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  1. I never thought I'd see burials that nobody could attend here in the UK during my lifetime... if nothing else, I can't think of a starker or harder-hitting reminder that this virus does not discriminate and isn't 'just the flu' (as was common thinking 4-6 weeks or so ago) and it - and the procedures put in place to reduce its spread - must be respected.
  2. Actually now you come to mention it, haven't heard a great deal from the Czech Republic on the issue, which is obviously a good indicator!
  3. Isn't it sympathetically called 'retaining period features' or have I spent too much time reading estate agents' property ads recently?!
  4. Forgot to say earlier, wishing speedy recovery to those forum members and/or relatives currently affected by COVID-19.
  5. Fun fact - I actually appear on one of Geoff's videos when he did the least used stations. Well, when I say appear, I mean I drive through at around 85mph! 😂 One other YouTube channel I do recommend is 'HonestGuide'. It's 2 (english-speaking) Czech guys who live in Prague, and many of the videos are Prague-themed, with the mantra of talking about the sites and places the guide books don't and offering 'insider' tips. However, they are also on a mission to clear Prague of tourist traps, and so their ongoing war against dodgy exchange shops is particularly amusing. Most recently they travelled out to Slovakia to find out the true owners of them in some rather interesting detective work.
  6. The BBC is currently running an article about what it would have been like if this was 2005. Unsurprisingly this wasn't an area that was mentioned! (And I did initially mis-read that as 'Macron', which takes on an even weirder twist!)
  7. By 'media' I was meaning 'sources and then methods of sharing information'. Government regulation is distributed by means of 'government media' on the subject.
  8. Interestingly enough, when listening to the 'Alerte Coronavirus' on French radio they have have been talking about a 1 metre distance, as opposed to the 2m in all media in the UK.
  9. Reading online last night of franceinfo, there were suggestions that pinch points would be closed to spectators, such as arrival and finish lines and in the mountains as well. My suspicion is that there will be a particular effort to get the TdF to go ahead - even if in a limited state - as a bit of a morale boost given the significance of the event. I do have personal interest in this one, and I've booked to see the final stage in Paris once again (with my mother who is a huge fan despite never having ridden a bike) but whether this goes ahead looks risky. A bit of a waste if it doesn't go ahead but nothing on the scale to the sacrifices or what others have had to deal with as a result of the virus.
  10. Blimey, has it really been 5 years?! I think that just shows how much change there has been in the last 5-7 year period, compared with previous equivalent lengths of time when it was a '1 in, 1 out' 'rule' when it came to new arrival and departures to the fleet.
  11. But what if you need to go out and buy printer cartridges so that you can print off a form? 😂
  12. Aha the classic 'transport enthusiast faced with questions from authority' conundrum! In the same measure, whilst rail trips don't involve questions from UK Border Force, I'm sure it was the same odd look I get from platform staff getting of a Northbound train to get a Southbound one back at somewhere random like Market Harborough! [insert any comparable situation involving a journey to a destination with little/no time spent in destination here] 😁
  13. Breakfast on the balcony looks excellent - although I'm guessing that it was colder than it looks!
  14. With the timing of docking v home on the way back, I can see why you originally planned to sail from Portsmouth!
  15. Long answer: No chance; from an operational perspective finding available locomotives wouldn't be too bad, although there are no 3rd rail locomotives that can run on the overhead liones of the West & East Coast Main Lines and the 3rd rail you find south of London Waterloo & London Victoria. Realistically said train would be 100 or 110 max which would be a nightmare trying to path on the WCML and ECML when most other services are at 125. Infrastructure-wise you'd have a hard job trying to shoe horn in car loading spaces into stations, and it would be a time consuming process so you can only really have one main loading point and one main unloading point; is there enough demand for that? It would require brand new coaching stock (the Mark 3 loco-hauled coach, which will be available shortly in substantial numbers, isn't compliant for PRM-TSI 2020) which adds to the bill. Limited customer demand, and the cost to operate to get the fares to anywhere near an attractive level for consumers would require significant government subsidy. short answer: No. 😂
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