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  1. Almost like the Denmark situation, where Ryanair have suspended all of their flights to/from Denmark as their flight crew, even UK based on and 'out and back' (and probably numerous other legs!) were also not exempt from the latest restrictions.
  2. argh... ok, I walked into that one!
  3. I think the sleeper was how @fiobhaniartravelled down to London... more west coast than west country...!
  4. Hi Mark, really interesting stuff, so thanks for sharing. The LU approach definitely has its advantages by ensuring that a profile of deceleration is observed as opposed to the 'crudeness' of TPWS which puts all the emphasis on being under the trip speed at a given point - if you are that's it, you can keep going, but an incident is still very much possible.
  5. We're very, very lucky to get the benefits. Essentially works out at 1 coupon (4 boxes) of 48 hours per year per European country (8 days travel) in a 3-month period. Indeed I did order a German coupon for use at the back end of this year, but something tells me that won't ever need to see the light of day....
  6. Someone got rather lucky with how that has ended up! Nothing is more fatigue inducing than slow speed movements - indeed maintaining concentration when there is very little to focus on or stimulate the mind is one of the hardest elements of train driving. I personally tend to stand up at such moments to heighten the senses a bit. Are we thinking like the metro equivalent of buffer stop TPWS grids here? Of course, one can still be under the trip speed (so no brake demand) and still collide with whatever (or not, as in this case!) is at the end of the line.
  7. Welcome to the forum @fiobhaniar. Your story of one of those 'hmm, I wonder' moments remind me of my trip to see the last stage of the Tour de France last year. It was only during the opening weekend when after discovering reasonably priced hotels (60 euros a night in an Ibis Styles near the Parc de Princes, that'll do me) I decided to attempt a trip to Paris in 3 weeks' time to see it. I had a similar foot passenger trip lined up to do Wiltshire - Paris in one day via Dover/Calais as a foot passenger and had it all planned out. Thankfully (or sadly, depending on your point of view!)
  8. A traffic cone? (Unless French students don't do what their English counterparts do?) 🤣
  9. This. I appreciate that some of you may not feel the same way, but I genuinely feel sorry for some of the students where they are in lockdown. Starting Uni is an extremely difficult time for some. I know, I was so homesick, I almost quit Uni and I don't know whether I would have got to where I am today without having gone through Uni. Those first few weeks were so, so tough. Ironically I felt most comfortable when I was in my own company, because that way it felt like nothing had changed. But the two key things that kept me going were 1) being able to meet up with another coursemate
  10. It feels like off-peak is the new peak! The flows of people going into the cities aren't there, but the midday trains between medium/large-sized towns are the ones which are closer to pre-COVID numbers. Meanwhile I had my first ever COVID test the other day (required for work). I was absolutely dreading it because I hate anything medical. In all honesty it wasn't pleasant, but not as bad as anticipated. Think a fairly intrusive trip to the dentist in terms of the throat bit, but only for 5-10 seconds. The nose bit wasn't the bit I was concerned about, but was probably more unpleasant. My
  11. Well, I did debate 'enduring' as an alternative!
  12. As soon as I saw this topic I was envisaging many people not exactly being too concerned about the prospect of not enjoying another crossing on the Burgundy.... And I wasn't disappointed!
  13. Here is one of my photos of here from 2009 - no website and looking much better for it And yes, looks very different now!
  14. We would always come back with France with 5 or so bottles of a certain white wine from the Super U: Vin blanc AOP Côtes de Bergerac moelleux Fonsecoste. https://world.openfoodfacts.org/product/3256220653091/vin-blanc-aop-cotes-de-bergerac-moelleux-fonsecoste-u I'm sure it is probably not a great wine as far as experts are concerned, but every year it was our favourite and we judged the performance of the French economy around where the wine was price-wise between 3.30 and 3.60 euros that given year. Each supermarket only tended to have 3-4 bottles and so if we went out for the
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