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  1. Was often thinking the same. Those houses by the lighthouse would be perfect! We can dream I suppose 😀
  2. Plenty of food for thought there. Thanks both 👍
  3. Heading to Scandinavia next April for a break. 3 nights in Stockholm and overnight on Silja Symphony to Helsinki for another 3 days. On one of the days in Helsinki we're planning a day trip to Tallin. Prices are all much of a much and my better half wont care once there's shopping on board 😀'so my question is do we sail on Viking XPRS, Star, Megastar or Finlandia? I'm veering towards Viking though I'd like a look at Megastar!
  4. Were the outside decks open to walk around?
  5. Here's a few pics of Kerry at Rosslare earlier this week. More here https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8PJNE2
  6. Just to follow up on this I got an email last Friday to say that I'd be receiving a refund to my payment card rather than a voucher. €397.00 arrived in my account yesterday. Well done BF 👍
  7. Some very interesting stuff there! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Ireland Coronavirus: Foreign travel restrictions will be eased from July 9th Foreign travel restrictions will be eased from July 9th with travelers permitted to move between countries with similar levels of coronavirus infection. A green list will be compiled before that date detailing which countries people can travel between without having to undergo a 14-day quarantine. Mr Varadkar said the list of accepted countries could change every two weeks. “If a country ends up having a second wave, they may be taken off the list.”
  9. We were due to sail Rossalre to Roscoff next Monday 29th June and back to Cork on July. Last Thursday with no definite news that the sailings were going ahead and the ongoing need to quarantine on return to Ireland we decided to amend them to last fortnight in September. Got on manage booking and amended the booking. The fare was less and it was noted a the end of the new booking Balance by refund application -397.00 € So on Saturday I dropped them an email asking when I'd receive the voucher. Got an immediate standard very busy response saying we'll reply in 7 days. On Monday i got a second email asking: Can you confirm if you are intending to travel on those dates in Sept/Oct (and we can issue a voucher as necessary), or are you planning to further amend them? I replied that if the ship is sailing we'll be on it! 😀
  10. We were in a similar position so after yesterdays government announcement we said that rather than waiting for the inevitable bad news email early next week we'd get in early and change our sailings to late September.
  11. According to todays Irish Times the 14 day quarantine says : the regulations that remain in force require people entering the Republic from abroad to provide the address where they will be self-isolating for the required 14-day period. They were extended for a further three weeks and will now be in place until at least July 9th. Full article below Air bridges, travel bubbles, adapted airports: Will they help us to fly this summer?
  12. If BF cancel the Cork route for July/August they may as well shut up shop in Cork. As well as the general dissatisfaction felt by majority of people on how BF have handled Covid so far a lot of people here are still pissed off after last years cancellations due to PAs engine problems. Personally It doesnt bother me driving the 2+ hours to Rosslare. I've done it for years and as we usually stay within a couple of hours of Roscoff so 7am arrival Sunday morning is no great advantage to me. But I'm in a minority as lots of people here in Cork and in SW Ireland generally love the convenience of the Saturday afternoon departure and early morning arrival in Roscoff. They wont bother with Rosslare and what they perceive as an inferior ship. Anyway fingers and everything else crossed that Rosslare-Roscoff goes ahead on 29th June 🙏
  13. Latest from CEO https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus/ceo-message I’m afraid more bad news comes as we are forced to cancel sailings until June 28th. There is still a blanket ban on all but essential travel and the imposition of the UK’s quarantine, lasting for three weeks starting from Monday this week, means we have no choice but to extend the cancellation period until then. I really hope that this will be the last round of cancellations. While there are differences in approaches across Europe, I believe governments are converging on a late June resumption of travel and tourism. And we are ready - and eager - to play our part if that is the case. Summer is not cancelled yet. We can all still salvage something from this horrible year.
  14. Just checked and the first available sailing to book from Cork is Roscoff has changed to Saturday 4th July. First Rosslare to Roscoff is now 29th June!
  15. The confusion and lack of clarity is the biggest issue.
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