006 built incat on there. Appears to be a newer sister of NEX. Strangely Condor Express is still on there too. Think we'll be flying or using the clipper this year much to my annoyance. Wife and kids will fly and I'll be on the clipper with car and dog. Will cost much more but kids sometimes got sick on the old cats but looking at the recent vid of Liberation think it would frighten them too much. I'm good at sea but don't fancy that level of roll. Whilst ships do roll I have been on the cats in seas significantly worse than that in the Liberation vid with much less ship movement. Think they were more stable....
  5. Looks like Condor Express is back up for sale on Lager Yachts Brokerage website. It had disappeared but seems to be back on there again.
  6. Question......when you say that Condor/Mcquarie are self financing the Greek deal what do you mean? Have Seajets basically got the ships on hp? On Express subject.....seams strange there are such problems having not long being in drydock for its annual tart up. Would have thought there would be some engine wear when you consider their age but parts would have been replaced as and when. Wonder I there is more to this?
  7. Here we go. Sorry but something like an engine ecu should be a quick swap out component. The engines are relatively standard..... The older cats have been generally reliable of the last 2 years. Think James F must have spent some serious cash on overhauls to get them where they needed to be. I am surprised an engine ecu has caused so much trouble as with many big machines such as ships and aircraft there is usually a degree of redundancy ie doubled control systems. Feel a bit sorry for Condor but maybe the money spent on the new branding, which looks cheap and rap safety videos may have been better spent elsewhere.
  8. Well apparently Liberation is on reduced power today according to CF website..... Have been holding off making any comments on Liberation but here goes! No matter how its been glossed up Liberation is a reduction in capacity and flexibility. It can manage 2 rotations per day and at c.880 pax per crossing means total of 1760 pax leaving uk on her per day. Express or Vitesse could manage about 5 rotations every 2 days each with c. 740 pax per crossing if running at proper speed which totals about 3700 pax per day. How does Liberation increase capacity then? She is slower than the vessels she replaces.....after all they all have approx the same power but Lib is 16m longer. I was hoping Liberation would be a good thing which I'm sure in reality it is. If I were condor I would be trying to hang on to Express as a permanent back up. I'm not sur using clipper to try and accommodate 1760 extra pax per day when Lib is broken is really a viable proposition. Don't take me wrong..... We use the fast ferries regularly to Jersey and have always defended CF but I think this time they have messed up.
  9. Well Express is up for sale on lager yachts for 13M USD. Pretty sure its Express by build date. Had a look on Incats site. Welcome the 102 but not sure what will happen if she breaks down.....little bit all eggs in one basket. Dont get me wrong I am a fan of Condor but cant help feeling this is a business rationalisation.
  10. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Well, checked AIS again yesterday and the Austal Hull 270 is still in western Australia....somehow think a January delivery might be a tad optimistic to EF in the UK........ It did appear to be facing the other way though so maybe been out for a run???
  11. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne You never know with EF's history maybe they do have a time machine.....! AT best she would cover about 800miles a day only stopping for fuel so nope don't think she'll be here in January.
  12. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Knew they were shutting down just wasn't sure when. Came to the conclusion must have been early Jan as they started the usual 90 consultation around 4th October I think.
  13. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Be good if Condor used the Austal 102m Trimaran. Checked on AIS yesterday and its still in Perth so I don't think it will be arriving to Euroferries in Jan 13! I have a feeling if Condor did take it it would be an additional vessel as they've spent a fair bit on the winter drydock from what I've seen on here. However I think it would be more likely that Condor would go for another Incat as there must be a lot of commonality between them particularly in the engine etc department - better for spares and on board engineer flexibility. Also has Condor Logistics shut down now as I tried to look on their website the other night and it was gone. So do Condor need Goodwill and Clipper now????
  14. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Maybe but if you check there site via the links on euroferries there is a press release from austal about a four year charter agreement with euroferries.
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