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  1. Off-topic but during my trip to Belgium I much preferred Ghent to Bruges. Bruges felt almost *too* perfect whereas Ghent has the charm but also felt like a city where people actually lived and worked. On the other hand, Bruges felt a bit like walking around a museum for me as everything was so perfect it felt a bit fake. The underpass of Gent-sint-Pieters station which was like a concrete building site with confusing signage wasn't its most redeeming feature though!
  2. Armorique confirmed in another tweet on the subject from Jean-Marc Roué << Parce que la filière de la pêche bretonne a besoin de nous, parce que nos amis industriels et agriculteurs nous attendent pour leurs exportations, parce que la Région Bretagne souhaite cette ligne, l'#Armorique démarrera ces liaisons début février.>> Rough translation - because Brittany's fishing industry needs us, because our friends in farming and industry are waiting for us to export [their goods], because the Bretagne region wants this route, Armorique will begin services at the start of
  3. I think this is a universal dad thing. But in his defence, we never missed a single plane, ferry or train* during all of our holidays. *Although considering my dad's lack of compostage of train tickets on multiple holidays, by accident and seemingly not having learnt from 'that time 3 years ago when the same happened', missing the train to Nullepart-sur-rien could have been an advantage in some cases! By the way @hhvferry - I love the name of your article on the Duc on your blog!
  4. Is it just me or does that Stena signage look really old-fashioned? If you'd have told me that it was taken mid-channel en-route to the Hook of Holland in 1982 I would have willingly believed you! Sorry, nit-picking on my part. Thanks for the write up
  5. Please let's not go any further into the UK (or any, for that matter) government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and try to get this thread on-topic (as best as BFE threads stay on topic in normal times!) - thanks.
  6. I think the sleeper was how @fiobhaniartravelled down to London... more west coast than west country...!
  7. We're very, very lucky to get the benefits. Essentially works out at 1 coupon (4 boxes) of 48 hours per year per European country (8 days travel) in a 3-month period. Indeed I did order a German coupon for use at the back end of this year, but something tells me that won't ever need to see the light of day....
  8. Welcome to the forum @fiobhaniar. Your story of one of those 'hmm, I wonder' moments remind me of my trip to see the last stage of the Tour de France last year. It was only during the opening weekend when after discovering reasonably priced hotels (60 euros a night in an Ibis Styles near the Parc de Princes, that'll do me) I decided to attempt a trip to Paris in 3 weeks' time to see it. I had a similar foot passenger trip lined up to do Wiltshire - Paris in one day via Dover/Calais as a foot passenger and had it all planned out. Thankfully (or sadly, depending on your point of view!)
  9. Well, I did debate 'enduring' as an alternative!
  10. As soon as I saw this topic I was envisaging many people not exactly being too concerned about the prospect of not enjoying another crossing on the Burgundy.... And I wasn't disappointed!
  11. Here is one of my photos of here from 2009 - no website and looking much better for it And yes, looks very different now!
  12. That's the traditional looking Normandie I know with the distinctive blue and white pattern at the stern. The web address looks a little bit of an afterthought - how long was that on there? In all of my photos of her (and ones I've seen online of her in that livery) didn't have the website.
  13. He has been very inaccurate in the past - for example his story about the GWR MD going to SWR and how this would help to resolve the SWR industrial action because he did a 'deal' with the RMT on the suburban trains in the London Thames Valley area.. Said 'deal' was done about 25 years earlier under British Rail when the class 165/166 train was introduced by Network South East! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50607416
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